Friday, August 26, 2016

Powder Perfect: Elysium and Saqqara

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Happy Friday, dear readers! The weekend is almost here; we just have to get through today! To help the day pass by, I have two new shades by Powder Perfect to share with you. Let's check them out!

Two coats plus top coat

A tribute to past anniversary colours; Storm Rainbow and Unobtanium, Elysium is a silver holographic medley of sparkling microglitters, with fuschia to green shifting ultra chrome flakies!

Elysium is one half of Powder Perfect's Anniversary Duo 2016. It certainly is one sparkled beauty and a great shade for celebrating your own birthdays and anniversaries! I cannot give an accurate review of this polish as the cap was loose and there was a bit of leakage. I found it to be a little on the thick side, but that is most likely due to exposure and not the true consistency of this polish.

$13 AUD/USD each shade from the duo or buy them together for $24.

Three coats plus top coat

Saqqara is a large necropolis in ancient Egypt which is home to the famous Djoser pyramid, built in the step style. Archaeologists have extensively debated over the meaning behind the architectural styles of the different pyramids. Saqqara is a sunset orange polish filled with gold and silver ultra-holo glitters in a holographic base.

Saqqara is one of ten new polishes to Powder Perfect's Egyptology Series. Now in Part III, this particular collection features a unique hybrid formula that Powder Perfect refers to as a holo-twist. Each polish is a combination of a fine microglitter polish crossed with a holographic lacquer for a smooth, but sparkly finish. While I cannot vouch for the full collection, I certainly can say that Saqqara is fabulous! Although it is described as a sunset orange, I found it to be more of a warm orange-leaning red even before application against my skin tone. The formula was perfection and applied like a dream come true.

 Each shade from the new Egyptology Series can be purchased individually for $13 AUD/USD or as a collection for $117, saving you 10%. Please note these are currently available for purchase as a pre-order.

These literally just launched on the Powder Perfect websites (and yes, I really am up this early typing this post since my internet refused to cooperate at reasonable hours), and you're definitely going to want to pick up some of these if you love sparkly polish!

Australian website 
August 26th 8pm

Unites States website 
August 26th 6am EST

Do you have other shades from the older Egyptology Series by Powder Perfect? Are you picking up new ones from Part III? I'd love to hear from you!

I'm heading back to bed, so until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. I just tried Powder Perfect for the first time and really loved them. These are gorgeous.

  2. My favourite shade from these two would be "Saqqara" it's beautiful.

  3. Haven't tried Powder Perfect yet (we are so spoiled with all indies available these days!) but they do make some great looking polishes! I love Elysium, with the gold flakes in a neutral base-- so pretty!

  4. I really love Elysium. <3 I gotta try this brand.

  5. These look like absolute perfection! Powder Perfect is a brand that I've yet to try, but need to!

  6. Elysium is stunning! I've never tried this bean before!

  7. These are both gorgeous, but I especially love 'Elysium' :) x

  8. Absolutely beautiful swatches and I love these polishes x

  9. I love both of these. I need to check out this brand. :)

  10. Super gorgeous, that is such a pretty duo!


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