Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Goddess Project: Isis with the GlōGirl Cosmetics Goddess Palette

 Greetings, dear readers, and happy hump day! I hope you have been enjoying your week thus far! It's hard to believe that it's already this late in October and Halloween will soon be here. I've been working on trying to get my costume completed, but my kids' costumes are far more important. There has already been a change in plans once, and I'm still trying to figure out the details on the others. Good times!

Last month, I opted to have a Goddess Week and create a goddess inspired by a cosmetic item in my collection that included the word "Goddess". I found that I own a few more things in my collection that would suit the theme, so why not turn it into a whole project? Scheduling and life is difficult enough right not so I'm not going to have a set plan on exactly when these posts with be coming, but I'm going to continue to pay tribute to a specific goddess with each product as I come across them in my collection and time allows.

One of the items in my stash is the Goddess eyeshadow palette by GlōGirl Cosmetics. I actually have both the original and Goddess II, but for the purpose of today's look, we're just going to focus on the first palette.

This is such a pretty palette, and the shades are perfection for those warmer fall looks that I'm feeling right now! The shades in the bottom row are all named for Egyptian goddesses; I knew I needed to go that direction with this palette! After contemplating on this and changing my mind a couple times, I ultimately settled on the supreme Egyptian goddess, Isis.

Isis was the most powerful goddess in Egyptian history. While many of the gods and goddesses were honored at shrines in a localized location, hundreds of temples were built throughout the Mediterranean to celebrate this deity. Isis was important as she was involved in virtually every aspect of life. She is the wife, mother, mourner, and protector of both the living and the dead.

Creating a look that suits such a powerful goddess is daunting, and I went through many reiterations until I found a look I felt was most appropriate. As much as I've been loving colour lately (and the Goddess II palette does have a lovely shimmery lilac hue named Isis!), I ultimately decided I wanted to keep my Isis look soft, neutral, and glowing.

When you search for Egyptian makeup online, it is flooded with a variety of looks with one thing in common: graphic eyeliner. In designing my look, I went through four different graphic eyeliner designs, and I was not happy with any of them. They just didn't fit with the light look I was going for, not to mention I didn't find any of them to be particularly flattering with my eye shape. In spite of that limitation, I actually like this a lot.

I also like that this look can easily be worn any day!

In addition to the makeup design, I also put together this headdress to complete the look.

Other products used:

I'm really happy with this look and hope to finish sewing up the dress portion so I can wear it on Halloween!

What do you think of this look? Do you think an ancient Egyptian look has to include graphic eyeliner? What goddess products should I use to pay tribute to a deity next?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Monday, October 19, 2020

Week 3 Mabs Drawlloween Nail Art: Frankenstein's Monster

 Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! I am on the ball with nail art at the moment (and believe me, I am enjoying this moment because I know it will never last!), and I have already created my nail art look based on Mab Graves' Drawlloween series! To briefly catch you up, Mab is an artist that has created a daily art prompt throughout the month of October for the past several years. There is absolutely no way I can keep up with it, especially this year, and this time around she created a weekly version for those who still want to participate but are limited in time. I opted to join the series this month so I can stay on top of my Halloween nail art and get at least four designs completed this month, and I like that the prompts have challenged me to do something a little differently than I might normally do. Thus far, I have completed weeks 1 and 2 with the prompts of "Werewolf" and "Vampire".

The prompt for week 3 is "Frankenstein"! Of course I had to create this little lab-inspired display so showcase the products I used to create the nail art in today's post!

As much as I was tempted to stick to a more sciency-looking design, in the end, I just couldn't resist paying tribute to Dr. Frankenstein's monster on my nails.

While the previous vampire prompt may have taken me far to many attempts and hours to complete, this design with thankfully simple and much quicker to get on my nails.

Products used:

I don't believe I have ever created Frankenstein's monster nails before, and I am thrilled with how they turned out! My five year old is also excited because he has a shirt with his face that matches, so that is all he wanted to wear all weekend long!

What Halloween nail art looks do you want to sport on your nails? Are you participating in the #MabsDrawlloweenClub2020 with me? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Highlights from the Beauty Spotlight Team

Boxwalla just launched a Limited Edition Beauty Box: A Very Fine Feeling ($64.95 for a $165.00 value) featuring three full-sized skincare products from Fine Cosmetics. Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog is swooning over their High Potency Nocturnal Renewal Face and Eye Masks, and thinks that their Peace Body Serum is just heavenly! 

With flu season on the way and COVID on the rise, Never Say Die Beauty uses Grip Guard Touch Protector when she’s doing errands as an additional layer of protection. Plus it’s a cool gadget!

Jen from Laugh, Love, Contour is at it again with nail art for the #MabsDrawlloweenClub2020! This week’s prompt was “vampire”, and her design is a step away from more traditional vampire looks. Check it out and see if it is a look you would enjoy wearing on your nails this month!

Any Pokemon fans here? The Polished Gamers Box this month has Pokemon as the theme! Red Eyed Lacquer created Mega Evolver inspired by Charizard and Kristi over at BeginNails has swatches.

Stacie’s taking a class online to become a certified makeup artist. See her review of the course she’s enrolled in over on The Makeup Obsessed Mom blog.

Beauty Info Zone wants you to know that you have options in beauty – how about 403,788? With Nectar Mix-In Mask collection you get choices galore. Such a unique way to beautify.

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