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Different Dimension Polishes- Part I

Good afternoon, dear readers!  I have some GORGEOUS indie polishes to share with you today, and I was starting to think I would never get to share them with you.  First, USPS misdelivered my package to a neighbor, and then the neighbor held onto it for an unknown period of time before remembering it and bringing it over.  Then blogger didn't want to behave for me for a couple days.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping beyond all hope that I can get this post typed out completely, saved, and published!  I have a whopping ten polishes to share with you, all made by Missi of Different Dimension, and in an effort to keep this post from taking too long to load, I have broken it up into two posts.  I'm only going to try my luck with the one post at the moment, but the rest of my swatches should be going up tomorrow.  Now to the polishes!

Sparkles Like Edward
Just in time for the release of the final movie, this one is for all you Twilight fans out there!  I thought about doing one coat of this over a white so the glitters wouldn't be overlapping, but I decided I wanted to just use a few coats of this alone.  I used three coats to cover any visible nail line, although two slightly thicker coats likely would have done it.  I actually prefer this one with several coats- it adds a nice depth to it.  This white jelly polish also has gorgeous pink shimmer than flashes over to gold, and sadly my camera refused to pick up the subtle changes.  You might be able to notice hints of it in these photos, or I could just be desperately wanting them to appear here and I am just fooling myself.  Whatever the case, the duochrome effect is real on the nails!  I cannot look at this polish without thinking about sprinkles; that makes me so happy!  I freaking love sprinkles!  :D Although, I have to admit I had to fight the urge to nibble on my nails- this polish just LOOKS tasty.  Yes, I know, I'm really that weird.  Dry time was quick for this beauty, and it is sure to please anyone that loves white sparkly polish!

Warm Fuzzies (sun and shade)
I couldn't think of a more appropriate name for this colour; I seriously had the warm and fuzzies when I first saw this beauty on my nails.  I used two coats, and it dried quickly for me.  This gorgeous milk chocolate holographic polish is perfect for fall, and I fell in love with it instantly.  Seriously, if you're not sure about browns, or have already decided they're not for you, I think this one will change your mind.  There is no better way to describe this one other than beautiful.  This one is definitely in my top ten polishes this fall!

Fall Me Maybe (sun and shade)
I died laughing when I first saw the name of this polish.  I know some people aren't fans of the song "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen, but no matter what your thoughts on the lyrics, you have to admit it is a catchy tune.  One of the hubby's friends was a tad upset with me when he heard me start to sing it, and then he realized I changed the lyrics and based it around my dog.  Now to the polish.
Fall Me Maybe is composed of small red, orange, and golden hexes and tiny brown glitters in a clear base, and does this polish scream fall!  Since I already had the beautiful Warm Fuzzies on my nails, I thought that would be a lovely base colour for Fall Me Maybe.  I wasn't too sure about how I felt about Fall Me Maybe when I first saw it on the bottle, but oh my, this glitter combination is gorgeous!  The colours remind me of fall leaves, and the tiny brown glitters add an amazing depth to the polish that I wasn't quite expecting.  The combination of these two are gorgeous, both in full light and in the shade.  Go ahead, I'll wait while you commence with drooling for a moment....
I used one coat of this fall topper, and it dried very quickly.

Work Hard, Play Harder (sun and indoors)
This is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous olive green with gold shimmer and glassy blue flecks!  Lately I've been finding myself drawn towards green polishes, and this beauty was one I was eager to get on my nails right away.  I knew it was stunning in the bottle, and I am pleased to say that the colour inside the bottle translated beautifully on my nails.  Nothing infuriates me more than having a bottle of polish fail to deliver on the nails, but there is nothing to worry about when it comes to this one.  I used two coats for these pictures.

Social Suicide (sun and shade)
One of my favorite glitter combos is the basic black and white glitter, and Social Duicide is Different Dimension's version.  This clear-based polish is chock full of white and black hexes in various sizes, and I only used a single coat for these photos.  It definitely adds a nice touch of fun to any colour of polish, and I layered one coat of it over Work Hard, Play Harder of course!  I have to say, dear readers, it might be social suicide to NOT have this polish in your collection!
Final Thoughts
Deceptively simplistic at first glance, these polishes by Different Dimension have a level of complexity that keeps them from being boring polishes and makes them absolute stunners.  The amount of detail that has gone into each of these polishes is clear and is definitely something the discerning lacquerhead would appreciate.

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Stay tuned for my next batch of Different Dimension polish swatches!  There are even more goodies to come!  Until next time, dear readers, stay good, or don't get caught!  ;)

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