Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Nudestix Daydreamer Collection for Earth Day

Greetings, dear readers, and happy hump day! I'm so glad that we're already over the halfway mark of the week! Trying to wrangle the kids to keep them from fighting and doing some online learning all while still getting over being sick is exhausting! I'm currently taking advantage of the kids being distracted so I can get a post up quickly.

I purchased the Nudestix Daydreamer kit made in collaboration with Hillary Duff when it was released, but I realized it had not made an appearance here on my blog. I opted to wear a little more makeup today, and since I wanted something easy with a pop of green for Earth Day, this set came to mind.

The Nudestix Daydreamer kit consists of three Magnetic Luminous Eye Color sticks in the shades Prism, Bright Eyes, and Night Dweller; Nudies Matte All Over Blush Color in the shade Body Language; Nudies Glow All Over Highlight in the shade Half Moon, and a Gel Color Lip + Cheek Balm in Secret Keeper. These items are then packaged into makeup tins with a mirror in the lids and then enclosed inside this Daydreamer zipped pouch. There is also a sharpener included for when you need to sharpen your eye colors or lip balm.

I used all the products in the kit for today's look. Let's check it out!

I'm currently dealing with breakouts from a product that isn't working for me and need to clean up my stray eyebrow hairs more. Wearing makeup and posting today was an impromptu decision and I don't have a lot of free time at the moment!

I used Night Dweller along my lash line and blended it out for a softer finish. I applied Bright Eyes to my lids and put on a second layer of Night Dweller. I tapped Prism into my inner corners to brighten up my eyes.

I buffed on a light layer of Body Language onto my cheeks and dabbed Half Moon on my upper cheekbones and just above the outer third of my eyebrows. After a quick coat of Secret Keeper on my lips, my makeup was done in no time!

I feel more put together today than I have in a month now! In spite of that, I'm not particularly fond of this look or of a few of these products. I was so excited about the green shade, Night Dweller, when I first saw this collection, but it does not blend out nicely for me. I've been able to make it work with very quick application and layering, but I'm still not able to work with it the way I want. While I have used similar shades, Bright Eyes isn't winning me over for some reason either. I'm about 80% sure you're going to see these again soon in my April destash post. I'm going to hold on to the rest of the items, at least for the time being. My favorite items from this kit are the Nudies Matte All Over Blush Color in Body Language and the Magnetic Luminous Eye Color pencil in Prism. I don't exactly "need" them as part of my collection, but I'm going to keep using them since I already spent the money to purchase them.

How is your Earth Day going? Have you done anything special to celebrate? I had been holding onto assorted odds and ends rather than discarding them for a couple weeks now, and I am so glad the kids have put them to good use by making recycled art projects today!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day! I hope you continue to stay healthy and safe!

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  1. I love that look. It really makes your eyes pop. Beautiful!

  2. No makeup for the 8th week in a row but I'm starting to think about it again. I like Nudestix for a quick look and have quite a few of the eye crayons. You look good in these shades.


  3. I really like nude make-up but perhaps for my taste this is also too light and the products seem to me not very impressive.

  4. Im loving that nude almost no make up look. Surely, I can wear it anytime. <3

  5. I love how subtle the color is, looks gorgeous. I already flipped this review to a friend of mine.

  6. You know, I totally forgot it was Earth Day until today after work put together a graphic for it lol. I also finally put on makeup for a video call that ended up being a phone call. Oh.

  7. Very pretty. I love those colors and you did a great job applying.

  8. All of these products look really nice!

  9. I'm really digging the look! The Daydreamer collection looks great on you!

  10. Nice collection! I love the shade of your blush on, I'm also fond of natural and nude shades

  11. I love that shade of green next to your eyes!! Really makes them stand out without being overpowering..

  12. What a lovely range of products I love all the shades and colours, very natural looking.

  13. Wow, wonderful products, these daydreamer collection looks reaaly great on you!


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