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China Glaze: The Grinch Collaboration

Press Sample

Thanksgiving has come and gone already! I know we have another month to go yet, but with my upcoming move only a few weeks away, I cannot help but wonder where 2018 has gone! It certainly feels like an eventful one, and being in the midst of holiday season, I couldn’t think of a better collection to suit my mood than the new China Glaze The Grinch Collaboration Collection!

Try as I may, the stress of the holidays compacted with relocating back to Arizona has tempered my holiday spirit, and I have been starting to feel a little Grinchy myself. Thankfully, The Grinch Collection has come at the time when I need it most and serves as a reminder that the holidays aren’t about the decorations or presents or even the food. It’s about being with loved ones and that is definitely something I still have going for me. Without further ado, let’s get a closer look at the polishes in this collection.

Two coats plus top coat
If there was ever a polish to be described as Grinchworthy, this nail lacquer certainly would be it! Not only did China Glaze nail it with the colour, the glitter composition gives a slight texture plus added illusion of dimension. I know this isn’t a colour that everyone enjoys, but I find Grinchworthy to be a standout from this collection and a shade I hope you would consider, even if greens aren’t your normal jam. Application was easy without issues, and I believe those with shorter nails or who paint with thicker coats may even find this to be a single coater with careful application.
Ho! Ho! No!
Two coats plus top coat
Ho! Ho! No! is another standout from this collection for me. The subtle pops of golden sparkle against the rich red base are truly glorious and add just that touch of something extra to already sexy red nails. Like the previous nail lacquer, it is densely pigmented and could potentially be a single coater with a thicker application or if you have short nails. Add to the colour the name, and I am sold!
Resting Grinch Face
Three coats plus tip coat (outer nails)
One coat over China Glaze Liquid Leather plus top coat (inner nails)
It would feel wrong for China Glaze to release a holiday collection without a glitter bomb, and Resting Grinch Face is their take on it this season. As shown above, you can reach opacity but applying as a normal polish with just three coats, although there is always the option of sponging it on instead if that is your preference. I have also shown it over a black cream so you can get a better sense of how dense the glitters are in a single coat. Ether way is pretty, so that’s just a matter of personal preference. If you opt to just all out with just this alone without a base shade, you likely will find a second coat of top coat is necessary for a smooth finish on the nails. 
Who Wonder
Two coats plus top coat
Who Wonder is another great addition to this collection! I’m feeling a little like a broken record with this post, but I feel like China Glaze totally nailed the inspiration as I can envision Cindy Lou Who when I look at this. It is also a welcome break from the darker fall nail shades and as some dazzle! It applied nicely to my nails without issue although it isn’t quite as densely pigmented as some of the others in this post: I definitely needed the two coats for opacity and don’t expect this to cover in one coat over average sized nails.
Merry Whatever
Two coats plus top coat
Merry Whatever was a surprising favorite for me. Even though yellow gold usually looks nice on my warm skin tone, I just don’t “feel” it and rarely pull them out from my collection. Merry Whatever, on the other hand, while it is a yellow gold, has pops of silvery glitters that makes it just a little less warm. I definitely see this being a go-to gold polish for me long after this season is over! I have no application issues to report about this beauty. 
You’re A Mean One
Two coats plus top coat
Is it possible to read the name You’re A Mean One without adding in the next part to the song? I know I cannot resist! Whatever the case, this stunning polish makes being mean look good! This is the perfect polish that allows you to embrace your darker, more defiant and sassy side, as my husband likes to call it, all while still being a sweet angel for Santa’s visit. The application was flawless with this one, so at least the formula plays nicely in spite of the name.

This is all I have to share with you today on the  China Glaze The Grinch Collaboration Collection. There are two more shades left, so stay tuned for my next post where I share with you the look I created with them in addition to easy nail art by China Glaze! 

Have you seen the latest The Grinch film or picked up any of these shades? Which ones are your favorites? I’d love to hear from you! Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Merry Whatever is that perfect white-gold that I strive to bathe myself in every New Year’s Eve! May have to buy for this year :)

  2. The packaging - and the theme - of this set is fabulous! I especially love Resting Grinch Face; it looks like bits of coloured glass, particularly on the index finger.

  3. That's a lovely collection. I bet you're excited for the great move. Are you moving to a different state?

  4. Oh I can’t wait to hear how china Glaze’s fake nails are! I picked up Lukewarm Wishes and Resting Grinch Face from this

  5. Ho Ho No is a Ho Ho Yes for me. I like the look of that a lot and also You're a Mean One. They look so holiday-ish.

  6. What an adorable box set! So cute, and I love all of the shades. That would make a wonderful, fun gift

  7. Have they told you when the press ons are going to sallys? Or if they are? Or Ulta? I've been looking, and I'm pretty much giving up at this point.

  8. Grinchworthy is my favorite. I love those types of greens. Cute PR package!

  9. I really just loved this collexction! It was so fun!

  10. I am so thrilled with this collection!!! China Glaze nailed it!!!

  11. These shades are so pretty but I think what I love the most is the Grinch on the lids!


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