Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dynamic Duo or the Polishes I Cannot Live Without!

Good evening, dear readers!  I was just looking at my new bottle of top coat when I realized I had never made a post on it.  Yikes!  I know I've mentioned it numerous times on my blog, but I decided tonight was as good a time as any to made a dedicated blog post on it.  Because I get my base coat from the same supplier, I figured I would combine them into one post of the two polishes that I absolutely NEED in my collection.

I'm sure you've seen my reviews by now on many of Glisten & Glow's bath and beauty products, and Glisten & Glow is my supplier of both base and top coats as well!  The business is the baby of my dear friend, Jill, and I absolutely love this woman!  I rarely see a business work so hard to make sure their customers are happy, and Jill's customer service is truly top notch.  I have always been pleased with every order I have placed, and I love the attention to detail Jill gives each order.  

Now let's check out the polishes!   

Stuck on Blu! base coat
I was extremely fortunate and got to test out this base coat before Jill decided she wanted to sell it, and I have been playing with it for a few months now.  I've tested it with so many different polishes, many of which have been included on my blog, and I have been thoroughly pleased with this base coat every single time I have used it.  It's been used under creams, glitters, and holos, which we all know are notorious for having application issues with the wrong base, and you know what- it's worked perfectly for me without a single exception!  I'm sure I sound like I broken record when I say this, but I have been amazed that it hasn't given me any problems.  Does that even happen?!?  Obviously it's worked beautifully for me, and I am all too happy to share this secret with you!  Dry time is quick- approximately 5 to 7 minutes - and my polish stays in place without any chipping for 7 days- if I'm not removing it sooner myself that is!  I have never had such luck with base coats in the past, and I am hooked!

HK Girl top coat
Ah, yes, my beloved HK Girl top coat!  I try to always have at least 2 bottles of this in the house- one that I am currently using and then a replacement.  After a horrible discovery one day that I had run out and did not have my backup bottle, I've started ordering another bottle around the time my working bottle gets to the half way point.  I do have a couple other brands of top coat floating around the house, but I don't care for any of them enough to justify actually using them.  Thankfully the hubby is understanding of my polish hijinks, or at least he pretends to be!  :D As for the polish, it dries quickly to the touch- about 5 minutes, and it is dent-proof on me in roughly 10 minutes.  It is also so shiny, and I love it!!    

Just a little note about this since I know it has caused some confusion for me in the past.  Some of you may be familiar with the yellow-capped bottles of Hong Kong Girl, but it should not be confused with Glisten and Glow's HK Girl.  Jill purchases Hong Kong Girl from her distributor, but she adds her own proprietary mix of ingredients to the top coat, giving us the HK Girl that I know and love.  I have used both the original formula and Glisten & Glow's reformulation, and I prefer the reformulation, hands down.  The original formula always got incredibly goopy and thick before I would even get half-way through the product, and it's just not useable at that point.  Sure, I added a little bit of thinner and it thinned it down enough to apply properly, but I am convinced the HK Girl reformulation dries faster and it may even be a little shinier in the end.  It is an amazing product, and I hope you at least try it once!

Links and Additional Information
These base and top coats can both be purchased from Glisten & Glow's Big cartel shop in addition to other Glisten & Glow products.  Use promo code MARCHCONTEST to save $1.45 on a bottle on HK Girl top coat!

Keep an eye out on the Glisten & Glow Facebook page for shop news and updates.  

Glisten & Glow is currently celebrating 3 years of business, and Jill has arranged a nail contest.  Here is the information on how to enter and win one of several prizes from Glisten & Glow, including a year's supply of this awesome top coat!!  You may need to click to enlarge the flyer or check it out on Glisten & Glow's Facebook page.

I hope you have enjoyed tonight's post, and I hope you all have a wonderful night!




  1. I bought the base coat but haven't tried it yet, but I am addicted to HK Girl! Great post :)

  2. Wonderful review. I haven't tried either of these, but have been wanting to try to topcoat for quite a while :)


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