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Polish Con New York

Greetings, and happy hump day, dear readers! I've been home a few days now from The Polish Convention held in Brooklyn, New York this past Saturday, and I am still exhausted! It was definitely a whirlwind trip for me, but I am so thrilled to have been able to attend the event! It's always wonderful seeing friends again and getting to finally put faces to names that I already knew from the online community. There were others in attendance I sadly missed, but I certainly enjoyed myself. If you were following me this past weekend on social media for photos and updates, let me say I am so sorry! Even though there was wi-fi at the event, my connection was spotty at best and I didn't have much luck with date either. I got several posts in, but I really wanted to share so much more while I was there. I hope I am able to make it up to you this evening with this post. I took a lot of photos, and while only a fraction of them are going up here, this is going to be LOADED with pictures! I hope you're ready for an adventure! Let's dive on in!

Polish Con was held at The Grand Prospect Hall, a historical landmark in Brooklyn. Here we have the lucky customers that were able to quickly snag VIP entrance to the event, complete with a special VIP bag. If you didn't try to purchase a VIP ticket, these babies sold out fast! Even though not every attendee had the opportunity to enter in the earliest shopping time slot, there was still so much to see throughout the day and many friendly faces present.

Those that attended were provided with a little booklet featuring the different brands selling on the floor and a brief introduction to the tutorial table hosts and members of the press. Many of the brands have included discount codes for future online purchases inside this booklet, so if you have one and haven't looked at it closely, definitely check it out!

I had the pleasure of early access to snap a few photos, and I really liked this shot of the VIP bags prior to the opening of Polish Con. Putting these together looked like quite an undertaking, and I know many were eager to get their hands on one of these coveted bags.

Here's a little behind the scenes view from the top as vendors were scrambling to finish setting up their tables before the doors opened.

One of the first booths attendees saw was a raffle table. Attendees could purchase tickets and potentially win an assortment of goodies to include brand boxes and VIP bags.

Another table at the entrance held assorted Polish Con merchandise available for preorder. There were three different T-shirt options for those that wanted to show off their Polish Con pride to their friends long after the event had ended.

And the doors have officially opened! The Grand Prospect Hall is quite grand indeed, with attendees having to go up the grand staircase and onto the Polish Con showroom floor. Most of the following photos are self explanatory so I'll keep the chit chat at a minimum and will fill in added details as needed.

All things magical was present with Ever After, one of the brands that worked to make Polish Con happen! These dragon eggs are so pretty, and I'm eager to see how well the new stamping polishes stamp!

At the end of the Ever After Polish booth was a small section they generously set aside for Layla, a sweet girl who makes charms and keychains to raise funds to help sea turtles. I am a huge sea turtle fan and these keychains are simply adorable. I may have picked up an extra to include in an upcoming giveaway too! *wink wink*

Great Lakes Lacquer was the other brand that worked to make Polish Con a reality for us polishaholics. I know I'm a rock nerd and likely biased for that reason, but the ripple of pebbles was such a pretty touch on this table!

Anchor & Heart had a rainbow of colours to choose from, but it was the pirate chest set up that totally won me over!

Anonymous Lacquer was present and her table was filled with sparkle and mystery!

I love when brands have elements that are iconic to their name, and I just adore this adorable bird from the Bluebird Lacquer table!

I managed to snap this photo before the crowds came pouring in- I love how these BLUSH Lacquers bottles started out so neat and orderly! I'm definitely the odd person that likes things organized so this makes me happy.

Bohemian Polish brought a rainbow of colour as well, but it was the deliciously scented cuticle oils that drew me in. These smelled so good!

CbL was present with core shades as well the Spring/Summer 2017 and a selection of charity polishes. This display is gorgeous!

Several brands brought limited edition shades to the event, and Contrary Polish had some gorgeous options to choose from!

The event may have been busy, but many makers were able to relax, breathe, and just have a little fun after the chaos of preparing for Polish Con. Sara from Cupcake makes a great Minnie, right?

At the end of the Cupcake Polish booth was a section of wax melts, wax loaves, and mani fizzies made by Ginger Fizz Boutique. The brand is actually run by Sara's mom, and her products are just darling!

I snapped this photo prior to the show opening, and I kind of wish I took another at the end. The Don Deeva brought an assortment of beautiful polishes, of course, but she also brought this super cute duck for everyone to sign. It was a great way to commemorate the occasion and a fabulous keepsake from Polish Con!

Missi brought a gorgeous selection of New York-inspired shades, and she also had several fundraiser polishes on site too! I really love when businesses give back, and I was so happy to see these beauties on the table!

I am sad to say I only managed to snap one photo at the Fair Maiden Polish booth! At least it's of the gorgeous exclusive, right?

Fleur De Lis had a beautiful assortment of shades for attendees to choose from!

The Flirtin' Cosmetics booth was hoppin' with many people picking up this lovely event exclusive!

From a new collection, to exclusives and limited edition shades, Girly Bits brought it all! 

Jill brought her fabulous cremes and new holos, but a Glisten & Glow table can never be complete without top and base coat!

Taking a break to fill out raffle tickets!

Unwrapping of the VIP bag!

While Polish Con was primarily independent polish brands, attendees were able to choose from a large assortment of Julie G polishes!

Holo polish isn't enough, and KBShimmer customers were able to get this fabulous holo bag with the purchase of six shades!

I seriously cannot pick a favorite shade from this display by Lavish Polish. These are all exquisite!

I've been watching Le Polish grow, and I was so glad to see the brand at Polish Con!

Jellies AND space? Sign me up!

Dave from OPNL naturally had to show up to represent the Y chromosome at the event!

Picking out what items to purchase is always so hard!

Nine Zero Lacquer was another brand with a colourful rainbow display!

A range of colours and finishes in one compact display!

Kristi of Let's Begin Nails was working the gradients tutorial table.

Krystal of Queen of Nails deserves her title with her water marbling skills and ran the Watermarbling table.

Kaylyna hosted the Advanced Stamping tutorial table for those wanting to expand on their skills.

If you needed to learn the basics of stamping, Bianca had you covered at the Basic Stamping tutorial table!

Parker is a "Jack of all trades" and hosted the Various Nail Art Techniques tutorial table.

Brands had their special touches on their displays. How precious is this mouse from the Pahlish table!

One of the last pictures I took just before the doors opened at Polish Con! The Pretty & Polished table is set up and ready for the crowd to come rushing in!

Sassy Pants Polish was on site with her polish offerings, of course, and she also had her bath and body products from her Handmade Natural Beauty brand as well!

Turtle Tootsie Polishes had these handy nail files and cases at the table in addition to polish. 

Taking a break from the showroom floor to catch up on social media, check lists, and just relax with friends.

While this post may be loaded with photos, this is only a small glimpse at the tables at Polish Con. It was a busy day with so many people going through the floor for a large portion of the day, and while I was present all day long, I still missed out on seeing some things. If you are a fan of indie polish brands and able to travel, I strongly encourage you to attend one of these events in the future. It's always such a wonderful experience to see friends and make new ones, and there are quite a few enablers on the floor encouraging you to pick up polishes and products from their favorite brands.

The next Polish Con will be held September 23rd in Chicago; the venue for this particular event is Festival Hall, Navy Pier. It's never too early to start planning and budgeting to attend, and it's well worth it!

Did you attend Polish Con this past weekend or the previous one last fall? Are you planning to attend in September? I'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for following along on this adventure with me! Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful night!



  1. It was so great to see you again - I wish we had more time to hang out! Gorgeous photos!

  2. Such a wonderful day! Loved reliving it through your pictures. I love that in the picture of Poshayy, there is a girl wearing a Pusheen shirt. I feel like that was just meant to be. It was wonderful meeting you and thank you again for the polish! <3

  3. I loved looking at all your pictures, it looks like it was an amazing and jam-packed day! I'd love to attend a future con!

  4. The venue is gorgeous! The Grand Prospect Hall is quite the place :)

  5. This PolishCon looks like it was a ton of fun. I'm hoping to make it to one in the future.

  6. The event was crazy! Dave wasn't the only male representing! Jason of kbshimmer was there!

  7. This looks like so much fun!!!! I hope to attend the Chicago event!!!

  8. I'd spend my mortgage payment there! Everything is so compelling.

  9. Ah, great post! I wasn't able to make it to NY but I'm looking forward to Chicago in the fall.

  10. Wonderfully done article and amazing photos! It was my pleasure to meet you Jen and thank you for being on our official press team!

  11. So I am Layla's mom! She told me that "someone took her picture for a blog!"
    I am so excited to show her this.
    Thank you for supporting her - it's been such an amazing opportunity for her and the support of the nail community has been so incredible.
    Take care!

  12. It was amazing! I had such a blast! I'm so glad I got to chat more! <3 Your photos are perfection! :) I miss NYC.


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