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Mesauda Milano: Testing out an Italian Cosmetic Brand

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Happy hump day, dear readers! As you all know by now, I had the pleasure of attending Cosmoprof North America this summer. One of my stops included a visit with Italian cosmetic company, Mesauda Milano. Not yet seen in the US, I had already been following the company on social media and was already familiar with some of their products. I had the opportunity to try out a few things, and I am all too eager to share them with you. Let's check it all out!

Diamond Baked Blush
Shade: Christina

Mesauda Milano has three different blush formulas, including beautiful baked blushes like the one shown above. There are currently six shades in this formula, and Christina is such a nice rose-pink shade. The pigment of this one is lovely, and the colour lasts on my cheeks all day!

Retail: €16.10

Light'N Bronze Highlighting Powder
Shade: Rose Gold

I am obsessed with highlighters, and I am happy to report that Mesauda Milano offers them in three different formulas: a creamy stick, a lightweight liquid, and this powder formula. Available in three different shades, this highlighter is velvety smooth and can be applied with a light hand for a natural glow or built up for a dazzling glow that can be seen from space. Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but I do like that you can wear this to your preferred intensity.

Retail: €17.80

Luxury Baked Eyeshadow
Shade: Smoky Quartz

In a world full of eyeshadow palettes, I have really developed a newfound appreciation of singles! I love the ease of applying a single wash of colour some days, while other times I want to supplement with a shade without having to commit to purchasing a whole other palette. Mesauda Milano offers singles as matte compact singles, eyeshadow pencils, and these luxury eyeshadows in a shimmery finish. The formula is incredibly smooth, and I get full day wear with this when I'm using my normal primer and setting spray routine.

Top to bottom: Smoky Quartz Luxury Eyeshadow, Rose Gold Light'n Bronze Highlighter, Christina Diamond Blush

Extreme Matte Longlasting Liquid Lipstick
Shade: Marshmallow

I don't wear a lot of liquid lipsticks, and with matte shades being notorious for drying out your lips, I was a little unsure about this one at first. This matte lipstick applies with a doe foot applicator, and it dries down on the lips in about thirty seconds.

You guys! This is possibly the most comfortable matte lipstick I have ever used! I can still feel it on my lips, but it doesn't feel drying. I've also been impressed with how well it holds up while eating and drinking during the day and still looks good hours later. While I don't see myself jumping over to this matte formula exclusively, I do like having the option!

Retail: €15.70

Dip Liner Matte Professional Matte Eyeliner

With my combination of hooded and oily eyelids, I don't wear liquid eyeliners often. With such valuable eyelid real estate and the inability of liquid eyeliners to stay put, I admittedly don't have high expectations of liquid eyeliners.

When applied with the tip, I got nice fine lines, and holding at a slight angle allows for a thicker line. I've used a few other liners that promise to work for me (they don't), but this one is the real deal! I have been amazed that this stays put all day long on me. It's the first eyeliner I had used that has been able to do that! I'm really excited to be able to wear eyeliner now, although I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to be getting a replacement here in the US. Here's hoping a distributor picks up this company pronto, or I'll be back to coordinating with European acquaintances for swap packages!

Retail: €12.10

Lash Infinity Lash Multiplying Effect Mascara

Have you been trying to find your perfect mascara? Mesauda Milano has 8 different formula and brush combinations to get you the lashes you've always wanted. The Lash Infinity uses a wide brush with short bristles to really give your lashes some oomph. If you are looking to add length with curling action to your lashes, this is definitely one you'll want to try! It does add some volume, but if you want volume specifically, this one may not be a good match for you. The formula is not waterproof, and I had no issues with smudging or flaking.

Retail: €14.00

I've used all the products from this post to create this particular look.

I'm going to have to get a little more practice with the eyeliner, particularly when using the actual applicator. I've tended to stick with my makeup brushes and am more comfortable with the longer handles. That said, the applicator is pretty easy to work with! I also went with an ultra simple eye look, pairing the eyeshadow with a nude brown for a natural look.

Here is another look at the Smoky Quartz eyeshadow with some purple hues.

I have really enjoyed trying out these products from Mesauda Milano! All the products I have used have been nicely pigmented, easy to work with, and have stayed exactly where I want them all day long. What a great introduction to the brand!

At this time, Mesauda Milano ships throughout Italy and other European countries. There are also authorized dealers in Italy if you are interested in picking up items in person. With all the connections that took place at Cosmoprof North America, I am hoping to see more of this fabulous brand on this side of the ocean soon! Only time will tell, but I just had to share this great find with you!

For those of you that wear cosmetics, do you pick up items that are harder to find in your country while traveling? Would you be interested in hearing about more international brands? Chime in below and let me know what you think!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Peridot Love with The Sage Lifestyle Roll-On Perfume Oil

Greetings, dear readers! I hope your week has been off to a great start! I'm coming at you later in the day the usual as it has been a busy few days. After coming off of the work stages of being sick, my family found ourselves at one of our local shelters this weekend adopting a few canine friend for our Rottweiler. It's been fun, but she has kept me on my toes as we've introduced her to our dog and cat, in addition to working on house training her. She's a great addition to the family and we're happy to have her join us. Now on to today's blog post!

Press Sample

For quite awhile, I used to think I didn't like perfumes. I would go to Sephora and check out the "popular" brands my friends were enjoying, and nothing was quite right for me. I rarely have brand loyalty when it comes to the products I love and use the most, so that certainly didn't help in my hunt for perfumes that suited me. That is, until two years ago, when I discovered The Sage Lifestyle.

Inspired by gemstones, The Sage Lifestyle offers assorted perfume oils and eau de toilettes to suit your fancy, whether you prefer light florals or rich earthy scents. I don't exactly have a specific fragrance type I like, and for me, fragrances are either "the one" of they are not. What took me by surprise, when it came to smelling the 21 options by The Sage Lifestyle, is just how much I love so many of them! In honor of August and the corresponding gemstone peridot, let's look at some details about the perfume roll-on of the same name!

This exotic, sexy Fig fragrance starts with a classic, grassy fig note set like a jewel amongst notes of warmth and depth. The slightest hint of sparkling Blood Orange plays off the fruity qualities of the fig, and draws deeper into the richness of the base note accord on which this fragrance lives. Deep Ambers mingle with variety of Fresh Musk notes to create a scent that wears close to the body, becoming part of you. A subtle touch of Oak Moss and Essential Vanilla anchor Peridot to the skin, and to the memory of the one who wears it.

Maybe it's because I can feel the days slowly getting shorter, or maybe it is still the heat that lingers on my skin as the summer is winding down, but I cannot seem to get enough of this sumptuous fragrance. I can be dressed to the nines for a date with the hubby or casual in my capris and a T-shirt, and I feel positively resplendent whenever I wear this fragrance. I dab a little on my wrists, behind my ears, and at my cleavage for a sexy experience that keeps with me all day.

Something I find interesting about this particular fragrance is I'm not crazy about the scent in the bottle, nor am I fond of the first 10 to 15 minutes of dry down. I don't care for grassy scents, and this one is very much grassy during these times. I decided I still needed to try this on me as body chemistry matters so much when it comes to perfumes, and does this one join mine for a perfectly harmonious duet!

Shown above is the 1/8 oz size. Small and compact, it is contained within a beautiful washi paper tube that helps to protect the contents from light as well as offer protection for traveling.

Retail: $45 for 1/8 oz
            $85 for 1/4 oz

If you are in the market for a new favorite perfume, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the options offered by The Sage Lifestyle! There is a handy fragrance guide on the website to help you narrow down which scents would be best for you. If you are still undecided, you can purchase small sample vials that will allow for several days of wear to determine if a fragrance is right for you. I really love that this is an option offered by The Sage Lifestyle, and this is actually how I discovered I am highly sensitive, if not allergic, to true Gardenia. I'm a little bummed about that as theMoonstone and Garnet perfumes both utilize gardenia and smell heavenly!

Peridot is one of those gemstones that never seems to get a lot of love in general, and wearing this perfume roll-on allows for a whole new peridot experience. If you or someone you know is an August baby, or if you are looking for a scent that is the perfect blend of green and warm sensuality, the Peridot Perfume Roll-On is for you! This scent is going to pair perfectly with your scarves and boots this upcoming fall season!

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Friday, August 16, 2019

Highlights from the Beauty Spotlight Team

Happy Friday, dear readers! I've been really sick this week and am only today able to be up and out of bed. As long as I don't take a turn, I should be back to my normal blogging schedule next week!

Lola's Secret Beauty Blog revisits the magnificence of Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil because it is so good that it warrants repurchase. The antioxidant-rich oil is formulated to combat dull skin, to fade hyperpigmentation, and to heal scars, sun damage, flaky skin and blemishes. In a word, it’s incredible– plus it is affordable! 

Stacie from The Makeup Obsessed Mom has an amazing giveaway from the Fashion Flash Group happening now over on her blog. Giveaway prizes include a self improvement type book, a mind and body workout dvd and a $50 Amazon gift card. What are you waiting for? Go enter now.

Are you trying to eliminate chemicals in your home? Prime Beauty is with the help of the Grove Collaborative that features natural and cruelty-free household products!

Summer may be winding down, but there are still plenty of chances to make the most of what's left. I Know all the Words is chatting Summer Survival Supplies with a few key products to wrap up the summer beautifully.

Have you always wondered what sort of things you would discover at a business-to-business trade show? This summer, Jen from Laugh, Love, Contour had the opportunity to attend Cosmoprof North America (not to be confused with the popular beauty professional store CosmoProf). This week, she shared her top product picks in the category of skin care, ranging from affordable to luxury prices as well as including some more simple and green options. Be sure to check it out and see if you may have a new favorite for your own beauty routine!

It's all about organization on Beauty Info Zone. Check out the Bollie Acrylic Organizer to see how it helps organizing and just plain finding things.

Pammy Blogs Beauty has found a unique and totally organized way to travel with your cosmetics. Introducing Beauty and the Box!

White eyeliner is having another moment. Who doesn't want bright, dramatic eyes? Never Say Die Beauty has been using Kat Von D's uber creamy, waterproof Cake Pencil Liner to draw her long-lasting lines even on the waterline!

Are you curious about seasonal beauty, lifestyle, fashion and fitness subscription boxes? Erika of Notes from My Dressing Table got the chance to try Fab Fit Fun for fall , a box that has it all in one and she's a fan. Come check it out, see if it would be right for you, too.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Love Your Skin: Stand Out Products from Cosmoprof NA 2019

All last week, my blog has focused on my discoveries while attending Cosmoprof North America last month. I have shared details on BOUTIQUE, their fundraising sampling bar, my top picks in Tools of the Trade, and the assortment of cosmetic lines exhibiting at this business to business trade show. On this installment, I'm sharing with you my top picks in skin care. As I've mentioned previously, this trade show is huge, covering almost 300,000 square feet with approximately 1,400 exhibitors. With less than three full days, it just isn't possible for me to see it all, but I do give it my best shot! In spite of that, it wasn't easy to narrow this list down from everything I had seen. Without further ado, here are my top 12 stand out product picks in the category of skin care!

Why I chose this: We've all seen skincare products that contain one or two ingredients to improve your skin, but this line had me floored. Each of the products from this brand lineup are filled with nourishing active botanicals and peptides to truly give your skin as many tools as possible to make your skin look its best. Aging is just a fact of life, and the Miracular Rejuvenation Collection isn't going to turn back the clock and turn 50 year old skin looking 20 years, for example, but it is clinically proven to refine, brighten, and lift the skin to make it look healthier and younger.
Why I chose this: The first step to good skin is starting off with clean skin, free of dull and uneven texture and clogged pores. The Hydrogel molecular formula was created to extract impurities from pores while sloughing off dead skin cells, leaving an even and radiate finish. This is a great way to really deep clean your skin without having to resort to products with environmentally UNfriendly microbeads.

Why I chose this: I love putting on lip balms, but if I am being honest with myself, most just aren't nourishing enough to actually hydrate my lips and just temporarily appease my need for a fun flavor. This is made with several oils to leave your lips feeling their best. Rather than products that only temporarily fix dry lips, the ingredients actually hydrate and heal your lips, and what's better than a product that treats your skin rather rather than cover up issues?

Why I chose this: I love to travel, but packing toiletries can be frustrating when I am limited to carry-on only sizes and tubes that occasionally leak in my luggage in spite of my best efforts. I fell in love with these adorable face-shaped cleansers the moment I laid eyes on them! Formulated dry, oily, and combination skin, these cleansing sheets dissolve into a paste that lathers when applied to the face with more water. Ingenious!

Why I chose this: We're branching a little into body care with this post, but I couldn't leave this body cream by Ella+Mila unmentioned! Filled with shea butter and nourishing oils, this cream is absorbed quickly by the body, leaving a soft non-greasy finish. It currently comes in lavender scent, for those that need that extra help relaxing for bedtime, and unscented. I'm a fan of unscented so I can use it during the day and not have it interfere with my perfume!

Why I chose this: I like to use Vitamin C-based products on my skin to keep it looking bright, but it is often just one more product to lather on or tap into my skin. I was really excited when I came across this powder at the Vitabrid booth; simply tap a little out and mix it into your products you already use with your current skincare regimen! I also love that this is stabilized so the vitamin C is released over a period of 12 hours.

Why I chose this: We all know we're supposed to be using sunscreens, but the type of sunscreen we use has an affect on the environment and possibly even our bodies. With chemical sunscreens being absorbed into the body, mineral sunscreens are a safer alternative. Love Sun Body sunscreens are clinically tested to by hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (it won't block your pores), and are safe for our reefs. They are also conveniently available in travel-sized bottles in addition to the full size!

Why I chose this: Swiss apple stem cell extracts are known for being rich in phytonutrients and protein, and this serum has been clinically proven to combat the signs of aging. Anti-aging peptides help with collagen production with extracts and vitamins E and B3 help skin elasticity and smoothness.

Why I chose this: I can admit it- there was a time when I thought consuming collagen was just another ploy to get us to purchase products, but research has shown that ingesting collagen peptides can help improve skin elasticity (not to mention lessen joint pain if you work out often). I liked these powders by Harmony Proteins because they are conveniently packaged to mix with your water and the collagen is sourced from pasture-raised and grass-fed cattle. There are no sweeteners or colours added, and the flavors are delicious!

Why I chose this: Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the easiest steps to keep your skin looking youthful, and hyaluronic acid (HA) is your skin's BFF. Our bodies produce less HA as we get older, so adding a product that contains one will attract and bind water, keeping our skin looking more youthful. I was drawn towards this particular product (launching October 24th, by the way!) due to it's simple and clean ingredients. Made with aloe juice and hyaluronic acid, simply mix a few drops with your moisturizer to apply to the skin. I also like that it comes with a little wooden spatula to remove product out of the jar!

Why I chose this: This was my introduction to the Djon Djon mushroom, and it is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals that detox and revitalize the skin. This cream also contains cannabis oil, rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. Any visible redness or irritation will be soothed, all while moisturizing the skin. Due to its ingredients, it does have an "earthy" smell that may take some getting used to, but this sure will pack a punch in your skincare routine!

Why I chose this: There are several reasons to love this product, and not just for the combination of peptides included in Sway's Youth Nectar! It is also formulated with my beloved Swiss apple stem cells, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. I was also excited to discover it contains Blue Tansy, a flower in the chamomile family with anti-inflammatory properties. With its unique combination of ingredients, it will have your skin hydrated, brightened, rejuvenated and soothed in no time!

There are so many products to see at Cosmoprof North America, and these are what I considered to be the best of the best as it pertains to skincare. I've tried to include a variety of options, as body chemistries vary and what works best for one person may not for another. When compiling this list, I also wanted to take into account personal budgets and included options in a range of price points. Some are complex while others are more simple; the beauty industry perfectly demonstrates that we all want different things when it comes to our products!

Cosmoprof North America is a business to business beauty trade show, where those in the industry can meet, build new relationships, and collaborate on future products. Approximately 1,400 exhibitors share revolutionary technologies and innovative ideas in packaging and manufacturing alongside brands debuting their products. Next year's show is scheduled with new dates, from Tuesday, June 30 through Thursday, July 2.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Cosmoprof North America Colours the World

Cosmetic items were aplenty at Cosmoprof North America, and you did not have to go far if you wanted to feast your eyes on new and upcoming launches from a range of brands. In my previous post, I had shared my top picks for beauty tools, but I opted to go a different route for this particular post. While tool preferences can vary slightly, makeup choices are so personal, and what appeals to one person may not to another. Instead of a "top picks", I wanted this post to be more of a showcase of the brands and cosmetics that could be found at the show. Obviously, I stopped by booths that appealed the most to me so a slight bias on what I can share is inevitable. That being said, here is a compilation of cosmetics I found. WARNING: Lots of photos ahead!

Lovinah Beauty

Lovinah Skincare is branching out into makeup, and based on this preview, I couldn't be more excited! This and a second secret palette will be launching this fall (date to be determined), but I got the go ahead to share these peeks now. The colours in this palette are simply stunning, and I loved how each of them look against my skin tone. I also swatched this on a woman with dark skin, and these were breathtaking on her. It's no secret that truly good palette options are limited for people of colour, and I am glad that Lovinah is here to deliver!

Mesauda Milano

I wandered over into the Italian beauty section of the show and found Mesauda Milano had a booth. I've tried a couple products from this brand thanks to a swap package project I participated in, and I've been watching the brand on social media since. It was great to see more of their products in person, and I fell in love with their Gold N' Roses eyeshadow palette. With shipping currently available in Italy and Europe only, I am itching to see this brand in the US market. My fingers are crossed on that one!

This affordable Australian brand caught my attention at the show last year, and I have been loving them ever since. Their upcoming collection is a little on the wild side, and I am living for it! Because the seasons are opposite ours in the US, releases may feel unusual for the time of year, but if you like to bend the rules or just want a head start for next year, this is a great brand to choose from. They have some selections on, but I prefer to buy direct for all the latest releases. Also, a special thank you to The Daily Nail for being my hand model for this upcoming lipstick swatch!

RealHer Makeup

featured RealHer on my blog about a year ago when I picked up several items to try out after coming across an ad online somewhere. The positive message behind the brand really spoke to me, and I love that each product has a positive affirmation to boost your mood and self esteem. If you've tried the brand or have been watching them, you'll likely notice they changed up some of their packaging, and the final results are beautiful!

Ella+Mila is a brand that first captured my attention several years ago with their assortment of nail polishes (check out my post featuring two shades here for an easy fall look), but have they been branching out! They've expanded their line the past couple of years to include lip products and now eye and face palettes. I adore all the colour selections and combinations, so it is not easy for me to pick a single favorite. I also like the range of lipstick finishes and how well they coordinate with the new palettes!

4Ever Magic Cosmetics

I remember a time where my eyebrows were never fixed up while wearing a full face of makeup and cringe every time. Since then, I have tried an assortment of eyebrow products and found some that I really love. While at the show, I spotted these Double Shade Eyebrow Gel and Brush sets and my interest was piqued! Each jar contains two different shades to give your eyebrows definition and fill while still giving your eyebrows smudge-free dimension.

Crayola Beauty

I was delighted when I came across Crayola Beauty- oh the nostalgia! I have young kids so we still have plenty of Crayola crayons and markers at home, but now you can get adult versions to colour your face! From palettes to wide highlighter crayons to thinner face crayons that can be used anywhere, your inner child will resurface and gives a new definition to fun when it comes to your makeup application!

Voodoo Makeup

Voodoo Makeup combines two of my favorite things in the world- makeup and New Orleans. Founded in the Crescent City by a husband and wife team, Voodoo Makeup is a brand to watch! The Cream to Powder Foundation is currently available in 18 shades, all of which were designed to custom match friends and models. There's nothing like a product made to suit a real person! I was also a drawn to the loose pigment shadows in particular as they have killer pigmentation.


dome BEAUTY is a brand that really stuck out to me due to their dedication to developing a range of clean beauty products. Products are designed to suit everyone, regardless of age or skintone, and I love that being clean, beautiful and yourself is what the brand is about. Their passion for keeping beauty clean even falls into the realm of the environment; they partner with TerraCycle to reduce the impact of beauty packaging on the environment.

Sistar Cosmetics

I recently had this brand on my blog, and I was eager to see what else this affordable brand will be launching. Their full lineup unfortunately had not arrived yet when I stopped by the booth, but they did have some upcoming lippies on hand that were swoon-worthy! I didn't get an official launch date on these, but here's hoping it is soon!

Color Club

After staying firming in the realm of nail products for years, Color Club is now dipping it's painted toes into cosmetics with their color capsules of eyeshadows that pair with nail polish. Each trio of shades is carefully coordinated to work well together for a complete look. There are currently four sets that have been released, with one set including liquid eyeshadows. I always felt that Color Club nail polishes never got enough attention, especially since the quality has been so good, so I'm eager to see how this new endeavor pans out!

The Lip Bar

Some days I just want to get out of the house with minimal makeup, and even then, I have to have on a good lipstick. I love everything about The Lip Bar- the colours, the packaging, and more importantly, inclusivity! Available in both liquid (top image) and bullet (bottom swatches) formulas, these gorgeous shades are right up my alley. The brand has also launched beautiful bronzer and blush duos that I regret not snapping a great photo of, so be sure to check them out on their website!

While not a new brand, Note Cosmetics has been hard at working creating new products and shades. It's been some time since they've been in the US market, but I have purchased products from them relatively recently on When I stopped by the booth, I was informed some products have been reformulated for even better performance. Here's hoping their products become easier to find in the US soon!

theBalm Cosmetics

I've not really seen much about the AutoBalm palettes by theBalm, so I had to check them out in person. The brand has released three palettes that are perfect for on the go. Two of the palettes are for eyes (one is shown above) while the third is a face palette. The metal tin casing keeps your makeup secure, and these are the perfect size to toss in your bag for quick on-the-go looks!

This is a new-to-me brand, and there were two products that really caught my attention that I wanted to share with you. First of all, I was ecstatic to see black-light reactive loose pigments. Having it in this format gives more flexibility in application techniques than the hard pans that require liquid; I am here for it! I also really love that they have a line of loose glitters that are biodegradable. Now I can feel less guilty when I want to wear glitters as part of my makeup look!

As you can see, there was a fair bit of makeup to check out at Cosmoprof North America, and this doesn't include areas of the showroom floor I just never made it to! I hope you enjoy these beauties as much as I did finding them!

Is anything is particular grabbing your attention? Do you wear your makeup to "fit the season"? Are you more of a natural fan or do you like experimenting with colour? I'd love to hear from you! If you haven't yet, be sure to check out and enter to win a BOUTIQUE beauty product sampling bag here!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day and enjoy the weekend!

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