Monday, March 23, 2020

Birthday Giveaway!

Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! This post is a little later than I had hoped, but with the sudden school closure and having my kids at home, my schedule I had in place is suddenly out the window. My birthday was the weekend before last, so at least this giveaway is going live in the correct month! We also celebrated my oldest son's 7th birthday last week, so I guess we can always say it's a celebration from the two of us!

I'm keeping this giveaway short, sweet, and simple because I need something easy in my life now that I'm homeschooling two littles at different stages, all while trying to keep them quiet enough for the days my hubby gets to work from home. Because this prize pack includes gel nail polish and there are restrictions with international shipping, this particular giveaway is open to residents ages 18 years and older in the US only. I am putting a second giveaway up on IG today that is open internationally, so for all my international readers, please enter to win a prize over on Instagram!

Good luck!

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When you're done here, be sure to keep an eye on my IG account for my giveaway prize pack to be posted there! It's a different set of goodies, and this one will be open internationally!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Highlights from the Beauty Spotlight Team

Greetings, dear readers! I hope you've been enjoying your weekend thus far as much as you can! We're sticking around the house for the time being unless absolutely necessary to go out in an effort to see things stabilize with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many are stuck at home for the foreseeable future, how about some posts to keep you entertained? Below is a collection of posts from the Beauty Spotlight Team that I think you will enjoy checking out. The direct link to each post in in each blurb for a quick jump over to the page. Happy reading!

If you can't visit beautiful Iceland, Prime Beauty says to turn to Village Naturals' new Iceland Collection. From fiery volcanos to icy glaciers, the collection has everything you need to relax with the legendary healing benefits of Icelandic Moss.

Aftelier Perfumes Vetiver & Frankincense Face Elixir is the most unexpected, sophisticated, refined and intoxicatingly beautiful face oil that could only have been imagined by Mandy Aftel. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog loves that this otherworldly elixir is mystical, sublime, deep, warm, creamy, soothing, woodsy and ethereal, and it immediately calms the spirit while deeply nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Clean beauty is all the rage right now, although in truth, it is a buzzword/phrase that some companies use to convince you to buy their products. Rather than just a buzzword to grab your attention, dome BEAUTY is EU REACH Compliant, which means it doesn’t use any of the over 1300 ingredients banned by the European Union in their cosmetics. Jen from Laugh, Love, Contour had the opportunity to try out a few items from the brand and she is hooked! From keeping beauty products truly clean to giving back to girls and women than may otherwise miss out of their dreams, this is a company worthy of your attention!

Need a quick pick-me-up to get your skin in tip top shape for spring? Never Say Die Beauty is holding a giveaway of 6 pore-shrinking, exfoliating, nourishing peel-off masks from cruelty-free, natural 7th Heaven!

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in magical makeup? Lisa from Beauty Info Zone hopes you do since she has a mascara from Fresame that she thinks is right in line with magic.

A makeup fave! Erika at Notes from My Dressing Table is loving the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in the shade FU$$Y Come check it out.

Tarte's Cue the Confetti Eyeshadow Palette is a neutral palette that tarte released in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Southeast by Midwest has her thoughts on who exactly this palette is meant for along with swatches.

Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom is taking some interesting supplements for health and wellness that have a great reputation. See what they are over on her blog now.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Natural Beauty Look with dome BEAUTY Eyeshadows and Eye Brushes

Press Sample

I'm currently in the process of getting a new passport (not that I'm going to be needing it for the time being, especially with the coronavirus situation), and with that comes a new passport photo. While facial recognition should not be an issue regardless of the amount of makeup used, I prefer to keep my makeup for passport photos looking pretty similar to how I look when I'm going to be stuck on a plane for the rest of my life hours on end. On long trips, I generally opt to keep makeup very light if I don't skip it altogether. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to test out some products I received from dome BEAUTY. I had received two eyeshadows and an eye brush set from the brand, and I am so excited to share them here on my blog!

I briefly introduced you to the brand this past summer as I selected one of their items on my Tools of the Trade post after attending Cosmoprof North America. As much as I loathe the buzzwords "clean beauty", dome BEAUTY truly is the epitome of the expression! Products are sulfate, paraben and phthalate-free in addition to being cruelty free. If you really want to stick with a brand that is "clean" dome BEAUTY is a great option as they are EU REACH Compliant. This means they don't use ANY of the over 1300 ingredients the European Union has banned for use in cosmetics; for comparison, the FDA has only banned 30. Now THAT impresses me and a large reason why I was excited to have the opportunity to work with the brand. Now let's get a closer look at the products!

Move aside eyeshadow palettes, single eyeshadows are making one heck of a comeback! dome BEAUTY offers single Metallic Diamond Eyeshadows in 9 stunning hues. If you're a major fan and exclusively use bright colours, let me just stop you right here and tell you this brand may not be for you. Instead, if you are looking for less "crazy" hues, dome BEAUTY just may be what you are looking for.

Amber Legend - Sienna Stone

I was provided with the shades Amber Legend and Sienna Stone, and are they lovely! First of all, I have to tell you that these eyeshadows are incredibly soft. The pigmentation is quite lovely as well, and you get a good amount of colour with minimal effort. Using a finger swipe (as shown above) or a densely packed brush, these eyeshadows can pack quite a serious punch! As I was going for a more natural look, I opted to use a lighter application method using their eye brush set (coming up next), and the final result was pretty. I always use an eyeshadow primer thanks to my oily, hooded lids, and the colour has stayed on my eyes all day for multiple trials. I quite adore the formula of these and will have to add more to my collection!

Retail: $23.00 each

I am a sucker for good brushes, and after some of the less-than-pleasant eyebrushes I've tried out recently (a hint of something you can expect on my purge post for this month), and these are divine! This trio of brushes is ideal for those who tend to prefer more simple eye looks- no multiple cut creases here! Made of 100% synthetic material, this set is sure to suit the needs of many, particularly those that prefer fast, on-the-go looks. The set includes the following:


This is the largest brush of the set, and I can admit I was weary of it at first. Having hooded eyes means less space to work with and usually a need for smaller brushes. I personally prefer ponytail brushes when it comes to blending, but this does blend edges out nicely. It's a great brush for adding a little highlight to your browbone, but my personal favorite is to add a sweep of colour across my lids in one swoop. Obviously I wouldn't want to go this route for vibrant colours, but it you are using a neutral or like to add a little setting powder on your eyes to help keep oil under control (HELLO!), this brush is for you. I didn't expect to love this brush, but I actually do!

While sill larger than I like for ultra precise work, I found I really like this brush as well. I'm generally one for slowly building up colour, no matter what the shade, and this brush allows me to do that nicely. It still covers a relatively sizable area so it may not work for all application needs, but it does the job nicely. And lest I forget, it is super soft and feels so good on the eyes! Actually, all these brushes are incredibly soft, so no uncomfortable eye scratching here!

I'm generally not one to use liquid eyeliners (except on a few random occasions) and usually grab for my gel eyeliners or use eyeshadow to line my eyes for a softer look. This is a great brush for me as it suits my needs perfectly, and I find that I reach for it often. As it is narrow and comes to a bit of a point, you can actually do quite precise work with it! I'm personally a fan of using it to smoke out gel eyeliners on my lashline.

Retail: $65.00 although it is currently on sale for $55.00 at the time of this post.

This is the natural look I ended up going with for my passport photo. I used both the eyeshadows (Amber Legend and Sienna Stone) to create this look using the eye brush set.

My final look is soft and natural and very much ME. My husband actually isn't fond of the days when I go all out and create more elaborate and colourful looks, and I think this is arguably his favorite makeup look he has seen me done yet.

Naturally, my passport photo came out looking, well, odd. Having to stare straight on to a camera without even a hint of a smile makes for less than flattering pictures. This one here certainly isn't flattering either, but it may actually be more flattering than the one on my official documentation!

I've had a great time testing out these products from dome BEAUTY. Both the eyeshadows and eye brushes have quickly found their way into my regular beauty routine.

If the quality of the products paired with the clean beauty aspect wasn't enough to convince you to try out the brand, I've got one more reason: they have an incredible way of giving back to the community! dome BEAUTY supports two incredible foundations: Miss Amazing and Step Up Women's Network. Miss Amazing is an organization that provides girls and women with disabilities a forum to showcase their talents and special qualities, helping them build confidence and self esteem in a loving and supportive environment. Step Up Women's Network is a network of professional women who support girls from under-resourced communities to pursue their dreams and make the most of their potential. I am delighted to feature such an incredible brand here on my blog, and I truly look forward to seeing them grow!

Have you tried any products from dome BEAUTY? If so, what are your favorites that I should try out next? What products are you most interested in?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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