Friday, January 17, 2020

4Ever Magic Cosmetics: A Preview of My Favorite Eyebrow Gel Kit

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I've been wearing makeup for as long as I can remember, and it wasn't until the last six years or so that I finally got around to appreciating just how important it is to do your eyebrows. I wish I could say that I was one of the lucky ones that could get away with doing nothing, but that is sadly not the truth. I look back at my wedding photos from eight and a half years ago and cringe when I see my brows. Thankfully I have since learned my lesson and have grown to appreciate certain eyebrow products that I now love.

I discovered the brand 4Ever Magic Cosmetics while attending Cosmoprof North America, and I have been in love with their eyebrow gel ever since! Can we first check out this gorgeous packaging? The thin cardboard packaging is adorned with beautiful rose gold accents, and there was certainly a part of me that did not want to throw it away! The tubing pulls apart easily to reveal a brush with spoolie and double shade eyebrow jar securely nestled in the bottom.

Doing my eyebrows has never been my strongest skill, and this kit helped me figure out a large part of my issue- eyebrow products are often found in single colours. 4Ever Magic Cosmetics packages two similar shades together so you can wear them together for the perfect eyebrow look. There are four shade options available for purchase, two lighter than this duo and one duo is darker.

This particular duo is called Magic Dazzle Brown. On the left is the lighter hue and the right is the darker. The difference is subtle on the skin, but if you were to do one eyebrow in one shade and the other in, well, the other, you would definitely notice a difference!

The best way to apply this eyebrow gel is to use the darkest shade to line and define the outer edges of your eyebrows and to fill in the outer 1/3, or the tail end. You then fill in the inner 2/3 with the lighter shade. Once done, simply flip the brush around and use the spoolie end to blend the two shades together.

I usually prefer a more natural looking eyebrow, so this shade combination is exactly what I need. While other single shades just leave my eyebrows looking flat, the combination of shades helps to give my eyebrows dimension that looks more natural than a flat single colour.

The gel applies easily with the brush and dries to a comfortable, budge-proof finish. I've been testing this one out for months, to include the hot days of summer into the cooler winter months, and regardless of how hot the days may be, this baby stays put! I do use a makeup setting spray in general, but I've had other eyebrow products melt during the day; I've not experienced this at all! I've even hopped into the pool, and my eyebrows stayed in place. Since I first started testing out this product, I've been using this one almost exclusively. The only exception is the rare occasion I want darker brows and use a darker eyebrow pencil I already have on hand. That being said, I'm seriously thinking of picking up the darker version of this duo to have for those random days as I prefer this product over the eyebrow pencils I've been using.

Retail: $35

If you're looking for easy to apply and budge-proof eyebrow products, this is a great option to consider. Having two shades in the jar lets you fill in your brows without looking flat. I'm a fan and happy to have found my new go-to eyebrow product!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I am always down to try new brow products and this gel is definitely on my list now!

  2. I unfortunately didn't keep the lid of mine on well and it dried out. While it was workable though I loved it. The brush is a great one to have too.

  3. Those colors look really natural, and I love that there's a tiny bit of green tint in them - it's what makes them look like real hairs.

  4. Really helpful post for me. I’m terrible at doing my eyebrows, and I never heard of using 2 shades to create dimension but it makes perfect sense


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