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KBShimmer: The Fall 2017 Collaboration Collection

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Greetings, dear readers, and happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed the weekend and ready for what the week has in store! I had a long post in store for you with lots of photos, so let's jump right on in!

I am really excited to be sharing the latest KBShimmer collection with you today! Four years ago, KBShimmer partnered up with several bloggers to create the Winter 2013 Blogger Collection. I remember it as it it were yesterday, and today I am honored to introduce you to the newest collaboration project. This Fall, KBShimmer is releasing 12 new shades that have been developed with an almost entirely new set of people on the KBShimmer blogger/swatcher team. The collection is rounded out with two addition shades that were designed by Christy, the owner and creative genius behind KBShimmer. These polishes were launched September 23rd at Polish Con Chicago, and the time is almost here for it to launch online. Each of these 14 sets of swatch photos also include KBShimmer's Clearly On Top top coat. I have also included the person that collaborated in the development in each of these shades in this post.

High-rise To The Occasion

Michelle from Ehmkay Nails

A light gray color with violet shimmer and rainbow metallic flakes.

This is city life at its finest! This beauty has a fantastic formula and gave me no troubles during application. Shown here with two coats plus top coat.

Pearls Gone Wild

Amy from McPolish

A silver holo glitter polish with pinky red shimmer that shifts to copper and gold.

True silver polishes are a little too harsh against my skintone, and the additional red shimmer makes it more suitable to those with warmer skin tones. I built it up to opacity with three easy coats, although you could use it as a dense glitter topper if you prefer to wear it that way. The finish is gritty due to the glitters so you will want to use top coat with this.

I Don't Want No Shrubs
A hot pink polish filled with micro golden flakes and shimmer.

I Don't Want No Shrubs will have you feeling summer vibes long into the fall season! The formula is thicker than usual for a KBShimmer shade due to the addition of the flakes. I also had a wonky brush so while application was tricky, I still was able to make it work. I have no doubt that a smoother brush would have made it go so much easier! Shown with two coats to opacity plus top coat.

Stop And Smell The Rosé

A softly pink, near copper shade linear holographic polish.

I'm really loving this pink coppery hue! The formula was perfection; not too thick or thin, it applies like butter with two coats to opacity.

Pun-kin Spice Latte

Valesha from Peachy Polish

A terracotta shade crème filled with a subtle copper shimmer.

Be still , my orange loving heart! This is a great shade for those that are a little unsure of wearing a true orange while showing off fall spirit. The formula is excellent, and I use two coats for opacity in these photos.

Oh My Gourd

A creamy butterscotch shade made for fall.

KBShimmer always kills the créme finish with an impeccable formula. I am delighted to see another stunning shade launching with this finish, and what a great colour for autumn! Shown here with two coats plus top coat.

Espresso Yourself

Gaby from LacquerLoon

A rich brown shade filled with copper and gold holographic micro glitters.

Brown hues are always fun for the fall, and this one will certainly have your nails sparkling! The formula is a little on the thicker side due to the addition of all the glitters, but it still applies without too much trouble. The finish is gritty so you will want to use top coat for a smooth finish. I have it shown here with two coats.

Olive Or Twist

Lovely Mishra from Nail It Lovely

A deepened olive color, this polish shimmers with holo glow flakes and a golden flash that shines in the light.

Olive hues don't get enough love so I'm delighted to see this addition to the collaboration lineup! In spite of the holo glow flakes, the formula is incredibly smooth and reached opacity with two coats.


Holly from Miss Holly Berries

A deepened olive jelly filled with glitters that shift in orange, green, and gold.

There is a second olive shade in this collection! I love jelly polishes, and this shade is perfection for Halloween! You do need a little patience during application so the glitters spread nicely, but I had no issues whatsoever with this. I needed two coats for opacity and added top coat for these photos. There was still the slightest bit of texture depending on how I angled my nails in the bright lights so you may want to go with a second coat.

Northern Frights

Judy from Beauty Judy

Filled with holo glow flakes, this polish shifts from emerald green, to a deep indigo purple, to an almost navy, for the perfect sky inspired polish.

A shifty polish with holo glow flakes? This is the perfect shade that will let you experience the Northern Lights from the comforts of your own home! The formula is easy to work with, and I used two coats for opacity.

Better Lake Than Never

Alicia from Delishious Nails

A teal blue filled with holo glow flakes and a turquoise shimmer.

The holo flakes really glow beautifully against this background. The formula is fantastic and applies easily. Shown with two coats.

Peach For The Sky

Antoinette from aricedotcom

A sky blue creamy shade loaded with a peachy copper shimmer.

While not a traditional colour for Autumn, the sky blue is lovely and the shimmer adds an interesting twist. The formula is incredible smooth and applied to opacity with two coats.

Let's Fang Out

Sam from Sam Nailed It

A crème polish in almost a plum color, with hints of maroon and aubergine.

Have I mentioned lately just ow much I love KBShimmer's créme polishes? I am really loving this finish a lot lately so I'm happy to see this rich and mysterious shade join the lineup. The formula is a little on the thinner side, so you might want to work a little slower to prevent flooding onto the cuticles and sidewalls of your nails.

Lady And The Vamp

Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary

A plum color Mega Flame polish with hints of maroon and aubergine.

The Mega Flame finish certainly makes your nails dazzle! Lady And The Vamp pairs this sparkle with a vampy shade that is perfect for the season. This polish applies like a dream and is shown with two coats for opacity with top coat for these photos.

The Fall Collaboration Collection is the first to feature KBShimmer's new 5 free polish base, and each of these polishes will retail for $9.25.

The collection will be launching online this Friday, October 13th. It will be available at,, and at select salons & retailers.

Phew! I know this was a long post, but it is well worth it! There are lots of great shades to choose from, and I enjoyed seeing what the KBShimmer blogger and swatcher team came up with!

Do you have a favorite shade from this collection? What are you planning to pick up at the online launch? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Now I am in love! Pun-kin spice latte has to be mine at all costs! What a great fall color!

  2. I love love love loveeeeee! all the clouds! the ones that have really taken my fancy are the orange and green ones! so dreamy! I love everything and anything nails!

    luciana,commenting as

  3. Oh wow, look at all these colors! I'm sure my daughter would want all of them.

  4. I like the hang out. It has just a hint of another color which would make it perfect for glitter

  5. oh man, i want like all of those colors. they look awesome. my daughter loves polish as do i but she more.

  6. Pearls gone wild looks like a good polish. You get that retro classic vibe yet a modern take on it.

  7. The KB shimmer collection looks gorgeous and you have displayed it perfectly. I think that the pumpkin spice latte would be great for this time of year x

  8. Holly from Miss Holly Berries make me think of dragons scale. I really like it. I will have to see where I can find it.

  9. Wow what an absolutely wonderful mix of different polishes, I am loving the pearls gone wild one.

  10. Trust me I am in love with your nails... I can't say that a single color looks beautiful coz all the colors are just perfect on your nails :D

  11. They are all amazing colors! I love bright colors on my nails! I think Pearls gone wild and Oh My Gourd might be my fav!

  12. Another amazing collection here!! I loved the last 3 ones the most!

  13. So many beautiful sparkles! I have to try painting my nails like this!

  14. Loved all the nail arts shown here. The sparkle is adding so much beauty to the nails. Will check these out

  15. What beautiful nail colors. Loving the variety especially the glitter!

  16. I love these fall colors. I think my 2 favorites are "High-rise to the Occasion" and "Oh my Gourd". Now I want/need a pedicure. 😩

  17. What fun festive colors for fall. How do you choose between such a grand selection? Every one of these nail polishes is so special and unique.

  18. I'm not a fan of glitter polish but these are so pretty. I would totally paint my nails all of these colors.

  19. all these colors are pretty great. i especially love the pumpkin spice latte color. wow. it really pops. Great nails too. i wish mine were that healthy and long. i wear tips.

  20. I love ALL of these colors. I am so gonna go look for them so that I could get ready for Halloween.


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