Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Orly Ablaze and Hot Tropics from the Baked Collection

Good afternoon, dear readers! I was thinking of what all I wanted to share with you this week, and I spotted a folder of pictures sitting on my desktop background. I realized I shared my nail art project with some of the Orly neons from the Baked Collection, but I never shared just the polishes themselves. Oops! I was so excited with my nail art I skipped the first post! I wanted to wear Hot Tropics and Ablaze together rather than swatching them separately since they look so good together.

A quick note before I share the photos: the colours are so bright that my camera freaked out. The colours are accurate, but the brightness made it difficult to capture the shimmers that are seen in both these polishes. That is quite unfortunate as the shimmers in these beauties add an extra level of awesomeness

Ablaze: an orange-leaning coral with gold shimmer
The gold shimmer chose to hide from my camera, but hopefully you can still see some in the pictures. You might notice it more in the bottle, and I'm afraid to say the shimmer is much more apparent in the bottle than on the nails. That being said, it is still gorgeous and arguably my favorite colour this summer. I used two coats in these photos.

Hot Tropics: a pink-based purple with silver shimmer
Whereas the gold shimmer was subdued in Ablaze, the silver shimmer was very prevalent in Hot Tropics. It is gorgeous, and another must-have from the collection. I used two coats of Hot Tropics as well in these photos.

What do you think about neons? Are you wearing them this summer? What colour do you like?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day! <3

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  1. I just got Ablaze and can't wait to try it on! How did I miss Hot Tropics, though?!? I love the two together. :)


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