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Halloween Beauty Buzz: Getting into the Halloween Spirit with Paw Palette, Skinesque, and Kocostar

I love Halloween! It is my absolute favorite holiday, and I love setting up decorations, creating fun nail art, and playing with makeup and designing costumes. Unfortunately, Halloween is having to be a very low key event for me because of my big news...... we are moving! My family will be Arizona bound in less than two months, and between starting to pack and putting our house on the market, I've not be able to decorate or do any of the other things I love to do so much this time of year. That being said, I've found a few beauty products to help get me in the Halloween spirit, even if I can't go all out like I might want to. They can also be used any other time of year, not just for Halloween, and I think you may end up with a few new favorites yourself! Ready to check them out? Let's do this!

Paw Palette is the original hands-free makeup mixing palettes, and as soon as I laid eyes on this adorable bat, I knew this was the one for me! I may love things to be glittery, and best believe they have other shapes that are sparkled, but I truly am a goth girl at heart.

When it comes to makeup application, I really dislike applying foundation streaks directly to my face. Instead, I pump out what I need onto my Paw Palette and apply with my brush or beauty blender. The palette is also handy for when I need to mix drops to adjust my foundation shade or when I want to mix together my own custom lipstick blend for the day.

It stays in place with an adjustable strap and is really comfortable to wear. This particular one is stationary, but Paw Palette does offer magnetic/detachable options if that is what you would prefer. Cleanup is quick and easy, and I can then be off with my day. This particular one retails for $22.

Masks are all the rage for Halloween, and I have two great options for those as well!

First up is a 3-step face mask by Skinesque. This particular mask is their "Brightening" mask. This charcoal mask is pretty awesome, and I had so much fun wearing it!

As with any other face mask, the first step is to start off with clean skin. What makes this one different is that is actually comes with a cleanser rather than you having to use your own. Even with my sensitive skin, this was gentle on my face and would love it if Skinesque offered this cleanser as it's own item one day!

Step 2 is application of a hydrating essence. There was plenty of product in this little pouch for my face and neck, and I even applied some onto the back of my hands. It took a few minutes of patting for this to be fully absorbed into my skin, so I probably could have stretched it even further; what can I say, I want my skin hydrated!

The final step is placing the Brightening Charcoal Black Mask to your face. The mask itself is actually black, so it makes hiding and scaring visitors to the house all the more fun. You're welcome!

The only drawback I had with this particular mask was the cut. With all the potential shapes of faces and locations of key features, it's practically impossible to create a truly one-size-fits all face mask. This one left a substantial part of my nose exposed and untreated. In spite of that, I would totally pick up another and use these again! Each 3-step mask can be purchased for $7.50 or in a box of 5 for $35.00.

You know how there is a "sexy" version of just about everything when it comes to Halloween costumes? Now you can complete your look easily with knee-high "boots"! Ok, so these Longboots by Kocostar aren't exactly for outdoor wearing, but I have a feeling I'm not the only one that could get used to a leg and foot treatment!

The Long Boots Fitting Pack utilizes 3 mint* complexes and menthol* ingredients (*INGREDIENT ALERT* I know some of my readers can't use these products and wanted to make sure you were aware these are in this product) to help reduce swelling in your legs and feet, leaving them feeling refreshed and hydrated.

The fit will vary depending on how long your legs are, and since my legs are short, these actually do go up to my knees. I also have wide calves that prevent me from wearing average-sized calf-high boots, but these still fit me. The fit is a little snug but still comfortable. These are also attached stickered tabs on three locations along the height of these "boots" so you can tighten and secure as necessary.

After being on my feet all day at work, the slight cooling and tingling sensation feels incredible, even if it does admittedly feel weird wearing something similar to snug garbage bags on my legs. After removal, I gently rubbed in the extra serum found within these boots and my legs let out an almost audible "ahhhhh".

Now this is my kind of relaxation! I just might have had an early start with a margarita in hand already. I definitely recommend the Long Boots treatment after taking the little monsters out for trick-or-treating this Halloween! The Long Boots Fitting Pack can be purchased for $12 for each set or as a pack of 5 sets for $60. We're always treating our faces to masks, and it's about time out feet and legs get some extra special treatment as well!

Are there any special beauty products you are enjoying this Halloween? I'd love to hear your picks!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love your "boots"! How fun! And the mixing palette was just too cute!

  2. Those boots are hilarious. Good luck with your move!

  3. What interesting products. I think they seem so fun. I'm reviewing a black mask soon but it's not as tight as yours. I think I'd like to try that one. OMG you are moving - that was one of the hardest things for me. I never want to move again. Start tossing or you'll be sorry!!

  4. The menthol in those boots sound realy awesome!!!

  5. I'm on my feet whole day so those mentholated are right up my alley

  6. Lookin good in those booties!!! Good to know about the fit. Also, love your sweater dress!!

  7. I've not seen the ones that go all they way up before! Love that! I know my mom and I did a spa day at home and did footie ones and loved those!


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