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Sistar Cosmetics: Signature Lip Colour Metals and Assorted Products

Purchased and Press Samples

Happy hump day, dear readers! For today's blog post, I wanted to share a bunch of goodies from Sistar Cosmetics! The brand had a booth set up at The Makeup Show in New York City during my last trip, and I had picked up several items from the affordable brand while there. Since then, the brand reached out and sent me their Signature Lip Colour Metal line to review. I've opted to combine my purchases and these press samples into a large review post, so be forewarned there are lots of photos and details to digest coming forth. First, let me fill you in a little more about the brand.

Sistar Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand with items available for purchase both online and in over 500 stores worldwide. Their mission is to create a large and diverse multicultural community of makeup lovers and beauty enthusiasts. Through interactions, we come together as sisters and become the stars we're all meant to be, hence the brand name.

Let's jump in on today's post!

It's U Skin Smoothing Primer

Prepping the skin for makeup application is important, and for many, the first step is using a primer. This primer is a little thick and has a slight slip due to the addition of dimethicone as an ingredient. I've used this primer many times, and it definitely helps to smooth some areas on my face with fine lines and over my pores. It isn't as slippery as other dimethicone primers I have used, and actually leaves the skin with a slight tacky sensation, no matter how long I would leave it. I didn't notice my foundation catching into patches in spite of the tackiness. Overall, I was pretty happy with this primer. It "dries" to a matte finish and sits nicely on the skin. Fortunately dimethicone products don't seem to bother my skin, although I know it is a concern for some others. I'm not particularly crazy about the tacky texture, but it isn't enough to keep me from continuing to use this primer

Retail: $8.99

It's U Skin Perfecting HD Concealer and HD Color Corrector

The HD Concealer is a star product for the brand, so I naturally had to pick one out! I picked up the Skin Perfecting HD Concealer in the shade Golden Beige. It is a close match to my skintone.

I also picked up the Skin Perfecting HD Color Corrector in the shade Orange. Rather than attempt to cover up my dark under eye circles with more natural colours and ending up with pale circles that give it away, I'd rather neutralize them before my foundation step.

Both the Color Corrector and Concealer have an angled applicator with a hole in the center. This allows the applicator to pick up more product from each individual dip in the tube.

Here is a look at both shades swatched on the underside of my forearm.

I have used both the HD Color Corrector and the HD Corrector on my face where I need more, well, concealing and correcting, before stippling on my foundation. I really liked both these products and will be continuing to use them. I apply a little setting powder to prevent creasing and these have stayed in place for me all day.

Retail: $5.99 each for Concealer and Color Correctors

Lit & Glow Luminizer Palette

I love to glow year round, but there is something about the summer that just demands it. I occasionally am in the mood for blindingly bright highlighters, but for the average day, I like the look of a sheer glow. The soft shades in this palette caught my attention, and I naturally had to purchase one to test out!

One of the first things I noticed with this trio is the shades are quite natural and not drastically different from each other. If you are content with a "one and done" type highlighter, this may be more than you have in mind, but if you appreciate the subtle nuances, this palette may appeal to you. I'm a fan of having the difference options, particularly because I like to create a range of looks with my eyeshadows and lipsticks. Just one luminizer just isn't going to cut it for me!

I used all three of these shades in my look here. The paler shade on the left side of the palette I placed on my browbone, the center shade on my cheeks and nose, and the soft peach on the right I put on my eyelids for this simple look.

I found all of these to be soft and smooth, and I love how they applied to the skin. The only issue I take with this palette is the packaging itself feels cheap and flimsy. While the makeup itself is the most important aspect for me, this is something to keep in mind when traveling or if you keep makeup in your handbag or gym bag. I feel like the packaging will crack easily if you aren't careful, so I don't want to take this with me on my adventures.

Signature Lip Colour Metal

Sistar Cosmetics offers several options in their Signature Lip Colour lineup. Metallics have gained in popularity, and I have all six shades in their "Metal" line. As much as I enjoy metallic lips on others, I've been really hit or miss with the intensity of them on myself. The Sistar Cosmetics metallics are more subtle and more my speed, and I have been delighted to try them out!

All six shades contain metallic flecks that coordinate beautifully with their respective base shade. From golds to reds to bronze, they add that little extra something to make your lips sparkle and stay on trend without taking away from your overall look. These lipsticks offer a beautiful pop of colour to the lips. They do have a rose scent, which is something I generally avoid as I am not a fan of this scent. In spite of it, I still enjoy wearing these lipsticks. While certainly present, the scent isn't as strong in these as in others I have tried, and I do love these lipsticks enough to tolerate the smell.

Ambition (outer) and Princess (center)

Witchcraft (outer) and Mystical Sunrise (center)

Mystical Sunrise is the only shade I wasn't crazy about. The shade is very sheer, and the little colour I would get on my lips seemed to collect in the grooves of my lips, leaving an unevenly finished look. I haven't completely written this shade off yet and think it would best be used with a single swipe for some added sparkle rather than trying to impart colour onto the lips.

This is the colour combination I wore in the full-face photos above. Witchcraft it definitely my kind of colour!

Chestnut Jam

These are "regular" bullet type lipsticks, so you will have to reapply every few hours or after eating and drinking.
It's U Setting Spray

Since setting spray is my final step in my makeup application, it felt appropriate to place this purchase at the end of this post. While the packaging of the luminizer palette felt thin and flimsy, the packaging on this setting spray is solid! It is also made of plastic, but the walls are thick and I cannot get this to bend in spite of some serious squeezing!

The It's U Setting Spray uses a pump-style push nozzle. I'm happy to report that once sprayed, the setting spray comes out in a fine mist. You're not going to have this collecting on your face! Compared to some other settings sprays I have used, the spray disperses in a wider circumference, covering more of my face with each individual spray. It does have a scent, but I've not been able to definitively place it. It just smells fresh and clean to me. With my current schedule, I've only been wearing makeup for up to 9 hours in a day, and this spray has been keeping it nicely in place until I choose to wipe my face clean.

I'm really glad this brand had a booth at The Makeup Show so I could pick up a few things to try out, and I am glad they sent me these metal lipsticks to try out! I can definitely see why their concealers are a big hit, and I adore the shades of their Signature Lip Colour Metal line. While I cannot attest to the setting power of the setting spray for long periods of time, I cannot deny that my skin has remained looking good for the 8-9 hours of wear I have been getting. It has also kept my makeup set through my comings and goings on these 110°F days. It is too early for me to give it rockstar status since I haven't tested it as much as I would like, but so far, it is anther brand favorite for me as well.

You can purchase products online from Sistar Cosmetics here. If you prefer to do your shopping in person, check out their Store Locator to see if they retail in a store near you. There are two in my area!

Have you used any products from Sistar Cosmetics? If so, what were your favorites? Is there something in particular you would like to try? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. The lipsticks look fab! Princess stands out to me but Chestnut looks more wearable. You've got a great lip shape!

  2. I tried this brand after TMS in Orlando, I think! I tried to stop in their booth to talk with them but they were packed every time I went by and I never got to speak with anyone. I love the look of the lipsticks!!!

  3. I have some products that are completely different than yours. I reviewed their Glo Glitter cream shadows which are fun and youthful (giveaway on Beauty Info Zone right now). I'm using an e/s palette and eyeliner pencils too which are great.

  4. The corrector looks great, it really does a fantastic job at color correcting the undereye area!

  5. You makes everything look great! Those lipsticks all look nice, i like Chestnut Jam!

  6. How did I not know this brand existed?!? How fun! Those lipstick look so nice in your lip swatches!

  7. How did I not know this brand existed?!? How fun! Those lipstick look so nice in your lip swatches


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