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Highlights from The Makeup Show LA

Greetings, dear readers! I hope this post finds you well and you have been enjoying your week! I've been attempting to get this post written multiple times this week, but I kept running into one obstacle or another. I am determined to get this post up this evening, so I am in DO or DIE mode right now. Rather than rambling on about what's kept me distracted from writing much this week, let's just jump right on in!

As you already know, I had the pleasure of attending The Makeup Show LA this past weekend. In advance of the show, I had already shared information on the keynote speakers and another post about product launches and deals that could be found at the show. For this post, I'm just going to be sharing photos from booths that caught my eye. Please note, this post is LOADED with pictures, and there are so many booths that I still managed to not even visit as I was bouncing around and checking out what everyone had. Let's do this!

"Makeup is a little magical."

I attended the press event the Friday evening before the official start of the show, and this is a quote from makeup artist James Vincent. While so many of us think about makeup strictly for creating the "you but better" look, but this show attracts a large range of artists with different disciplines so it was fantastic seeing this artistry immediately after the press preview!

At the press preview, James Vincent shared some of his favorite products thought could be found of the floor at The Makeup Show LA.

Sponsors of The Makeup Show LA

I tried to stop by all the sponsor booths, but I got a little overwhelmed and missed a few of them, especially since some had substantial crowds when I stopped by! I also wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to write this post until after returning home. Boo hiss! I still did want to share the details with you, so even if I don't have a specific photo from all booths, I still have the all the sponsor brands mentioned and have included the links to their websites.

Diamond Sponsor

MUFE launched their new Artist Color Shadow in a range of 121 highly pigmented, blendable eye shadows and new refillable palettes. This was also a great booth to visit and see more artistic makeup looks being created!

Platinum Sponsors

CROWN had so much more at their booth, but I couldn't capture a flattering image of all the brushes being sold. This was a great place to stop if you were on the market for makeup brushes!

One of the best things about this show was seeing artistry in action! Here, TEMPTU was showing application techniques and tricks to onlookers.

Silver Sponsors

Have you started you holiday shopping yet? NYX had a large selection to choose from, including their Lippie Countdown Advent calendar!

More artistry in action!

Frends Beauty
(not pictured)

While I did stop by the booth, it was always packed with makeup artists taking advantage of their great deals! Whether you wanted eye shadow palettes, brushes, or to stock up on lashes, Frends Beauty was there to stock you up!

Supporting Sponsors

These masks are so fabulous, and I wish I bought more! I actually tried out the Whitening Joy Mask Saturday evening after the first show day had long passed, and my skin was thanking me profusely for it! I enjoyed it so much and intended to pick up more Sunday, but I got sidetracked and am still kicking myself about it!

Smashbox was another busy vendor at the show, and I barely managed to get in to snap this quick photo!

Contributing Sponsors
Pinnacle Cosmetics
(not pictured)

I fully intended to stop by Pinnacle Cosmetics, but I had long since past overwhelmed by the time I was in the area of this booth and just needed to sit down and take a break. I'm hoping to see them in person at the next show I attend so I can give them the attention they deserve!

(not pictured)

What's this, two in a row? I know, dear readers, but seriously, I was not prepared for so many people at this show! I'm crossing my fingers for a visit in a future show with GLAMCOR as well!

School Sponsor

Since I'm currently not (seriously) considering a career in makeup artistry, I didn't pick up any information at the Ruby Makeup Academy booth. I did briefly speak with the lovely ladies working at the booth and found them very charming though!

There was so much to see in addition to the sponsors shared above!

I snapped this photo at the registration booth after the crowd had thinned down. While vendors had their own bags for purchases, many people bought their own The Makeup Show signature bag to tote their spoils. I even picked up one myself, in the orange variety, naturally!

For when you want to give your space a physic cleaning, look no further than Rebels and Outlaws! This is actually James Vincent's company, and it was great to see something a little outside the normal beauty box at the show!

Makeup is only going to help so much when your skin isn't in tip top shape, and Malin+Goetz had you covered on that front! They had great deals as well so you could both look good and still save a little moolah!

I often feel like I am in the minority, but I loathe the smell of roses. Needless to say, I was delighted to see Mario Badescu launch their new facial spray with aloe, cucumber, and green tea! It smells fantastic!

BeautyDrugs was onsite with their 80% hyaluronic serum Beauty Drops!

I was really interest in the microcurrent device from TEI Spa! While I don't have the ojo RENEW device, I did bring home the 24 Karat Gold Firming Serum to try out!

And a not-so-subtle hint to my husband since he often peruses my blog: I'd really love the TEI Spa flat iron with Swarovski crystals for Christmas this year. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love one of these beauties so on this post it goes!

Kett Cosmetics did not have their own booth at the show as they were part of the MUSE Beauty Pro offerings, but I had to have a separate section with just the brand because....

Sheila McKenna, the President and Founder of Kett Cosmetics was at the show AND she did my foundation for me! We actually ran into each other leaving the hotel to go to the show, and it was so delightful to meet with her!

I had never used the brand before, but it was love at first stroke with the Kett Cosmetic foundation and upcoming powders! Now to stalk their site for my specific shade since they didn't have a new one at the show....

IT Cosmetics was BUSY whenever I stopped by, so I'm glad I managed to get a couple photos in! They also had some deals to help makeup artists extend their budgets just a little further.

Can I just say just how darn pretty the Bar of Gold highlighter is? I had managed to avoid buying it up until now, but it just sang to me at the show. Of course the "la la laaaaaa" coming from the box might have just been me as I opened it each time, but if this highlighter could physically sing, it totally would!

Hello, metallic cream eyeshadows!

In addition to cosmetic items, Charlotte Tilbury offered two limited edition Norman Parkinson cosmetic bags. What a fabulous collaboration showcasing the art of this legendary Vogue photographer!

Hakuhodo had a great brush display that photographed well for me, and I fell HARD for so many of these brushes. I sadly couldn't pick up those that I really wanted with my small shopping budget, but that just gives me time to really narrow down the brushes I would like by the next show!

Storing and using brushes is so personal, but with Brushfolio as an option, I don't know if you could go back to having to lay down your brushes and sort through them. This makes my organized heart so happy to see, and I love how easily it is to convert between this standing position and closed for storage and traveling.

I had briefly mentioned MUSE Beauty Pro earlier alongside Kett Cosmetics, but this vendor certainly deserves their own mention! They were a great source for a range of brands and brought 200 units of the newly launched limited Viseart Grande Pro Palette: Volume 1.

This particular palette is limited to 3000 units, and each palette is numbered. It was love at first site with this baby, and it was actually my first purchase at the show! I'll have more photos and details up on the blog about it soon!

MUSE Beauty Pro also had all the sparkle goodness of Lemonhead with them. Attendees could be found at the booth testing these of their faces and some were spotted sporting it in their hair.

I am a sucker for makeup bags in general, and these options from Crimes of Beauty had the perfect mix of functionality and edge!

There is something to be said for packaging, and LimeLight by Alcone definitely stepped up with the packaging of their lippies! You'll be feeling like a million bucks when you pull one of these out of your purse for a touchup!

While SENNA Cosmetics is definitely not a new brand, this was the first I've actually seen any of their products in person. They did not disappoint! I picked up a few different things to test out so you'll see them show up again on the blog!

The NEO-Trio palette is pretty cool and it is was fun to play with at the show. You can either leave the trio together like this of separate them and only carry what you want with you in your bag.

Nigel's was another great stop for picking up a range of brands! Whether you wanted a new beauty blender, more eyelashes, or a variety of palettes, they had you set! I particularly loved my stop by this booth because....

I got to meet the creator, Monetta Plassmeyer, of the Stick With It palette at the show! I actually reviewed the original thin dark grey Stick With It palette over four years ago, and it has been wonderful to see the changes, additions, and just watch the brand grow as a whole. To finally meet Monetta after all this time was one of the highlights of the show for me! 

Cozzette was another brand that caught my eye with their cushy, pigmented eye shadows! These are stunning in person!

Cozzette also launched their new Infinite Stick Foundation at The Makeup Show. One end contains a stick foundation and concealer in one while the other side is a dense brush for application.

The Alcone Company booth had a variety of products from other brands in addition to a selection of their tools.

Urban Decay was on site with a variety of their products, including their new Heavy Metal Glitter liners!

I have never tried CAO Cosmetics before, but their booth certainly caught my attention!

They offered a great selection of vibrant hues to choose from!

While everyone was pleasant at the show, these two beauties from Beauty Boss Network might have been the friendliest faces I saw at the show! The BBN is a premium inline network to help you connect with others within the field to help you break-out into the beauty business.

Naimie's was another booth that always seemed to be so busy, but with their brand offerings, it's no wonder why! I briefly managed to squeeze in and ogled their Dose of Color offerings!

I'm not sure that any professional makeup artist's visit could be complete without a visit to Graftobian! I know I certainly was eyeing their ProPaint Face and Body Paints! Perhaps my visit to The Makeup Show will inspire more artistic designs on my end.....

While I may not love the smell of roses, the rose display of Drama Queen Makeup was fabulous! I had not heard of the brand prior to the show, but I quickly fell in love with their Black Rose Collection!

I remember stumbling upon Gerard Cosmetics awhile back, and they actually make one of my favorite lipstick shades of all time (I'm wearing French Toast in my post here). They also have the glorious Slay All Day Setting Spray available in a rather large variety of scent options. I dare you to try to pick just one!

After sharing all these photos of amazing products and booths that could be found at the show, I thought this photo would be a great one to end this post. One of the keynote speakers was Kevin James Bennett, and this is from the "Makeup Kit Breakdown" talk. He had talked about the essentials to include in a makeup kit and offered a few tips and tricks. While a lot of this talk was geared more towards to professional artist, it did make me think about my own makeup hoard collection at home. There are certainly things that I have more than enough of, but then there are specific items that I find myself lacking. Needless to say, it was really nice to leave this talk with a new perspective on what I already have in addition to a list of things to pickup on the show floor! After all, there is no such thing as too many options! 

If you've managed to follow along with this beast of a post to the end, I tip my hat off to you, dear reader! I know this post has a lot of photos to look at, and this is even with me missing so many things!

If you are interested in attending The Makeup Show, the next event is scheduled for December 16-17 in New York City. This particular show is open to the public, and it is a great way to try out some of these and other brands! While I won't be attending this particular show, I am hoping to attend more in the future.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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