Saturday, January 16, 2016

Heart Stencils by You Polish

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Happy Saturday, dear readers! It is a surprisingly quiet morning at my house, so I am taking advantage of it and getting a post up. It may be a month away, but I've started thinking of ideas for nail art for Valentine's Day. I'm not a huge fan of the holiday nor am I a big fan of hearts, but I do find Valentine's Day to be a sweet day to remind those you love that you care about them. It's just about the only time of year I'll wear hearts, and I adore the new heart stencils by You Polish!
The rows of different sized hearts are so sweet!
How cute is this?!? I opted to go with different coloured hearts as well to go with the different sizes of hearts on these stencils. To create the look, I started with le polish You'll Shoot Your Eye Out.
This polish has such pretty sparkle, and I didn't want to cover it completely. I decided to use shades from the Rica Squish the Rainbow! jelly collection for the pops of colour. I used Squishy Grape, Squishy Plum and Squishy Strawberry.

I really like this look, and I'm going to have to recreate it when it gets closer to Valentine's Day. I did discover that the Rica jellies dry very quickly so if you want to try this look as well, keep that in mind when removing the You Polish stencils. I had to redo a couple sections of my multi-coloured nails because the jellies dried that quickly and the squishiness of them made them pulled off with the original stencil.

Pro tip: If you buy these stencils, order them in red or pink. That way you can use the hearts as decals and get even more bang for your buck. Or, you know, whatever colour you want your hearts to be!

These heart stencils are available for purchase on the You Polish website here. While you are there, check out the other stencils and decals available- there are several really awesome designs to choose from! You can also save 10% off your order with discount code jediwife10.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day and weekend!


  1. So cute! What a great idea to use the jellies over such a sparkly base.

  2. I love vinyls! That gradient is gorgeous especially over the silver polish!

  3. Super cute mani! Nice clean outlines too!


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