Friday, August 22, 2014

Tower of Terror-Inspired Duo by Sweet Heart Polish and Finger Lickin' Lacquer

Good afternoon, dear readers, and happy Friday! This week has flown by and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend! I hope you are looking for a fun weekend of polish shopping because the new Tower of Terror-inspired duo by Sweet Heart Polish and Finger Lickin' Lacquer launches this Saturday, August 23rd at NOON PST in both shops!

Shadow & Substance
Sweet Heart Polish
Indoor Lighting
Shadow & Substance is a burgundy-russet holographic duo-chrome polish that shifts from a burnt orange to a gold color with gold flakes.

As you likely already know by now, I love Fall shades, and Shadow & Substance is the perfect colour for the season. I've not seen a colour quite like it yet- others are a little more red or brown, but this is the perfect in between shade. The gold flakes add a nice subtle touch but did not photograph well. You can best see the gold flakes in the closeup photo next to the glare from my lighting. Shadow & Substance is awesome in that can look either metallic or holographic depending on the lighting. I used two smooth and creamy coats for these photos, but one coat would suffice if you tend to paint with a heavier hand.

A Most Uncommon Elevator
Finger Lickin' Lacquer
Indoor Lighting
A burgundy jelly with dots of gold and a spooky surprise when you turn out the lights

A Most Uncommon Elevator is a gorgeous jelly that I would describe as a ruby red- it leans a little more red against my skintone, but I suspect it can lean a little pink on others. I personally love my glitters in a squishy jelly base, so you know I am loving this one as well! I'm going to ruin the spooky surprise (sorry, guys!) and tell you that there are small glow in the dark glitters mixed in this polish.
I don't know if the jelly base and the two coats of top coat covered them up too much though because I couldn't see anything glowing, even going in a pitch black garage after half an hour of charging. I suspect that my natural tanned skin inhibited the glow and it would glow better if swatched over a white base. I would need to test that theory out to be sure. Regardless, I still love the look of this polish!

I really enjoy seeing indie brands come together, and Sweet Heart Polish and Finger Lickin' Lacquer certainly have stepped up with two gorgeous polishes here! It's so cool to see two people using the same inspiration but creating quite different polishes! Both are stunning, and this is a must-have duo!

The Tower of Terror Inspired Duo by Sweet Heart Polish and Finger Lickin' Lacquer will be released on Saturday at NOON PST in both shops. There is a limited number available, and if it is sold out in one of the shops, be sure to check the availability in the other. The Tower of Terror duo will be sold for $20 plus shipping.

What do you think of this duo? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day and weekend!

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