Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Born Pretty Store Water decals

Disclosure:  The following product was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed below are entirely my own, and I was not otherwise compensated for this review.

Good afternoon, dear readers!  I promise I have not fallen off the planet, but I did have my baby boy!  I'm adjusting to my new life as a first time mom, and he likes to keep me on my toes.  Unfortunately that means my blog isn't going to get updated very frequently for a little while, but I'll still be posting on occasion.

For today's blog post, I reviewed another item from Born Pretty Store.  I had heard of water decals, but I have never tried them before, so I was eager to check these out.  I selected a mixed variety to share with you; the ID number is 1768.  Let's check out some of the designs!  

Over two coats SoFlaJo Involved

Tuzki is a popular animated rabbit in China, and there so much expression and emotion even with the simplistic style of drawing!  I had it in my head that these were going to be white when I chose the polish background colour, but I think you can still see the decal easily enough.

Over two coats Barielle Orange Parfait

Over two coats SoFlaJo Going Down

I'm afraid I have no idea who this particular character might be, but I found his expressions and poses amusing and cute.

The application of these were pretty easy once I got the hang of it.  I was under the impression that they applied just like temporary tattoos, and while it is close, I noticed a major difference.  When you remove the film and soak the paper backing in water, these decals do not transfer correctly onto the nail if you have the image side on the nail (as you would on skin for a temporary tattoo).  I discovered the images to be one-sided, and the background of the coloured images was solid white.  Obviously not what you want to be looking at on your nails.  To combat this issue, I soaked the paper with the decal (minus the film) in a small bowl of water for about 15 seconds.  The images then were released enough from the paper backing that they could slide around but did not just float off into the water.  I slid the image to the side of the paper and used my tweezers to remove and then place on the nail.  This technique worked really well, but you do have to be careful to not introduce creases into the decals.  I found just dipping my nail in water immediately before placement of the decals helped prevent this creasing and permitted some wiggle room if the decals needed to be adjusted slightly.  I very gently blotted my nails with a paper towel to soak up the extra water and dry the nail a little quicker.  I then put a layer of top coat over these decals to seal them in fully.  

Final Thoughts
I really loved these decals!  I found them to be fun and playful, and more importantly, incredibly easy to use.  They add a nice whimsical touch to my nails without taking a lot of time out of my now super busy days.  I'm eager to get more of these in other patterns, and Born Pretty Store offers a variety for both every day wear and the holidays.

Links and Additional Information
Check out Born Pretty Store for these glitters and other accessories for your nail art needs.  Shipping is free worldwide, and you can save 10% off your order using coupon code QWL91.

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