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Salon Perfect will help you feel Drop Dead Gore-Geous just in time for Halloween!

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Halloween is only 3 day away! Are your nails ready? If you are still trying to pick out your favorite nail lacquer, do I have a treat to share with you today! The Drop Dead Gore-Geous Collection by Salon Perfect showed up at my house unexpectedly, and with the craziness of my impending move and putting the house up for sale, there was no way I could get them all swatched in time. That said, I still snapped some photos to share with you in addition to creating a cute look with several of them. 

The Drop Dead Gore-Geous Collection is a mix of standing core shades and limited edition options. They have also brought back their glow-in-the-dark shade, Glow All Out for those that prefer the glow effect to mark the spook-ation.

This is the design I came up with utilizing several Salon Perfect shades. I really wanted to play with the neons for an unexpected pop of colour and decided to give them a go with the water marbling technique. In the end, my nails are marbled, but it was a little difficult getting them to this point. That said, this design was apparently destined to fail from the beginning of the water marble stage as I could not find an important part. Before I get into that, let me step back a minute and fill you in on the process.

To create the look, I started off with Rica Whiteout as my white base for my nails I wanted the be marbled. I then added a coat of Salon Perfect's Glow All Out on top. As it dried, I carefully prepared my water marbling station with a small cup of room temperature distilled water and unscrewed my polish bottles in preparation for dropping onto the water's surface. This is where things began to go sideways. I had planned to use my clear water marble polish, Bar Mix by Top Shelf Lacquer, so ares of the white base plus glow-in-the-dark effect would show, but my bottle was sadly nowhere to be found. In the end, I decided to just use Rica White Out again in my marbling technique and then paint Glow All Out over the entire design.

In addition to Glow All Out, I used Oil Slick (black), Traffic Cone (neon orange), and Mood Ring (neon purple) for my marbled design. I had not used any of these for water marbling before to know how they would work, but Traffic Cone in particular was a marbling problem child. It didn't want to spread nicely on the water surface without a little effect, and one it did, it seemed slightly chunky and subsequent polish drops didn't spread easily when placed in the middle. I'm not sure if the Salon Perfect formula isn't ideal for water marbling in general, or if they just don't play well with the Rica that I was also using. I did manage to get a marbled look after a lot of effect and multiple attempts, but it isn't the sleek look I was going for. Also, because I ended up having to put Glow All Out on top for the glow-in-the-dark effect, it ended up slightly smearing some of the marbled design (Grrrrrrr) in addition to adding a haze over the other colours.

I completed my look by using Dust To Dust on my index and thumb nails. I then added Salon Perfect's top coat to seal everything in. Because Dust To Dust is packed with glitters, it dries to a textured finish on its own. I needed to apply two coats of top coat for a smoother surface.

Here is my nail art design in the dark! While this nail art look isn't my favorite, it has grown on me and I quite like the vibrant pops of colour, even if they ended up being less intense than I had intended.

If you are looking for a nail art look rather than a single polish and you just don't have the time to create the art yourself, Salon Perfect has released six limited edition press nail sets. Each set is perfectly coordinated for a no-fail look. All you have to do is attach to your own nails and you are on your way!

Each Salon Perfect artificial Nail Set package comes with individual nails in assorted sizes to fit different nail bed widths. The sets also come with the buffing board to gently buff your nails and the needed nail glue to affix the artificial nails to your fingertips. Simply apply an even coat to your nails, press and hold the artificial nails in place about 15 seconds, and then you are all done.

All six sets are really cute, although a major down side to them is the length. If you have very long nail beds or just long nails in general, these artificial nails may not be long enough to cover your nails without having bare nail exposed. While my nail beds are short, my nails themselves are currently too long to wear these. Since I'm not planning to cut them down substantially right now, these artificial nail sets don't fit me at the moment. Here's to knocking on wood that I don't end up with major breaks now that I said that! These nail sets are really cute though, so if your nails art already shorter, you just may love them!

These and other Salon Perfect products are available for purchase from Walmart stores and Salon Perfect nail lacquers retail for $3.98 per bottle, and the artificial nail sets are $4.98.

Are you excited about Halloween? If you've already made decisions, I'd love to hear about your costume picks, makeup ideas, and nail designs! My Halloween has been sadly much more low-key than I would like thanks to the upcoming move, so I would love to live vicariously through you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. haha! That coffin is SO cute! I'm partial to the violet/purple shades. So pretty! I love the marbling you did!

  2. I love the idea of a glow in the dark marble! Very cool!

  3. We just moved two weeks ago so I hurriedly bought a couple Minnie Mouse costumes from Walmart for my girls which we’ll put them in Wednesday and I slapped on Color Street Oh My Gourd! Nail polish strips for myself. Definitely low key here too lol!!!!

  4. I love the coffin case, so perfect for the holiday! I am also totally digging the glow in the dark water marble! Genius!

  5. Omg I can’t with the packaging! I’ll have to head to Walmart to snag a few.

  6. I bet your kids grabbed that coffin as soon as you finished your pictures. You did a great job of showing as many shades as possible.

  7. I have never done any water marbling, so in spite of your problems with the polishes, I love your water marble mani. That coffin for the Salon Perfect shades is beyond adorable

  8. The coffin case is pretty cool. Your marble mani is amazing

  9. Okay seriously? That coffin is the cutest. I hate that the SP shades didn't watermarble well in your water but honestly I think your nails are a huge win. I LOVE this look!

  10. I love your nail art! And the packaging for the polishes is just perfect

  11. First of all I love the color selection and then that coffin packaging?! Genius!!

  12. The nail art you can came up with is gorgeous... so neat, so beautiful.. The coffin is the cutest I agree :D

  13. The coffin box is so perfect for this collection!

  14. I love your watermarble!!!! How fun is that?! perfect colors for halloween.


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