Tuesday, September 24, 2019

ellagee visits the San Antonio Ghost Tracks for the October Polish Pickup

Now that fall has come around, the weather here has taken a turn towards grey, cloudy skies and a fair bit of rain. While it is a little unusual for us, I have have been enjoying watching the storms blow in, and now I have the most perfect nail polish to match!

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I'm not saying Laura from ellagee Polish is in control of the weather, but her timing with her latest Polish Pickup shade is impeccable! The October theme for Polish Pickup is Urban Legends, and ellagee has introduced me to a pretty cool one I had never heard before. In San Antonio, Texas, where ellagee Polish is based, legend says ghost children will push your car to safety if it is left on the San Antonio Railroad Tracks. The story is based on a historical collision between a bus and a train where the children on the bus died. The story itself never actually took place in San Antonio, but the incident did, in fact, occur in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nevertheless, the optical illusion of the San Antonio Railroad Tracks was real, as the tracks were on a slight slope, cause your car to roll forward when left in neutral. Upon dusting the back of the car with baby powder, handprints of the "children" would appear, although the baby powder would just pick up on prints that were already present. The crossing has since been regraded, so vehicles no longer roll forward, but it is a legend that lives on in San Antonio lore. To honor the legend, Laura has selected this legend for her specific inspiration for her nail lacquer shade, Ghost Tracks.

Ghost Tracks is described as a stormy grey sparkling nail polish, filled with holographic and iridescent shifting flakes, shimmers, and microglitters.

In spite of all the sparkling goodness, the application was smooth and easy to my nails. Two quick coats later and I had no signs of visible nail line. I'm currently sporting some short nails, and I might have gotten away with a single carefully placed slightly thicker coat. I prefer thinner coats in general, so I stuck with my usual two, but those that do like thicker coats might be able to get away with one. I think two coats would have been enough at my usual slightly longer nail length. I did add a final layer of shiny top coat to seal in the nail polish.

Ghost Tracks is such a pretty shade! I'm particularly fond of the flashes of lavender from the flakes!

Ghost Tracks was created exclusively for the October Polish Pickup and will be found here. The October Polish Pickup will be open from Friday, October 4th through Monday, October 7th ONLY, so be sure to mark down your calendars so you don't miss out! Also, please keep in mind orders to the Polish Pickup are submitted as a pre-order; allow three weeks for items to be shipped to you.

Retail: $12
No cap on bottles made available for purchase

Have you been to San Antonio? Did you have the opportunity to experience the ghost children when you had the chance? What are your local urban legends? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is stunning, looks great :-D

  2. Great story! I’ve been to San Antonio a couple of times, but never heard that urban legend. Love the polish 😍😍😍

  3. That polish is just fabulous. And the legend is so interesting. I need to buy it just for that.

  4. Ghost Tracks took my breath away! So beautiful.

  5. So pretty! My daughter will want this, I'm sure. I'll have to pick her up a bottle.

  6. omg the silver color is stunning! Just amazing!!! I already shared the post with my wife, she is gonna be so happy.

  7. Gorgeous swatches! I totally remember watching a Ghost Adventure episode about this legend.

  8. Gosh I haven't painted my nails in FOREVER but I totally love that color! I think it's time to make my fingers look pretty. Thanks!

  9. I've actually heard that urban legend before!! How crazy! You're right -- this color is perfectly named. Love that silver sparkle!

  10. Ghost Tracks is such a fun name for this polish. I feel like it is one of those colors that would work for fall and winter. It can be spooky and icy.

  11. Oh I love this shade and the name too! Ghost Tracks is a perfect name for this!

  12. Oh my goodness, that color is amazing! I love sparkly silvers!

  13. So pretty! We love sparkling silver--the kids and I. You have nice nails and you applied the polish perfectly! I wish I could do the same. :)

  14. That sparkle is everything!! So pretty!! My daughter has been asking for a girls night to paint nails, I'm sure she would love this!


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