Monday, July 4, 2016

Crème à la Mode Box: Summer 2016

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Greetings, dear readers, and Happy Independence Day to all my US readers and Happy Monday to my International readers! It has been a busy holiday weekend for us from setting a space for the kids' sandbox, cleaning up the backyard, and putting together new polish storage units and rearranging my entire polish collection. I think I need a weekend to recover from the weekend! As you likely have surmised, we tend to stay close to home over holiday weekends. Hopefully we'll make it to the beach soon!
Speaking of the beach, I have the new gorgeous cream shades from the summer Crèmè à la Mode box to share with you today! They are so deliciously vibrant, cheerful, and oh so perfect for your summertime digits at the beach, by the pool, and wherever you happen to be spending the summer. This quarterly box is curated by indie brands Digital NailsIndigo BananasLiterary Lacquers and Octopus Party Nail Lacquer, and this season's box shades coordinate impeccably. Let's check them out! 

You, Me, And Daiquiri
Two coats plus top coat

You, Me, And Daiquiri is a lovely blushed white cream shade. It has the slightest touch of pink, and this is a fabulous shade to incorporate into wedding day nails for all the summer brides and bridesmaids out there! The formula is smooth and creamy, just what you want from every cream shade! 

Creme Bluelé
Two coats plus top coat

Creme Bluelé is a gorgeous azure blue shade, and one of my favorite shades of blue for the season. While it did apply nicely for me, my bottle did contain small specks of undissolved pigment. The problem has been discovered so this won't be an issue with customer bottles, and you will get to enjoy this stunning blue shade. Even with the pigment issues in my bottles, the application was really easy. While I needed two coats, if you tend to use thicker coats, you may find that one would be enough for opacity.

Three coats plus top coat

These pictures are a lie. Melonade is a fabulous neon coral hue, and my camera just could not handle the awesomeness of this bright shade. It isn't quite as pink as photographed here: it is more of a red-orange with a kiss of pink and definitely brighter than in these photos. I had a little bit of streakiness with the first two coats of application, but the third coat smoothed it out perfectly.

Cyan-Tifically Proven
Two coats plus top coat

Cyan-Tifically Proven is a lovely verdigris shade: the bright blue-green shade of patina formed by atmospheric oxidation on copper or brass. This shade reminds me of Hawaii and its tropical waters; one day I'll make it back! As for the formula, it applied flawlessly for me. My bottle did have a couple large pieces of unsuspected pigment, but they did not get on my nails for my swatch. Other bottles have been checked to make sure there are no issues and they should not be present in future batches.

I used all four cream shades from the box to create my accent nail. I also used the Mandala Stuck on Love Nail Shields from Love, Angeline to create my spotted pattern.

The Crème à la Mode box will be available for pre-order from July 8th at 9am through July 15th on BigCartel here. The box will retail for $26 plus shipping and handling, and it will ship in the following two weeks. After the boxes have shipped, the individual polishes will be available for purchase at the regular retail price from their respective shops. This may be my favorite box yet from this quartet, and I certainly will be enjoying my bottles this summer!

Are you planning on picking up the summer Crème à la Mode box? What shades are your favorites? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. That accent nail is fan flippin tastic! <3 Really love all the colors but especially like the Indigo Bananas shade.

  2. Of course I need this! Love the bubbles on your accent nail!

  3. These look amazing, and your swatches are perfect! I might have to see if I can get this box x

  4. I always say I'm going to get this box and miss it! I really need to keep an eye out! These are gorgeous polishes.

  5. The CALM box is my favorite thing ever. The OPNL is my favorite here, it's gorgeous! Great swatches. :)

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  7. I really like this mani of you and "You, Me, And Daiquiri" could be a dupe for Seashells from Ralo Cosmetics.

  8. Presently I'm heavily into blue nails. I often draw cool ideas from website. I get tons of compliments on my manicure regularly.


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