Friday, May 8, 2020

Find Your Inner Peace with Zoya's Calm Collection

Greetings dear readers, and happy Friday! This past week has felt particularly busy; I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxation! Thankfully the hubby will be home to help keep an eye on the kids and I can hopefully get some alone time to get some work done as well. Wish me luck!

This past week, I shared on Instagram a preview of Zoya's new summer collection that will be launching next Friday. I'm excited about the vibrant hues that are coming, but sometimes you want something a little more mellow. The spring's Calm Collection really spoke to me with the softer shades. Colour really does have an impact on my mood, and this collection certainly has a calming effect! Let's check out each of the shades in this collection.

Press Samples


A delicate pink cream with a warm undertone.

Colleen was one of my favorites from this collection. It's a pink that is actually flattering on my skintone! The first coat applied a little on the patchy side, but it evened out nicely with the second coat.


A subtle, sparkling blush with a gorgeous copper micro-shimmer.

AJ is slightly darker than Colleen with the extra interest of the micro-shimmers. It's fun and interesting without being too much for those work places that permit only "natural" nail colours. It was a little streaky for me, but using Zoya's wide brush and fewer strokes kept it from being an issue. I used two coats for opacity here.


A modern baby blue cream.

I love this colour in the bottle, but Emerson isn't really a good shade for me. Like Colleen, it was a little patchy on the first coat but evened out in the second. I did have a touch of bubbling, BUT that is most likely my issue as I'm fighting with the high heat and high settings on my air conditioning.


A soft pink toned ivory cream.

Laura is another shade I really enjoy from this collection. It's a more nude version than Colleen, so if that is a little too pink for you taste, Laura may be what you are looking for. Shown with two coats.


A gentle and harmonious light sage green cream.

While I was happy overall with the rest of the collection, the formula of Leif was disappointing. I found it to be oddly thin but still gloopy at the same time. I added in a few drops of nail polish thinner which seemed to help some, but it was still a little problematic. I may just need to use more thinner or let it sit longer. I did have a little bit of bubbling, but between the heat, ac, and shaking in thinner, it's not too surprising. Shown with two coats.


A muted French lilac cream.

Out of all the shades in this collection, Vee was hands down my favorite. I'm a sucker for more muted warm toned purples, and this certainly fits that description! The formula was also on point with no issues to report. I used two coats for opacity.

The Zoya Calm Collection is available for purchase now. Each shade retails for $10. Whether you are trying to find your inner peace or need an escape from vibrant shades this summer, this collection is here for you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. So many pretty colors. I like the purple nail polish the best

  2. Colleen is calling to me! I love a light color like that in the spring and summer, especially when I get a little tan and it pops. I hope you can enjoy some time alone to relax this weekend!

  3. It has been a long time since I tried Zoya and these colors are gorgeous. I may need to get a few!

  4. This is a sweet collection for spring. I like Colleen a lot. We all need calm right now so it's a good fit.

  5. I love these pastel colors. Doing are nails is such a simple thing that makes me feel pretty :)

  6. I like this collection! I haven't bought Zoya in FOREVER but I need to get some of the new brushes and make my collection one nice happy wide brush world.

  7. These are such nice spring colors. I like the sparkly pink one (AJ) the best. Thank you for sharing these!

  8. I always go for the light shades! This collection is amazing! love it

  9. Emerson stole my heart, but all the colors are beautiful. Mat as I like it and pastel!

  10. WOW! such an amazing colours, the collection seems good, colors are so much attractive, I am not sure about this ZOYA brand, but like the colours. (World in Eyes)

  11. I am totally loving all of those light and pretty spring hues! They are the perfect tones.

  12. your nails are so beautiful. <3 i love to get my nails done but i do so much household chores, so it'd be useless.. :)

  13. These nail polish colors are awesome. The one that I would like to try is the
    soft pink toned ivory cream.

  14. So many wonderful colors in this collection. I wonder if Can buy it here in Japan.

  15. Zoya makes some great nail polishes! We are getting used to painting our own nails.

  16. I actually really like Emerson on you! Looks so bright with your tan!

  17. Super love the colors, very natural, love it! I don't know the brand to be honest but I am sure my wife knows it.

  18. These are such pretty, spa like colors! Luckily my nails are still going strong, and I will probably wait it out until I can see my nail tech again! The french lilac cream sold me, based on the name alone!

  19. I recently rediscovered Zoya and got reminded once again how incredible their polishes are! This collection is perfect for spring, and each color looks so buttery and opaque!


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