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Highlights from The Makeup Show New York City

Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! It has been almost a week since the conclusion of The Makeup Show in New York City, and I figured it is about time I get this post written. My time in NYC seemed to go by so quickly, and it was back to business as usual as soon as I got home. I hope you are prepared for this- this post is LOADED with photos, and I even cut down from how many I originally had planned. Let's take a trip via blog post to The Makeup Show NYC!

The Makeup Show NYC was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion. Each morning before the show, beauty professionals lined up outside the door, eagerly awaiting the opening.

Art Gallery "Shades of Beauty"

I could have easily put together a single post featuring the Art Gallery at the show, so if you are interested in seeing more of the art featured, please chime in below with a comment to let me know! I did want to at least include a mention and a couple photos from the gallery for your enjoyment below.

Violet Dreams
Danessa Myricks

Paint Me Beautiful
Moshoodat Sanni

I had the opportunity to attend the Press Preview event prior to the show opening, and James Vincent gave us a wonderful introduction to what the show was about this year. This show was organized with many keynote speakers, workshops, and seminars, and it truly was an educational mecca for those who wanted to expand on their expertise in the beauty industry.

Jordan Liberty was one of the keynote speakers on Sunday with his talk specifically focusing on Image and Influence. Those who wanted to advance their careers, particularly when it comes to social media and capturing amazing photos learned a lot from this insightful talk!

Bobbi Brown was the first keynote speaker on Monday morning, and her session was titled "Making Your Mark". Her talk was about her experiences of creating her brand to create a renowned name in the beauty industry. After her session, attendees of the show had the opportunity to briefly meet with her and attend a book signing.

In addition to the keynote speakers, there were multiple seminar stages throughout the floor with short seminars and demonstrations. Here, Yvonne MacInnis gave tips on strip eyelash application for KISS USA.

In addition to the various learning opportunities at the show, several brands were on site for beauty professionals to pick up favorite and new favorite items to add to their kits. Ready for a quick run through of some of the brands present? Let's go!

Hair by Ivan Betancourt
Makeup by Sheila Kett from Kett Cosmetics

Collaboration with Moises Ramirez. A portion of proceeds for the purchase of these bags went to Empowering Through Beauty.

The Makeup Show in New York City was THE place to be last Sunday and Monday for any beauty professionals! It provided individuals with the perfect opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals, and there was so much to learn! I almost wish there was another day of the show so I could take even more in, although I did thoroughly enjoy the time I did spend at the show.

The Makeup Show will be in Orlando this September 15th and 16th. While this show is for beauty professionals only, I strongly encourage you to keep an eye on their social media account to see if a Pop Up Shop is announced. The Pop Up shops are open to the public, and the last one was located in March in San Francisco. There hasn't been another one announced yet, but you never really know where The Makeup Show is going to pop up next! For those that are licensed beauty professionals, this is a show not to be missed, and I hope you are able to make it to one of the future shows!

Until next time dear readers, I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. I really loved listening to Jordan’s keynote. Wish I could have attended Bobbi Brown! I’m so glad I got to see you and Shelly!!!!

  2. this is one show I would like to attend in the near future. great roundup

  3. I love going to these things--I've never been to The Makeup Show but I have been to IMATS and CosmoProf.

  4. OMG - so many photos of goodies! I saw Polarbelle in one of those photos!! LOL :)

  5. I've been able to go to IMATS a few times and it's been a dream to go to The Makeup Show. I'd love to have the opportunity to see all of these brands in person and hear the speakers.

  6. What a show! It looks like there were a ton of great things to see. I'm sure you could spend days wandering around.

  7. A great round up of the show. Would love to attend it someday.

  8. Wow, that KISS logo made of roses is gorgeous!

  9. What a fun day filled with makeup overload! Eppp, I get everyone was just in overdrive!

  10. Oh man....sososo much good stuff here! I love following James Vincent on IG. I’d love to see him speak!

  11. I wish they were coming back to vegas for a pop up this year!

  12. I feel silly I didn’t sign up to go. Honestly was clueless about it!

  13. What an amazing experience! Going to a makeup show is on my bucket-list. I've been to a couple of general sales-pitchy ones, but nothing on this scale. You must have had a blast!

  14. This sounds like it was a great experience!


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