Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lyn B Designs What Ailment'll It Be? Collection Swatches and Review

Good evening, dear readers! I hope you have been having a wonderful week! This post is coming a little later than I had planned, but I'm still getting this up before the launch. Yay!

In previous posts, I've shared two of the LynBDesigns Harry Potter-inspired collections that have already been released this summer: The Name is Everything collection swatches can be viewed here and No Forgiving You Now collection swatches can be viewed here. For today's post, I have the third and final installment of the Harry Potter series!
This third mini collection, titled What Ailment'll It Be?, consists of four crelly plus glitter polishes. Let's check them out!

Bloody Bogey
Three coats

Bright pink crelly with white diamonds, red hexes and various holo glitters

I know there was a time when I didn't like pinks, but I've really been liking them over the past couple of years. Bloody Bogey may be my favorite shade from the collection- I just love this juicy shade of pink, especially for the summer! The assortment of glitters in this crelly base is fun and colourful, and I couldn't pick a better colour combination for the summer. The application was pretty easy overall: the glitters dispersed quite easily and I was happy with the opacity. As you can see, it does dry to a slight textured finish, but that can easily be smoothed out with top coat.

Launching Lozenge
Three coats

Spring green crelly base with gold flakes, purple micro glitter, teal, yellow, white and lavender glitters

Maybe its just me, but this particular polish just makes me want kiwi. Sure, there are other larger glitters in the mix, but the bright green base with the dark purple microglitters has me convinced I need to go to the grocery store and pick some up asap. I'm not quite pulling off this colour, but who cares if I have kiwi on my nails! :) The formula was easy to work with and the glitters spread of nicely over my nails with no effort needed. There is the slightest bit of texturing due to the glitters, but that can very easily be remedied with top coat.

Sweet Induced Sweat
Three coats

Light blue crelly base loaded with red and blue glitters, navy holo glitter, white triangular glitter and white flakes

I *almost* wore this shade for my 4th of July nails, but I decided not to since it wouldn't be fair to show it off when it wouldn't be available for a couple weeks yet. I wish this mini collection was released first of the Harry Potter series because this particular polish really is such a great option for patriotic manis. I guess there is always next year or Veteran's Day in November if you want to wear red, white and blue then.... The formula was great and this polish really easy to apply. I have no issues to report whatsoever. There is a slight textured finish due to the glitters, and it was when I was removing this one, the third out of the four I swatched, that I realized I forgot to add top coat. Oy vey! I opted to just go with it so you can see what they look like without any top coat.

Dizzying Dandy
Three coats

Sherbet orange crelly base with peach flakes, orange, white and yellow glitters

Orange! It's no secret that orange is my go-to polish whenever I cannot decide on something or when I need a pick me up. This polish reminds me of candy corn, albeit in an abstract sense, so this one may make a reappearance on my blog come October. The application of Dizzying Dandy was a little tricky for me. The formula was a little thick and gloopy so I had trouble getting nice smooth layers down. It was easier to work with once I added a few drops of polish thinner. Like the others, it does have a little bit of a textured finish because of the glitters, but that can easily be solved with top coat.

The What Ailment'll It Be? collection is scheduled to launch this Friday, July 17th on the LynBDesigns Etsy shop here. Each colour will retail for $8. You'll also want to follow LynBDesigns on Facebook here for the exact launch time and more information about this and future collections.

So tell me, dear readers, what ailment will it be for you?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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