Monday, August 17, 2015

Ellagee: All Summer Long Collection Highlights and Loose Large Glitters

Happy Monday, dear readers! I am so glad to see the start of another week, especially since it is supposed to be far cooler than the hot weekend we just had here in Northern Cali. According to my phone, it got to 108 yesterday! I thought we left the desert behind when we moved here, but this summer has made me question that. It's still supposed to be quite warm this week, but thankfully we're not expecting to be in the triple digits.

For today's blog post, I wanted to embrace the neon trend we've been seeing all summer. It still feels like summer to me, and having young children that are not in school yet probably helps. I have three of the All Summer Long collection glitter toppers released by Ellagee to share with you in addition to the new loose glitters that are now available for purchase. Let's check them out!

Sea Dancers over
Glam Polish Ko Olina and Zoya Ali
I am smitten with this glitter topper! The neon glitter combination is so pretty, and I love the rainbow flashes from the silver holographic dolphin glitters found in this polish. The glitters dispersed quite nicely across my nails, and I did not have to dig whatsoever for these dolphins. What you see on my nails is how many my brush picked up with each dip in the polish. I dabbed on about a coat of polish over the base shades and topped my nails off with topcoat for these photos.
I wanted even MORE dolphins, so I used the larger dolphin glitters to add to this manicure. I decided to lay them out in the Pisces-esque head-to-tail pattern on my accent nail. One thing to note about these glitters is that they prefer to stay very flat. This was actually quite surprising because the glitters themselves are quite thin- thinner than most other glitters I have every encountered, and yet they still resisted conforming to the curvature of my nails. They are super cute though, so if you do have C-curved nails, plan to work slowly and to hold down the glitters individually for at least 10 seconds on each edge to keep them from popping back up.

Bubble Up over
LynBDesigns Millicent and Sweet Heart Polish Stoked
I absolutely LOVE circular glitters, and this particular polish feels so feminine with all the pink and purple glitters. I opted to stick with pink and purple for my base shades to stick with the girly feel in addition to making the green and blue pop just a little bit more. The glitters came out of the bottle very easily, including the larger rounds, and they spread nicely over my nails. I dabbed on about a coat on each nail and topped my nails off with top coat.
I thought about saving this manicure for a Turtle Tuesday post, but it seemed wrong to not include this with the rest of the looks I created for today's post. The turtle glitters weren't as problematic about curving around my nail beds, likely because I put them in a slightly flatter area in addition to being a smaller, more compact shape to begin with. They are adorable, and I have a feeling they will be used quite a bit!

Melon Balls over
Zoya Heidi and Purity
While I love all three Ellagee shades I've shared today, Melon Balls in the neon glitter topper I think of when it is summer. Melon Balls is citrus is a bottle! This glitter combination is so bright and vibrant, and hey look, it's a collection of the round glitters that I love! I dabbed on about a coat of this glitter topper over my base before adding top coat. Like the other polishes I shared already, the glitters dispersed easily over my nails.
I was so excited to create the accent nail for this particular manicure, but the execution was just sad. I love the music note shape, but these glitters were definitely not the easiest to work with and hold down in place. I stamped piano keys from stamping plate BM-207 by Bundle Monster before adding top coat and then placing the glitters. Because I had to hold down the glitters rather than just gently place them, the piano keys ended up getting distorted between the combination of top coat and pressure. I was not rushing by any means to create this look, but I think it would have worked out better if I let the top coat harden and then used either a second coat or nail glue to apply the glitters. I really wish this turned out prettier, but I thought you would appreciate the extra tips I've learned from my failures on how to make these loose glitters work for you.

These and the remaining toppers from the All Summer Long collection are available for purchase from Ellagee here. In addition to these three, there are other fun toppers in the collection with some adorable shaped glitters added to the mix to choose from! 

The larger loose glitters can be purchased from Ellagee here. You will receive a small bag containing a teaspoon of your chosen glitter shape in assorted colours. 

You're going to want to follow Ellagee on Facebook here for shop announcements and photos (check out her newly released Dragon collection while you're there!). 


  1. Wow! That dolphin and turtle glitter is so unexpected, but it's so cute!

  2. those round glitters call my name.

  3. Gorgeous swatches! I live in central Cali and it was 108 today. I'm totally ready for fall.

  4. These are awesome! I need the dolphin glitter!

  5. That one with the Dolphin glitter was made for me! I need it!

  6. wow, the dolphin glitter is insane! love it!!!!

  7. The dolphin glitter is so adorable! It was definitely the perfect touch to that mani.

  8. Bubble Up and Melon Balls look like so much fun! I love the colors and the circle glitters. Hope you can stay cool this week. We went from 98 degrees to 68 here in Minnesota. Talk about a temp swing!

  9. These manis are so cuuuuuuute!!!!


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