Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ellagee: Summer of Love Duo

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Greetings, dear readers; I hope this post finds you well! I wish I could say things were great here, but that is unfortunately not the case. We've got a very sick cat that isn't eating or drinking, and so far the testing she's had done this week hasn't given us much to go on. She's been getting fluid packs inserted to keep her hydrated and anti-nausea meds to help her eat, in the hopes that she will eat and get well. They only seem to be working temporarily, and our future with her is uncertain at this point. I've been pretty broken up about it this week and not in the best state of mind to write, but I did want to get this review up before the launch. Let's jump on in to the polish and get this post a little more cheery, shall we?

Ellagee is releasing two gorgeous new holographic polishes on Saturday, and you definitely don't want to miss out!
These two shades are very similar because of the silvery holographic base; however, one is a little pink while the other purple, and you can better discern the difference between the two depending on your light source. Let's check them out!

Strawberry Moon
Two coats plus top coat

Pale silvery pink with hot pink shimmer and silver holo microglitter

I am in love with this polish- both the name and the colour! June's full moon was known as the Strawberry Moon, and it was extra special this year because it occurred at the same time as the summer solstice. To commemorate the occasion, you now can wear it on your nails! Strawberry Moon applied flawlessly in nice, even coats, and while I used two coats here, you might be able to get away with just one if you tend to use thick coats.

Summer of Love
Two coats plus top coat

Pale silvery blurple with violet shimmer and silver holo microglitter

Summer of Love is one of those polishes that you'll keep looking at over and over again to try to determine if it is more blue or more purple....or maybe that's just me. Either way, it is one gorgeous blurple! Like Strawberry Moon, the formula was impeccable and I have no application issues to report. Again, if you tend to use thick coats while painting your nails, you may find that a single coat will suffice. 

My butterfly nail art accent finger has both these shades smooshed together, although with the added butterflies, the differences aren't as noticeable. My accent nail didn't turn out quite as I hoped, but it fits these perfectly!
Side by side of Strawberry Moon and Summer of Love

Have you been enjoying the butterfly rings in these photos? Each of these polishes will include a butterfly ring while supplies last! They can be easily adjusted to fit your fingers and are so cute!

The Summer of Love duo is scheduled to launch on the Ellagee website located here this Saturday, July 9th at 3pm CST. You're going to want to grab these early so you don't miss out on the additional butterfly rings.

Which is your favorite shade? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!


  1. These are both stunning. Love the side by side!

  2. These are lovely!! Strawberry Moon is my favorite, but not by much!

    1. And I hope your cat gets better. Sick pets and uncertainty is always heart breaking.

  3. Those little butterflies are so pretty!
    Sorry to hear your cat is ill. I hope she's doing better :(

  4. These are really beautiful I hope your cat is ok and feels better soon x

  5. I absolutely love your sparkling nails! I'm a huge fan of attention grabbing manicure. I've recently found a cute source with cool colorful nails designs ( ). I was impressed by these ideas!


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