Friday, August 23, 2019

Simple Nail Stamping for those Hot Summer Nights with Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish

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Like it or not, summer is quickly coming to an end. For some of us, summer is over when the new school year begins, while others still remain in summer mode until the nights are cold once again. No matter where you fall on this debate, there is no question that the days and nights are still toasty, and I wanted to create a simple look to match. I had received this beautiful blue stamping polish from Born Pretty Store, and I just had to give it some love before the season changes over!

As you are already aware, I live in Arizona, and does it get hot here over the summer! We had been hanging close to 115 degrees although today is a balmy 105. I have a pool, but with temperatures this hot, I actually do most of my swimming at night. Between the dark skies and the blue pool, thanks to the tile and the lights, this manicure actually matches my nights by the pool perfectly!

To create this look, I started off with Rogue Lacquer It's Little And Broken But Still Good (ocean blue polish with flakes) and Indigo Bananas When Are We? (black with multicolour shimmer). I then paired Born Pretty Store stamping polish in Summer Mints, found here, with a dotted pattern from What's Up Nails B011 Intergalactic Encounters stamping plate.

I used the same image for this stamped design, and I noticed something odd. While one design transferred nicely onto the nail, the other left a pock-marked look. I wasn't rushing while stamping, so I'm not sure if it was an issue with this polish or just the combination with the stamping plate and my stamper that was the problem. I may have been my technique and I just applied with too much pressure. Either way, I still wanted to note this experience. Overall, I've had great experiences with the Born Pretty Store line of stamping polishes, and I do think this is a good one to pick up and perfect application if needed.

This stamping polish is currently marked down to $2.99 per bottle. While you are there, be sure to shop around to pick up all the supplies you need for your nail art needs. You can save 10% off full priced items with discount code QWL91. This is not an affiliate code so I don't get anything if you use it, but it is a way for Born Pretty Store to pass along some savings your way.

How are you enjoying the last few weeks of summer? Are you taking any last minute vacations? Are you in count down mode to Halloween? Only 69 days to go!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. WOW, i haven't heard about born pretty in years!

  2. I just want this summer to be over. Yes, countdown mode on Halloween!!! Lovely mani.

  3. Love the design on that sparkly black. It's a great combination of shades.

  4. Cute stamping! I love how nail "fashion" is following regular fashion and anything goes these days! Mixing colors, patterns and finishes that normally wouldn't is so fun and unexpected.

  5. This is a really fun mani! Love the color. Yeah my summer ended yesterday. I'm sad about it. However tomorrow or Thursday should be a beach day sooo!


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