Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Makeup Show LA: Part 2

Greetings, dear readers! Welcome back to my second post on my time at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles this past weekend. If you didn't catch Part 1, be sure to check out my previous post here. Now on to the second installment!

While it is always fun to shop and take advantage of good deals at the show, my favorite part is all the educational opportunities! This year's show in LA had the largest number of educational opportunities with over 100 shows on 8 stages. Whether you wanted to attend a keynote and feature presentation, a seminar, a panel, or one of the many demonstrations, there was much to be learned across a range of disciplines, all under the beauty and business umbrella. Here we have James Vincent introducing a keynote speaker......

Stephanie Nicole! Stephanie gave a presentation on social media for makeup professionals with key insights on the hows and whys for better reach. It was a great presentation, and one I hope to see TMS bring back at future shows!

Benefit Cosmetics was on site with their fabulous eyebrow products. In addition to their booth....

they had a seminar on tips and tricks for creating photographable lashes and brows.

Benefit fans could also share their love for the brand with one of this awesome hooded sweatshirts!

I was excited to see that CōtZ was going to be at this show as I had just run out of my Face tinted mineral sunscreen and primer. I naturally had to pick up another one and also grabbed their  regular sunscreen as well. You can check out my thoughts about the product on my post here.

Mehron Makeup is a long standing company when known and loved by makeup artists. I particularly loved their ECHO Pressed Glitter Palette as a way to apply glitter without having to use any special mixing mediums or adhesives, all without any fallout.

It has been five years since I reviewed the original grey Stick With It palette, and it is still a product that is dear to my heart. Picked up by Nigel Beauty Emporium, makeup artists could pick up their own palettes and the new decorative sticker skins to dress it up and suit your preference.

Petite'N Pretty is a new brand geared towards introducing a bit of sparkle to those both young and young at heart. They just rolled out with their new 9021-Snow! palette for the holiday season.

Muse Beauty Pro had a booth selling a variety of products from their brand lineup, including my beloved Viseart. It was really cool getting to meet up with Viseart's Artist Director and CEO, Anastasia Sparrow as well! If I could, I'd keep her with me all the time as I always take great photos with her!

GlōGirl Cosmetics was present to represent California's Bay Area, and their brand new Snatched palette launched at the show. This is such a pretty palette, and I LOVE their GlōLighters!

The Makeup Show LA was filled with all kinds of new things, including the new lipstick line by Miss Fame Beauty. Miss Fame (Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen) was even present and signed a few full collection purchases!

For those who like the stretch their beauty budget, NYX Professional Makeup offered some deals to save even more on their already affordable prices.

Inglot Cosmetics was present with their offerings, letting makeup artists create new or add to their already existing Freedom palettes.

Sistar Cosmetics is a new-to-me as of this summer brand, and I love how affordable this line is!

Veil Cosmetics brought their new AutoMatte Mattifying Base and Touch-Up product, and I got to try it out at the show. This product is incredible! It adds a soft matte look to the skin while still looking healthy and beautiful. I found it to be a great product to touch up my oily T-zone without making my face flat.

I have a special fondness of Bésame Cosmetics as the brand truly brings back elements from the past to their makeup line. From the style of cake mascara to red lipsticks and fragrances designed to suit specific time periods, this brand lineup is charming and deserves to take up some of that coveted space on your vanity.

Camera Ready Cosmetics is a new-to-me beauty supplier, and they had a few of their brands and products on site for purchase. I really liked the FIXY makeup repair kit!

Camera Ready Cosmetics also had the Crazy Merman brush soap available for purchase. After all, after applying the makeup with our brushes and sponges, we need to clean them!

Pacifica Beauty had many of their products on site, including their gorgeous Crystal Punk Lip Glosses.

As you can see, there was a lot to see and purchase while at The Makeup Show! The next one schedules it TMS Makeup Shop in New York City on December 15th and 16th. TMS Makeup Shop is open to the public, so if you have an interest in picking up some products, all all welcome to attend! The next Makeup Shop for licensed professionals only is going to be in Houston March 23-24.

Have you had the opportunity to attend a Makeup Show if you're a professional makeup artist, or the Makeup Shop option open to the public? If you haven't, I hope you are able to one day!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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Monday, November 12, 2018

The Makeup Show LA: Part 1

It was a busy and rather event-filled weekend while at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles. This event is the prime place for professional makeup artists to congregate to network with fellow artists, attend one of many educational workshops, keynotes, or demonstrations, and to pick up new and core makeup items alike for kits.

Director of Education and Artistry James Vincent is always the first person I see at the show as he introduces the press to the key features of this year's show. The first three words that come to mind when I think of James is warm, caring, and inspiring: you can really feel how passionate he is about the community.

What better place to start with brands than James' own Rebels and Outlaws. From candles and sprays that clear the air of negative vibes and instead attract all things positive to scrubs that slough off more than just dead skin, this brand is sure to bring makeup artists all the best things possible!

This is a small collection of the candle offerings, including the new scent, Because The Night.

Make Up For Ever was the Diamond Sponsor for the show. Here we have an artist perusing the brand's selections before making her purchase.

I was really excited when I heard MYO Cosmetics Cases was going to be at the show! I absolutely love this brand and reviewed the personal version of the MYO case here.

The magnetic pods are my favorite part of this product; what an ingenious idea! You can see some of the uses in the above photo. The possibilities truly are endless; the only limit is your imagination!

While the MYO is black with a circlet is black, silver, fuchsia, or turquoise, this silver sparkled beauty made an appearance at the show. I can't give you all the details on it today, so be sure to follow MYO Cosmetic Cases to catch the news when the time is right!

Rude Cosmetics is a fun brand I discovered right around the time they launched a couple years ago, and I was excited to see them make an appearance at the show! They offer quality products at an affordable price. Who knew that being rude could actually pay off?!?

Their eye shadow palettes offer nice pigmentation, and I like that they have options of both larger and smaller palettes.

Smashbox will always have a special place in my heart as the fist non-drugstore brand I ever really used. They also sell my beloved The Cali Contour palette which is my makeup workhorse.

There were three demo stages (in addition to the keynote and seminar stages) at different locations, and the talented Danessa Myricks was spotted at one of them! Her work is incredible.

Danessa's beautiful products were on site and could be purchased at the Danessa Myricks Beauty booth. These illuminators are spectacular!

There was also a table available for Henry Charles cosmetics bags. Whether you were in the market for something low key and casual or something a little fancier, you were able to get what you needed.

One of my own personal stops was with Frends Beauty Supply to pick up backups of some of my favorite Stilazzi brushes and some makeup items to try out. At the booth was Kiani Love of MakeUpbyKiani. She was so helpful in answering my questions and pinpointing the extra products I picked up.

Here is Kiani doing an eyeshadow application demo. Seriously, this show was filled with so many educational opportunities, it was impossible to leave without learning something!

Stila Cosmetics is another brand that I got into when I first stepped away from drugstore only makeup, and it was exciting to see they launched their Pro Program at the show!

It was exciting to see Hourglass Cosmetics at the show, and I know it was the first stop for many!

There were lashes galore thanks to Ardell Lashes! They had some great pricing to make this already affordable brand even more so for the artists wanting to share the lash love.

I first encountered Moira Cosmetics while at CPNA this summer, and it was a delight to see the affordable brand at this show. I had actually seen this palette over the summer before it was announced on social media and officially launched, so it was pretty cool to see it get snapped up quickly by many.

Jordan Liberty was one of four keynote speakers on Saturday, which his inspirational talk about how he got to where he is today. If you didn't leave his talk feeling at least the slightest bit inspired, you must not have been paying attention!

If you were shopping to fit the current glitter trend into your kit, Ruby May Cosmetics was there to deliver! Their Winter Wonderland palette in particular certainly dazzled me!

Once it is all said and done, the makeup does eventually have to come off. Bioderma was on site to sell some of their products, including my beloved Sensibio micelle solution. My sensitive skin really appreciates how well this is able to remove product from my face without stripping it dry or irritating it. Had I not been doing carry on only for my flight home with liquid restrictions, I would have brought a lot of this home with me!

Be sure to tune back in later this week for Part 2 of my time at The Makeup Show in Los Angeles!

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