Thursday, November 8, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I acknowledge that this is so easy for me to say given that I live in Southern Arizona and rarely have to deal with snow, and I am immensely grateful for that fact!  Some people here sadly cannot handle driving in the rain, and I would be terrified to leave my house if it snowed here.  No matter, I would be perfectly content relaxing in front of my fire place with a hot chocolate in my hands and a dog at my feet.  Just kidding, he'd be on the couch next to me!  LOL!

I know it is a little early to be thinking about snow in general, but I wanted to get this post up for you, my dear readers, so you can see these adorable snowflake glitters.  I was asked by Born Pretty Store to review an item, and I was drawn immediately to these glitters.  I wanted the base colour beneath the glitters to reflect the moody blue grey skies as often seen with snowstorms.  I decided to use China Glaze Sea Spray as a base, and then I lightly dabbed on Julep Dendrie and Revlon Colorstay in Blue Slate.  Once my nails were dry, I used a dab of clear polish and affixed the snowflakes to my nails.  I then mixed a dollop of Essie Set in Stones in a substantial amount of polish thinner on a piece of foil and dabbed the plain silver glitters onto my nails.  I finished off by adding a layer of top coat.  

To the Nails!
Full sun outside
In the shade

Phew, was this difficult to capture on camera!  The pictures of my nails indoors and in the sun are accurate, but the one in the shade is a tad bluer than they actually are in real life.  I had numerous "shade" photos that were all a little too blue, but colour correcting the images distorted the appearance of the snowflakes.  Because this post is based around the snowflakes, I wanted to capture these glitters as accurately as possible.

Snowflake Glitters
I'm generally not one for doing much nail art due to a serious lack of skills and even less patience, but I can handle working with loose glitters on occasion.  These snowflake glitters were the first glitters I've used from Born Pretty Store, and the first thing I noticed is that they seem thinner and more delicate than the other nail glitters I have used in the past.  This is actually perfect- the snowflake arms bent and conformed to the shape of my nails, and the glitters would lie flush once I worked a little slower with them.  The first couple I placed on my nails, I didn't hold the glitters down the extra 10 seconds with my trusty pointy tweezers, so the ends of those few weren't quite as flush with my nails as I would have liked.  The others were perfect when I realized I need to spend the extra bit of time with them, and I couldn't be happier with the final outcome.  I recommend these for anyone that wants a flurry-inspired manicure, and here is the direct link to them.  If you decide you do want these in time for the holidays, I wouldn't wait too long to order them.  Born Pretty Store is based in China, and while it only took 2 weeks for these to get to me, it can occasionally take up to 5 weeks.  I also have a coupon code below so you can save 10% on any orders.  Happy shopping, dear readers, and have a wonderful night!  <3 



  1. Those are so pretty. I just might order it for the holidays. I think you did a wonderful job!


  2. This is amazing! And if you want snow, I will gladly give you some that fell in CT yesterday! :)

    Nice job love!

  3. I love those snowflakes! Great job! <3

  4. Omg, those are so adorable! Great use. I would gladly give you snow too! :D

  5. Those are seriously really pretty! They look so easy to apply!

  6. This is awesome! I just ordered these snowflake glitters, so I'm happy to see a mani with them! I'm glad to hear that they bend nicely because my nails are not very flat!

  7. This is the only kind of snow I want to see for awhile. I'm not prepared for the real stuff

    It's a lovely mani


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