Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Haz Tastykake!

Woohoo!  Look what I have to share today!  Most of my family lives in Pennsylvania, so I am familiar with Tastykakes, but they are not easy to come by when you live in Arizona.  Enter Frankie's South Philly Cheesesteaks.  I had been craving a cheesesteak for weeks, and I finally broke down and went to get one.  While I was there, I found this baby.  I have never seen the Chocolate Junior before, and I had to try one!

The Chocolate Junior is a yellow layer cake with chocolate frosting between the layers and on top.  It was very light and fluffy- much more than I expected it to be- and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  Would I buy it again?  Probably not.  It was good, but I have to admit it did not "wow" me.  I was excited to be trying a new-to-me Tastykake, and I am glad that I tried it.

Have any of you lovely readers eaten a Tastykake?

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  1. Everybody loves Tastykakes! My best friend Karen moved to Texas a few years ago and she makes me send her boxes of tastykakes every 3 months. The people at home direct shipping practically know me by name now. The peanut butter ones are my favorite. I have tried the chocolate junior and I wasn't a big fan either. Thanks for sharing!


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