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Guest Post: Glisten & Glow Showcases Jindie Nails

I promise I haven't forgotten you, my dear readers! Life has been insanely hectic for me the past couple weeks with the baby (haha, more like the past couple months!), and I'm trying to fit swatching and reviewing into my schedule. While I try to get into a routine and entertain company this week, I hope you enjoy this guest post written by the amazing Jill from Glisten & Glow. She has shared with us some gorgeous swatches of Jindie Nails polishes paired with some mainstream polishes. Without further ado, here's Jill!

Happy Monday Readers!

So excited to be guest posting for one of my very dearest friends in the nail polish community Jen from The Musings of the Wife of a Jedi.  I’m Jill, owner of Glisten & GlowLLC.  Today I’ll be reviewing/featuring swatches of one of my favorite indie brands – Jindie Nails.

Jen’s a brand new mom to the most adorable baby boy Wyatt who has totally stolen my heart. She’s an amazing Mom and def. needs time to spend with her precious bundle of joy so I thought why not do a guest post for her!

Let’s get our POLISH ON! Jindie Nails is so well known for their white crelly or tinted crelly bases. I love them all! Here are some of my favorites!

I personally love doing manis mixing branded polish with indies!

Jindie Nails – Rave with an accent nail of OPI – Swimsuit…Nailed It topped with of course Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat

I lusted after Rave for so long and finally got it. I love the mix of glitters/dots here. The marriage of the magenta, neon yellow, neon green and blue is perfect!  3 thin coats and boom instant amazingness! I prefer to put a thin coat of a solid white polish; as undies I often use Essie – Blanc or OPI- Alpine Snow

Jindie Nails – Candy Land Remix with an accent nail of China Glaze – Textures –Of Course and yes, you guessed correctly with G & G HK Girl top coat on all but the accent nail!

Textures have been the name of the game for 2013 and why not match them up with a fab crelly like Candy Land Remix to pick up the matching blue shade!
Candy Land Remix was my first Jindie Nails polish and I have several backups of it! I can’t go through a month without wearing it at least once and every time I do it becomes a topic of conversation.
2-3 coats over white undies makes it perfect
Neon pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple hexes are POPPIN’ in the manicure.
 I especially love the smaller hexes that make this polish stand out!

Jindie Nails – Barbies Have More Fun with an accent nail of Essie – Boom Boom Boom all topped with G & G HK Girl top coat
Barbies Have More Fun is one of my most recent purchases from
The wonderful Jennifer H creates these amazing polishes and I couldn’t say enough about how amazing SHE is!
I love the mix of matte Barbie pink and black hexes in various sizes. It reminds me of the Barbie Beach Buggy I had as a kid! 
Pink is one of the most popular nail polish colors in our shop, no matter what the brand is! Personally, it is one of my favorites also. It plays well with so many other shades and just adds that fun girly flare! 

Jindie Nails – HipStar with an accent nail of Essie – The Girls Are Out, topped with none other then G & G HK Girl
HipStar and Hipstar 86 the Stars is described as a periwinkle/purple crelly base with a mix of neon pink, lilac holographic, light pink holographic, magenta,  neon purple, metallic silver hex, stars & small, medium and extra large dots.

For those who don’t like stars in there polish, I suggest the HipStar 86 the Stars version.  Personally I LOVE Stars so the more the merrier but I love that the option is available to the fellow nail polish junkie
Personally, I feel that many of the lighter shades in the purples family just have that whimsical feel to them.

Jindie Nails – JINDIE-Pendence with an accent nail of Butter London Blagger topped off with the ever so shiny and fast drying G & G HK Girl Top Coat!

Talk about a fireworks display of RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Sporting this manicure sure screams patriotic pride to say the least!
Not only do I love what the colors and name that this polish stand for, I love how it looks!
It’s jammed back with all different types of glitters!

Jindie Nails describes this polish as a white crelly base are a few never used before glitters including: Matte blue medium size dots, silver metallic medium size dots (regular silver, not holographic, really fits the holiday theme well), extra large red metallic dots, medium and large white rectangles & matte red diamonds.
Some other glitters included in this polish are: small metallic red dots, small, medium and extra large matte red and blue squares, tiny matte red, white and blue stars, extra fine red metallic hex, extra fine metallic blue hex.

I love the creativity behind the polishes in the Jindie Nails line.  The formula to me is perfect and the amount of glitters in each bottle is beyond generous!  They are very versatile with many of the polishes you already have in your collection or with the latest’s trends as I have demonstrated above. There is not a single one I do not want! #musthaveallthejindies!

Jindie Nails also proudly uses G & G HK Girl top coat on her manicures and recommends it for use with her polishes. Why not have a super shiny, fast drying top coat that applies like glass over your beautiful “JINDIE’D” nail creations!

Jindie Nails can be found at as well as various stockists (info is listed on her websites page)
Glisten & Glow (G & G) HK Girl Top Coat as well as various branded nail polish and other nail/bath and body related products can be found at
*products provided were purchased or sold by reviewer

Jill, thank you so much for sharing your lovely swatches and review of your favorite Jindie Nails polishes! Your combinations are fun, flirty, and look amazing on you! 
I've got a couple fun posts up my sleeve, dear readers, and I hope to have at least one of them up this week. Also, don't forget to enter the Fun in the Sun Multi-Blogger and Shop Giveaway- it ends Wednesday! Until next time, dear readers, stay cool out there!


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