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I Survived Black Friday 2014 Indie Collaboration Box Swatches and Review

Greetings, dear readers! I'm back already! I have been DYING to share this post with you since I first heard about the I Survived Black Friday 2014 collaboration box, and I can finally spill the beans!! This box is a special Limited Edition collaboration box that contains stunning polishes by Cupcake Polish, DIFFERENT dimension, and Glisten & Glow. As if that wasn't cool enough, this box also contains both silver and gold holographic decals by NailVinyls in the cutest shapes ever! This box is EPIC! Let's get to some photo spam and more details so you can squeal with me!

Shop Til You Drop Holographic Nail Decals
How awesome are these decals?!? I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the nail polish bottles, the perfume bottles, or the assortment of shoes and purses! I'm really blown away by the attention to detail in these decals, and I love that several styles of shoes and purses are included.The I Survived Black Friday 2014 box comes with two sheets: one in holographic gold and another sheet of identical shapes in holographic silver. I'm only showing the one sheet here because I want to try to use the other sheet as a stencil and haven't been able to do that yet. You'll be seeing these decals in the swatches below in both silver and gold.

Trampled By A Shopping Cart
Cupcake Polish
Indoor Lighting
The name of this polish is brilliant! Thankfully I've never had a terrible experience with Black Friday shopping (although I tend to avoid it like the plague), but I've seen some rather disturbing video footage where customers have been hurt while out trying to catch some amazing deals. Trampled By A Shopping Cart is a beautiful lavender polish that is filled with sparkling pink flakies. This polish applies so smoothly, and it is very opaque. I used two coats here for these photos. I couldn't quite decide if I wanted to wear the gold or silver decals with this delicate shade, so I opted to go with both! I used two coats of Glisten & Glow's HK Girl topcoat over the decals to smooth out my nails.

Up All Night
DIFFERENT dimension
Indoor Lighting
I've never been up all night to be ready for a sale, but I have been woken up early and drug out of bed to go shopping. That totally counts, right? Up All Night is a gorgeous blue-leaning teal, and the colour payout is phenomenal. I used two coats here, but I didn't need the second coat at all. If you've been up all night waiting in lines outside, you're probably already well acquainted with this shade by looking into the night sky. Ha! The formula of this polish is so creamy and perfect! I added the silver decals and then topped my nails off with two coats HK Girl topcoat. I think my middle finger would have been better with just two decals instead of three, but you never really know if you don't try!

First In Line
Glisten & Glow
Indoor Lighting
If you want the only one super-insanely-low priced electronic item in the store, you better be first in line! First In Line is a magnificent shade of purple with fine flakes for extra pops of colour. It has a lot of depth and is truly a lovely shade. First In Line is the more sheer polish in this collaboration, but two flawless coats covered up visible nail line nicely. Something about this purple screamed gold to me so I topped it off with the gold holographic decals. I then added two coats of topcoat to smooth out my nails.

Because it needed to be done!
Indoor Lighting
DIFFERENT dimension, Cupcake, Glisten & Glow, DIFFERENT dimension
These colours play so beautifully together! From the rich shades of the blue-teal and the dark purple to the soft lavender, these polishes are a match made in heaven.

I am elated with this box! From the dazzling polishes to the glorious decals, this box is phenomenal! All I have to say is this box is:
(Yep, I totally just said that. Mark your calendars because it isn't likely to happen again, LOL!)

Now to some details! This is a Limited Edition release for Black Friday, November 28, 2014. It will be available at 12:01am EST and again at 1pm EST on the 28th on the following websites:

NailVinyls (USA only shipping)

There is a limited number of boxes, and if it is sold out at one site, be sure to check the others. It will be listed for $40 plus shipping in all the shops.

This box is EPIC and will sell out fast! Don't miss out!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. I bought the November Sweet Addictions box, and loved it. I just wish this one didn't have 2 purples in it.

  2. I want everything in this box and I want it right now!


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