Thursday, March 5, 2015

Model City Polish: Spring Bouquet Collection Swatches and Review

Good morning, dear readers! I hope you have been enjoying your week and have fun plans for the weekend. I've been getting settled into the new house and starting to get back to my normal routine, and we're all adjusting quickly to the new place. I am glad to be back in a single story house! My inalws have been visiting, and my mother in law has been putting in some plants since our weather has been beautiful. My poppies have started blooming beautifully, and I can't think of a better post for today than the new Model City Polish Spring Bouquet collection! 
Whether you're starting to enjoy beautiful spring weather or eagerly anticipating its arrival, this collection is for you! This new collection consists of six pastel blends with a soft flakie shimmer and a splash of holographic sparkle for those sunny spring days. Let's check it out!

Every time I think of Azaleas, I always think of the house I grew up in when I lived in North Carolina. I'm really glad to see an Azalea-inspired polish in this collection! The formula was really smooth and easy to work with. I used two coats for these swatch photos.

Confession time: I had to consult Google to find out what Fritillaria looked like since I have never heard of this flower before. I don't think I've ever seen them before, so I have that as a good defense! It would probably come as no surprise to you, but this is my favorite shade from this collection. All the colours are lovely, but I adore this orange leaning coral! I used two easy coats for these photos.

I've noticed that I've been particularly drawn to brighter greens recently, and Hellebore is my favorite one that I've come across! I love this shade in particular because it has a nice brightness to it without being overpoweringly neon. Neon green is just too bright for my liking, and I anticipate Hellebore being my go-to green shade for both the spring and summer. I used two smooth coats for these photos.

Himalayan Poppy
Such a beautiful blue! This is the colour I actually think of when I think of Azaleas rather than the pink above as our plants had flowers in this gorgeous shade of blue. Also, because I see poppies everywhere in California now, I'm convinced a polish that includes the name "poppy" has to be orange. Ha! Regardless, I cannot deny that this shade is stunning, and I anticipate it being one of the more popular polishes from this collection. I used two easy coats for these swatch photos.

I have the tendency to steer clear of light purple polishes, but I have to say this pale purple is really pretty. The application was really easy, although Pennyroyal was a little more on the sheer side than most of the other shades in this collection. I used three smooth coats for these photos.

Primrose is a lovely pale mostly yellow polish. It has the ever-so-slight hint of celery green to it that seems to be a little more obvious with different light sources. I actually thought I was imagining it until my mother in law happened to mention it to me without me asking. Primrose is another shade that is a little more on the sheer side, and I used two easy coats for these swatch photos.

I really enjoy the range of shades in this collection, and I am crazy about the subtle flakie shimmer plus a touch of holo finish! I have no idea what Nina has in store for a summer collection, but I am hoping to see a similar finish from her again!

The Spring Bouquet Collection is currently available for purchase from the Model City Polish site here and on the Model City Polish Etsy site here. Each shade is available for purchase in either full size for $10 or in the new mini option for $5. Every order that contains a new spring shade will also come with a fimo cane in either a flower or butterfly pattern to keep in in the spring spirit.

If you've been on the fence about any of these shades, now is a great time to order yours! Nina has provided you, my dear readers, a special discount code of 10% off your order with the code JEDI. This code is only valid for 7 days and only on the Model City Polish site here, so be sure to get those orders in!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh these are so pretty and put me in a spring mood already!!!

    I love the way the all look. First time hearing about this brand and I must check them out.
    Your swatches are gorgeous!

  2. Oooh Azalea and Pennyroyal are both so pretty and Springy! I need me some Spring in my life - so tired of looking out the window and seeing white!!

  3. I am in love with this whole collection, so pretty! I am SO ready for Spring and hope we get one! xD Last year spring was so cold it was like a looong Winter! I could do without the snow and cold right now! Spring come soon. <3

  4. This entire collection is just beautiful!!!

  5. These colors are gorgeous! The shimmer shows up really well in your photos, and the shades are all perfect for spring :)

  6. wow I didn't knoxw this brand but all these polishes are so ooooo beautiful!!!!


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