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Softlips Holiday Season Flavors: The Perfect Stocking Stuffers and Gift Tags!

Good afternoon, dear readers!  I am really excited to be bringing you my review of the new Softlips® seasonal lip protectants!  I have been wearing the Softlips® brand for several years since I first spied the cute, thin tubes at a Target checkout and just HAD to get one to try.  I have been hooked ever since, and it is definitely my favorite brand of lip protectants.  I have several open tubes scattered around my house in addition to a few in my purse, so I never have to go far to get one.  You might go so far as to say I am addicted to them!  

I promise I have not been living under a rock, but it has only recently come to my attention that Softlips® creates seasonal flavors in addition to their core line of vanilla, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, mint (with a hint of vanilla), and wildberry.  Softlips® has released six new products this year just in time for the holidays.  They include the following packages and flavors:

  • Softlips®  Jack Frosting (duo pack)
  • Softlips®  Peppermint Stick with bonus Pearl
  • Softlips®  Vanilla with bonus Softlips®  Winter Mint
  • Softlips® Vanilla with bonus Softlips® Sugar & Spice
  • Softlips® Raspberry with bonus Softlips® Sugar Cookie
  • Softlips® Raspberry with bonus Softlips® Sugar Plum Berry

Onto the details!  For the purpose of this review, I'm going to be focusing solely on the new flavors and not the Pearl, Vanilla, or Raspberry in the core line that are also included in some of these packages.

Softlips®  Jack Frosting
Jack Frosting was selected by Facebook Fans, and I can certainly see why- the flavor is buttercream frosting!  Who wouldn't want this to be a flavor?  I was a little unsure of this flavor at first if only because Softlips® lip protectants contain menthol, and I didn't know how well they would play together.  I'm happy to report that I was quite pleased with the combination.  The cooling menthol tingle was present, but I didn't find it too distracting from the buttercream frosting flavor. 

Softlips®  Peppermint Stick with bonus Pearl
This one is definitely peppermint as you might expect!  While I'm not a big peppermint fan the rest of the year, peppermint is one of those flavors and scents I can't seem to get enough of over the holidays.  This Limited Edition flavor is one of my favorites of the seasonal flavors available.  

Softlips®  Vanilla with bonus Softlips®  Winter Mint
First of all, check out the cute holiday gift tag packaging!  It is absolutely perfect for gift giving, and I see this as a fun way to tag your gifts in addition to serving as another bonus gift to a recipient.  Just don't forget to include one for yourself.  ;)  As for the flavor, Winter Mint is the perfect flavor for those that prefer spearmint over peppermint.  After the holidays, I tend to be drawn towards spearmint, so this is the flavor I can see myself grabbing by the middle of January.  That being said, if you absolutely despise the flavor of peppermint, you would not be particularly thrilled with Winter Mint.  The menthol used in the Softlips®  lip protectants has a touch of peppermint flavor that I notice even with the Winter Mint flavoring.  

Softlips® Vanilla with bonus Softlips® Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice is my favorite of all the seasonal flavors!  I would describe the flavor as a blend between snickerdoodle cookies and chai tea, and it is perfect for me!  Even though it has been released for the holidays, I could see myself wearing this in the fall as well.  It would be the perfect accompaniment to warm apple cider as the days start to shorten and get colder.  I'm currently wearing Sugar & Spice while sipping hot chocolate and writing this post.  Sounds divine, doesn't it?

Softlips® Raspberry with bonus Softlips® Sugar Cookie
Cookies!  One of my favorite things about this time of year is the cookies, and I don't know if I prefer to bake them or eat them.  The beauty about the Sugar Cookie lip protectant is you can get the sweet light flavor of the dessert without the extra calories.  The only negative thing I have to say about this particular flavor is that the flavor does become a little lost due to the menthol.      

Softlips® Raspberry with bonus Softlips® Sugar Plum Berry
Sugar Plum Berry was the only flavor that didn't appeal to me upon application, and I ended up removing it within minutes of testing.  This is a little disappointing to me because it was the flavor I was probably the most excited about, but I'm sure it will appeal to many other people.  The scent and flavor was dead on- it was lightly sweet with berries, but once the menthol kicked in, I did not care for the combination.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I was very happy with the seasonal collection of Softlips® lip protectants.  The flavors are perfect for the holidays, although the menthol did overpower some of them a little.  They all applied like a dream in true Softlips® fashion.  The application was so smooth and light without any traces of waxiness, oiliness, or stickiness that often appears in lip products, and my lips felt soft instantaneously.  More importantly, these all contain SPF 20.  Many of us already know that in order to keep our skin healthy and to prevent skin cancer, we need to be wearing products with sunscreen.  It's added to so many moisturizers and cosmetics, but I usually find it lacking in lip products.  I'm thrilled that Softlips® makes a quality product that I can stand behind!  The packaging is nice, and they truly are the perfect little stocking stuffer under $5.00!

Softlips®  Jack Frosting (duo pack): available in the cough and cold aisle at Target stores nationwide

Softlips®  Peppermint Stick with bonus Pearl: Limited edition and available at select Target stores in the checkout lane

Softlips®  Vanilla with bonus Softlips®  Winter Mint: available at select Target stores in the holiday section 

Softlips® Vanilla with bonus Softlips® Sugar & Spice: available at Walgreens and Wegmans

Softlips® Raspberry with bonus Softlips® Sugar Cookie: available at select Target stores in the holiday section 

Softlips® Raspberry with bonus Softlips® Sugar Plum Berry: available at Walgreens and Wegmans


Which flavors do you hope to see in your stocking this year?

Until next time, dear readers, stay good!  Santa is watching!  



Disclosure: Products were provided to me by Softlips® for the purposes of this review.  All opinions stated are my own, and I was not compensated for a positive review.  Because they are my own, readers may not agree with all my opinions.

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