Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Play Love Laugh, Inc. Orangecicle Swatch and Review

Good morning, dear readers! I have a quick post today to share a new-to-me brand, Play Love Laugh, Inc. While I generally don't wear peel off polish, the concept is interesting, especially if it is going to be worn by little kids. This polish is also 5 free, vegan, and odorless. Naturally I was drawn to Orangecicle.
This is photographing a little more yellow than it really is. Rather than a yellow-orange, it is more of a lighter orange with a touch of peach. I used two coats for these swatch photos.

As much as I really wanted to like this polish, I was not won over by it. It was a little lumpy, and while I was able to get it to apply fairly easily, the small bumps they left on my nails was a turn off.

As for the peel-off-ness of this polish, it definitely does come off pretty easily. Just a short warm water soak and the polish came off. I don't know if it's because of the curvature of my nails or not, but it didn't peel off in one nice big piece. Instead, I had a couple pieces. I felt that I had to really soak my hands and work a little bit to start the process, and it makes me think you may be able to get away with wearing this for a couple days with a bath and a hair washing in addition to routine hand washing rather than having it come off too easily.

I like that this polish isn't strongly scented, and I love the bright colour. I also like that this can be worn by little kids and removed easily without the use of harsher chemicals. I do wish the formula was nicer and not chunky, but overall, it's not a bad polish for children.

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I really appreciate the honesty in review! The color is lovely so the lumps aren't necessarily a deal breaker but I can't stand it when you buy a polish after reading a review and it has something like that that the review doesn't mention at all.

  2. Love the bright orange! It sounds fantastic for kids! My almost three year old her two different safe for kid brands of polish and those generally last for like 2/3 days more if lucky. So if it can be removed just as easy during a bath, that is awesome!

  3. A peel off polish is interesting to me. I'd be worried about it damaging my nails as I peeled, but I guess hopefully since the formula's designed for it, it's at least a bit better than chipping off your normal polish?


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