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Black Panther Collaboration Box with Bee's Knees Lacquer and LynB Designs

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Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope your weekend was fabulous and the week is off to a positive start for you! I rarely am excited for a Monday to come around, but after a trip to the beach and then assorted errands, I'm kind of glad the weekend is over. I don't have anything particularly special planned, but I do have a few items that have been heavy in my mind should be getting crossed off my to-do list this week; it is going to be awesome! With that, let's cut the chit chat short and jump in on today's blog post!

Are you excited for the release of Black Panther? As if the release of the film isn't exciting enough, I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to a new collaboration inspired by the story! Bee's Knees Lacquer has partnered up with LynB Designs for a magnificent five-piece box that will be launching this Friday. Let's get a closer look at each of the shades!

Bee's Knees Lacquer

A glowing cherry with orange to gold shimmer and large pink to red iridescent flakes. This polish has a matte finish.

WOWZA! Now this is a stunning polish! This is such a great shade of red for those that are a little unsure of the colour. The pink iridescent flakes add an extra layer of brightness, and they make this polish one of the best designed red polishes I've seen in awhile! The formula was really easy to work with, and I needed to use two smooth coats for opacity. I sadly didn't snap any photos with a matte finish (boo hiss!), and these photos are shown with a glossy top coat.

It's Hard for a Good Man To be a King
LynB Designs

A royal blue-toned purple crelly base with blue to purple shifting shimmer, iridescent shifting glitters, and holographic micro shreds.

This polish is really pretty, and I'm sure you've seen me talk about my love of these iridescent glitters that LynB Designs occasionally adds to her creations! Overall, the formula is easy to work with, but you will want to take care not to overwork it. I have it shown here with two coats plus top coat. Those with longer nails may find they need to use three coats to cover any visible nail line.

Resting Panther Face
Bee's Knees Lacquer

A mid-toned navy with a teal to blue shimmer, teal and blue iridescent flakes, and gold to green color shifting flakes.

I am swooning over this polish! Depending on the angle and if my nails are in direct or indirect light, my nails either look more teal or blue. The gold to green flakes pair so perfectly with this base! With an easy to use formula, these photos are shown with two coats plus top coat.

I Never Freeze
LynB Designs

An emerald green jelly base with holo micro shimmer and intense blue to green shifting shimmer.

I was ecstatic when I discovered that LynB Designs was going to have a green shade in this collaboration box! Jenna has a knack for making spectacular greens, and it is arguably my favorite colour she does. I Never Freeze has a fantastic formula, and I used two coats plus top coat for these photos.

Wakandan Coffee
Bee's Knees Lacquer

A glossy top coat with the scents of vanilla, mocha, and cinnamon.

This was my first experience with a top coat from Bee's Knees Lacquer, and I love the glossy finish! Please note you are NOT supposed to sniff the top coat directly, and the scent will appear after it is dry. I've unfortunately been fighting a head cold for the past two weeks so I can't smell a lot right now, but I can definite still detect a hint of something with this one. The dry time was a little longer than that of my 2-free top coats, but if you want a safer option, this is a great product! I have only used it a few times, but it has helped my manicures stand up to wear for four days, the longest I've kept my nails the same since I received it. I am really eager to have my sinuses clear again so I can really enjoy this top coat!

The Black Panther Collaboration Box will be launching on Bee's Knees Lacquers' website this Friday, February 9th at 12 noon EST. The box will retail for $40 and includes shipping within the US. There will be 30 boxes ready to ship out immediately. Once that number has been reached, the listing will switch over to a pre-order with an estimated turn around time of two to three weeks.

This is a well thought out collaboration box, and the price can't be beat! I love the colour selections, and having a quality top coat on top of that makes this collaboration box a must have!

Are you going to be picking up the Black Panther Collaboration Box? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love Resting Panther Face!!!! Gorgeous swatches!!

  2. Resting panther face is really special. The gold flakes are gorgeous.

  3. These are pretty! I like the originality of Resting Panther Face!

  4. What a pretty collection in this box. I love that it's named after the movie. Such vivid polishes.

  5. I never Freeze would be my pick - which is ironic because Ross had the AC up so high that I froze half to death this afternoon. It took me awhile to figure it out, too. Probably because my brain was numb.

  6. It's one of those collections when choosing which one stands out more is difficult. All pretty

  7. THE gold in the blue! Oh my I love it! It’s like treasure in the sea!

  8. I'm really loving Resting Panther Face!

  9. I love the purple, but Resting Panther Face takes all the honours in this batch - it is beyond gorgeous! I want!

  10. Those colors are so bright and that pigment is amazing. That resting planter face is my jam!

  11. I love Resting Panther Face, I can’t pass on a blue with flakies!


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