Thursday, December 14, 2017

#TBTBeauty with Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette

Greetings, dear readers! I have a slightly different kind of post to share with you. I recently attempted to organize some of my makeup items, and while my system still needs some work, I was able to rediscover old favorites and toss a few things that just didn't WOW me. I don't know about you, but I have the tendency to just use my newest products and my older favorites end up shoved in a drawer and forgotten about. It's actually quite sad to see something I once wore a lot, when it was new, of course, sit and go unloved! Since #ThrowbackThursday is a thing, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have a little #TBT fun by using my older palettes and products again.

To jumpstart this project, I was first drawn towards my Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette.  The limited edition, rounded palette consists of six eyeshadows, a blush, a bronzer, and a blush. While the colours aren't particularly unique in the makeup world, I was drawn towards this palette when it was released as an easy way to take cosmetics with me while traveling and still pack light. Most of the cosmetic items I want in a convenient hand-sized product? Sign me up! I've since moved over primarily to magnetic palettes while traveling so I can customize my looks, but I did end up taking the Showstopper Clay Palette with me to Los Angeles for The Makeup Show last month. I just wasn't in the mindset to go all out and put together a look after the distraction and our evacuation from the wildfires here in Sonoma County so this palette was a lifesaver! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but my point is it kept me looking together for the events over the weekend.

Because I now work outside the house on Thursdays, I opted to keep a lighter hand and went with a more natural day time look. There aren't any wild colours in the Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette so I don't think I could go too crazy anyway. You could still up the intensity if you wanted to for a great dramatic daytime or evening look.

I completed the look by popping on Ardell Lashes in 120 Demi Black and added a quick coat of NYX Cosmetics Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim onto my lips.

The Tarte Cosmetics Showstopper Clay Palette is no longer available for purchase, but they have so many fabulous items to choose from that I'm sure you can find something that speaks to you if you are in the market for new makeup.

While I don't plan to do these #TBTBeauty every Thursday, I am hoping to occasionally have them up on my blog. Unfortunately, this may mean I end up using a product, like the Showstopper palette in this evening's post, that may not be available for purchase any longer. I have tried to avoid adding content prominently featuring no-longer-available products, so let me know what you think about this. Do you like it and (hopefully) help you shop your own stash again rather than feeling the urge to shop new? Does it rub you the wrong way? I truly welcome your feedback on this idea! I personally think this is a fun project, and I'd love to see others jump in on the #TBTBeauty train!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!

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  1. You look terrific. I laughed when I read "popped on the lashes" since it would take me half an hour to pop them on. Thanks for the flashback.

  2. You look gorgeous, and those lashes are fabulous

  3. Totally forgot about this palette! Will have to pull it back out!

  4. What a great look! And idea - I need to go through and re-organize and actually get rid of old stuff and start using stuff I bought and haven't used yet.

  5. Cute look! It's such a fresh, clean look.

  6. Wow, you look amazing! That's exactly how I "organise" my makeup as well, newbies in front, older stuff relegated to the back. I should shop my stash more often. I didn't realise you were wearing falsies until the third photo! I should dig out the Ardell lashes I bought last year and play with them.

  7. I love this idea for a blog series, and your look came out stunning! That lip color was perfect!


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