Monday, October 12, 2015

Born Pretty Store: Open Square Frames

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Happy Monday, dear readers! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great start to a new week! For today's blog post, I wanted to share some of the studs I received from Born Pretty Store. Let's check them out!
This wheel of studs comes with two sizes each of starfish, open square frames and shells in both silver and gold.
Numbered scale is in centimeters
Numbered scale is in centimeters
Open Square Frames
Numbered scale is in centimeters

When I first chose to review these studs, I had an ocean-inspired look in mind. Oddly enough, I just wasn't feeling the ocean recently so I opted to showcase the open square frames instead. Check it out!
I had so much fun creating this manicure! The smaller squares fit my nails a little better as the larger ones do not bend to the curve of my nails. It isn't so obvious here as I tried to place them as frames on squares on flatter areas of my nails. The larger squares are still really cute, they just require careful placement.
This set of studs can be picked up from Born Pretty Store here.

Polishes and products used:
Colors by Llarowe: Oops
Julep: Julep
Julep: London
Pahlish: Cape Coast Castle
Zoya: Ziv
Zoya: Willa
LeaLac Stamping Plate: LLC-B

You can save 10% off your full price purchase of items from Born Pretty Store by using discount code QWL91. There are many items to choose from for all your nail art needs.

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  1. Your mani is awesome! I can't wear that kind of stuff though because I will pick at it.

  2. I love the look of nail charms on other people but just know that if I wore them, I'd have them picked off in seconds.

  3. I love this so freaking much! I want your nails. Total nail envy over here. Not ashamed to admit it.

  4. your nails are amazing here.

    (also, how do you wear those studs without picking them off!! I can't handle 3d art at all!)

  5. Can I just ohh and ahh over the gold nail art you did for a while. WOW!!!

  6. These are fun. Kind of a strange combo with shells and squares in the same package, but at least it gives you options! I like the gold + Halloween colors in your mani.


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