Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Polish 'M: Beach Walk, Spring Prototype, and a Discount Code, Oh My!

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Happy hump day, dear readers! It's been a nice week so far around here! I had planned to get this post up earlier today, but the weather was so perfect I just had to spend the day outdoors playing with my boys. My toddler would live outside if I let him; I'm mentally preparing for some hot summer days in the sun! Now on to today's post...

I was sent a couple lovely polishes by Polish 'M, and they are so perfect for the season. Let's check them out!

Beach Walk
Two coats plus top coat

A baby blue crelly base with a pink shimmer and a mix of purple and blue micro glitters.

I just love this colour! Of course I love anything beach-related, but this blue is phenomenal! I especially love the pink shimmer which adds a little extra flash of colour amongst all the blue; it's definitely more obvious in real life as my camera didn't capture it well. The formula was really fantastic, and Beach Walk applied flawlessly and quickly with the wide brush.

Spring Prototype 26
Three coats plus top coat

I cannot look at this polish without thinking about my beloved Rainbow Chip frosting. It was a sad day in the Jedi household when Betty Crocker decided to retire my favorite frosting, and I was thrilled to see it reinstated back to the frosting lineup! I may be going to the store to pick some up after the littles go to bed tonight....

As for the polish, it applied really nicely for me with three thin coats. The glitters spread quite nicely over my nails, and the depth created by the multiple layers is stunning!

Both of these shades are currently available for purchase on the Polish 'M website here, and you definitely want to pick them up asap! You can also save 30% off your purchase price (NOT including Polish for Pitbulls polishes, please!) with discount code JEDI30. Michelle's polishes are beautiful, and I have been thoroughly impressed with their quality- I'm certainly going to be picking some more up for myself!

Which is your favorite shade of these two? Is there another Polish 'M shade that you love? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!


  1. Spring Prototype is really so cool. You swatched beautifully. Such a gorgeous polish.

  2. I am loving BOTH of these! I'm totally going to use your discount code, too!

  3. I REALLY like the Spring Prototype 26 nail polish - wish there's one closer to home for me! Love it!

  4. Beach Walk is absolutely gorgeous! Love the base color and the mix of glitters. Spring Prototype 26 was just okay for me until you mentioned rainbow chip frosting and now I really want some cupcakes!

  5. Michelle's crellies are always so beautiful, and you did an amazing job capturing their depth!

  6. I have beach walk and it's gorgeous!

  7. So cute, that is an adorable duo!


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