Thursday, May 24, 2012

If it Pleases and Sparkles

While I was typing up my last post on POP Twinkle, I kept thinking that this color looked so familiar.  After rummaging through my stash, I came across Color Club Magic Attraction.  I also have Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy, and while they are not the same colour, I could not find a blog that compared them.  I decided I might as well add SPF for comparison.  

 Bottle shot!  
Sugar Plum Fairy, Magic Attraction, and Twinkle
Ring: 2 coats POP Twinkle
Middle: 2 coats Color Club Magic Attraction
Index: 2 coats Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy

POP Twinkle and Color Club Magic Attraction are identical in colour, and the only difference I noticed is that there is a marginally higher concentration of glitter in the Twinkle.  If you have one, there really is no need for the other.

Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy was a little more silver and lilac-coloured, and the glitter pieces are a little larger than those found in Magic Attraction or Twinkle.  I prefer the finer glitter seen in the latter, but Sugar Plum Fairy is a nice alternate.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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