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Revisiting older KBShimmer Nail Polish Shades with Swatches and Nail Art

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Greetings, dear readers! It has been an intensively busy week, and I'm sneaking away for a few minutes to myself to get this post together. I had hoped to get a giveaway today for my birthday today, but alas, time really ran away with me as I've been putting a lot of hours in at work. I'm hoping to get it up soon though once I can finish collecting item and get a photo. Hopefully it won't end up turning into a hello summer giveaway! Now on to today's blog post!

I recently shared the new KBShimmer Launch Party Collection; the collection released today, and it you haven't picked them up yet, I encourage you to check them out and do so! It's such a great magnetic multichrome/duochrome collection! With the new release also comes a new, updated look for KBShimmer. With silver writing on the bottles in a new edgy font, the new branding will now been seen across all the older KBShimmer products available for purchase. I have four of the older nail polish releases to share with you. I'm a big fan of the KBShimmer creme formula, and I am happy to share these (and an older holographic shade) with you. Let's check them out!

Pansy-Monium is such a great colour to transition from winter to spring and then carry on further into the season! It's also making me feel better about at the rain we've been having around here lately! While I'm not crazy about the rain, this reminds me of the colourful flowers we'll be seeing even more of as a result of it! Pansy-Monium is shown here with two coats.

Honeydew List
While I am not a big fan of honeydew, Honeydew List is a fabulous oldie but goodie from the KBShimmer brand lineup! I like this shade in particular because it is a lighter shade for the spring season but not too pastel for my taste. I have it shown here with two easy coats.

Sky Jinks
If I can't have nice blue skies beyond the occasional patch here and there, you best believe I have no qualms with bringing it out on my nails! Sky Jinks is just such a fun and vibrant hue, and it has the added bonus of being densely pigmented. These photos are shown with only one coat!

In Bare Form
I am thankfully allowed to wear pretty much whatever colours of nail polish I want at work, but some days, I just really want a nice clean nude polish. I especially love In Bare Form for its subtle linear holographic effect. As much as I enjoy holos with extra "stuff" for interest, In Bare Form is the perfect clean and pure nude shade on its own without any of the frills. I have it shown here with three easy coats.

I used all of these shades to create a simple water-marbled nail art look. Check it out below!

It had been a while since I've done a water marble, and while I never really considered myself an expert, I felt a little out of practice while creating this look. I managed to unintentionally dip a portion of my ring finger into polish rings and ruin my already created design on the nail. Oops! I'm just calling it my abstract twist on the design and sticking to it, m'kay? Haha!

In spite of my user issues, I really like how this manicure turned out! In Bare Form is such a great base shade to use while the colourful cremes add a great pop of colour!

To create this look, I started off with a base on In Bare Form. Because this particular polish is pretty sheer and holographic, I wasn't sure how it would hold up to a water marble technique. Instead, I used Top Shelf Lacquer's Bar Mix as my clear polish between the rings of KBShimmer's Pansy-Monium, Honeydew List, and Sky Jinks. After dipping my nails, I topped everything off with KBShimmer's Clearly On Top topcoat.

I hope you've enjoyed this evening's post revisiting older KBShimmer shades and the nail art I created with them!

What are your favorite oldie but goodie shades? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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  1. I like that avocado in the weirdest way

  2. I ordered 3 of the new magnetics today, it was so hard to narrow down. And the new packaging even made me want older shades I had passed up previously!

  3. oooooh I love it. I wish you the happiest of birthdays!!

  4. Beautiful swatches! I love everything about the new labels and boxes!

  5. Her cremes are just so so good. I have to try them in a watermarble!

  6. Ohhhh my gosh those cremes!!! I love KBSHimmer so much!

  7. I've thought about picking up Honeydew List about ten times and I always pass for some dumb reason. It's gorgeous!

  8. Honeydew looks just like the green color of the melon! All of these colors are gorgeous.

  9. These are so pretty, I really like the water marble.

  10. Totally picked up the new magnetic collection! I'm excited to get it!

  11. Such lovely classics!!! I'm loving their new look!

  12. Honeydew List is such a great shade of green! I love how you used all the shades together.

  13. Love the marble so much and these colors are so color saturated!


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