Monday, August 13, 2012

Bottle Deception: Coral Edition

Good morning, dear readers!  I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of bottles of lacquer that look deceptively identical, but once you have the polishes out on your nails, you can see just how different the colours truly are.  I decided to pull out some of my orangey-coral bottles and compare them for you.  From left to right on most of these pictures (pinky to index finger) I used two coats of Zoya Soho Punch, Zoya Rica, Zoya Myrta, and Julep Mischa.
Index: Julep Mischa
Middle: Zoya Myrta 
Ring: Zoya Rica 
Pinky: Zoya Soho Punch

As you can see, these definitely do not all look the same on the nail.  Zoya Soho Punch is very sheer, and there is VNL with two coats.  Zoya describes this colour as a coral red, but I think it is more peach.  Zoya Rica is an orangey-coral, but it has some pink undertones that are much more obvious when on the nail.  I personally would say Zoya Myrta is more of a red- orange than the coral that the company claims, but it is still a lovely colour.  What really surprised me was Julep Mischa.  I have a love/hate relationship with the brand, and I almost always find it too thick to apply well.  Mischa was a pleasant surprise, and I found it to be at the perfect consistency upon opening the bottle.  Mischa is very close in colour to Myrta, but I found the former to be a tad more tomato coloured (and yes, I mean the traditional red tomato, not the crazy colours you sometimes see in heirloom tomatoes :D ).

Doing these swatches was an interesting experiment for me, and I really didn't anticipate the colours to look so different from each other.  This is just further proof that what you see in the bottle does not always translate to the nail.

I hope you enjoy your week, dear readers!

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