Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Written In the Stars with KBShimmer and the Polish Pickup

Happy New Year, dear readers! Here's to a new and healthy year ahead! 2019 ended on a rough note with me enjoying the flu for the holiday season; needless to say, I'm really looking forward to a more positive month and year ahead!

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A new month means another Polish Pickup is upon us! The theme for January is "Written in the Stars", and for today's blog post, I have the offerings by KBShimmerto share with you. Let's jump in!

Astronaut Ice Cream
Sugar Scrub

As a child in the 80’s, space was on the forefront of a lot of minds. We had space shuttles heading into orbit, popular movies like Star Wars and Space Camp, and two space centers allowed us to get up close and personal with NASA. My personal favorite from the space center visit? A bar of Astronaut Ice Cream. That freeze-dried bar sparked my imagination and made me feel like I, too, could walk on the moon!

Inspired by that bar of freeze-dried Neapolitan ice cream, Astronaut Ice Cream sugar scrub features three layers, each with its own scent. The classic strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors are represented by the pink, cream, and brown-colored layers. Use each layer individually, or stir them to form a juicy, chocolate-covered berry scent.

I'm a fan of KBShimmer's sugar scrubs, so I'm glad to see another scent join the brand lineup! I've decided to mix mine together as I love chocolatey scents although I love the look of it with all the individual colours.

Due to the extra time needed to make this particular scrub (mixing multiple scents and layering), this has been capped to 135 jars.

Retail: $10

I Need Space
Magnetic Nail Polish

Looking up at the sky, I feel such a sense of wonder. That deepened black canvas seems to be endless. A splattering of twinkling stars and streaking comets just make me wonder how much more there is out there beyond the Milky Way. I Need Space is inspired by stunning photos of our galaxy from earth, with that hazy band of stars and deepened sky.

I Need Space starts as a silver slate. When you apply a magnet, a bright silver line accents a blackened-navy background. Micro and small holo glitters sparkle like the night sky, while tiny, shifty blue flakes complete this galaxy-inspired shade.

This polish is a stunner no matter how you choose to wear it. Sure, adding in the magnetic effect makes this shade out of this world, but the simple deep silver hue with subtle sparkle is quite spectacular as well. Magnetic nail polishes are the best at two-for-one polishes!

I used two coats of I Need Space for full coverage. The formula is a little on the thicker side, but this is par for the course with magnetic polishes, and it still applied pretty easily to the nails.

Retail: $10

The January Polish Pickup will be open this Friday, January 3rd through Monday, January 6th. These products are available during this time frame only, so be sure to snag them while you can! With the sugar scrub being limited in quantity, you'll want to pick up one of those asap so you don't miss out. Please keep in mind that orders submitted to the Polish Pickup are submitted as a preorder; allow for three weeks for shipping from Polish Pickup headquarters.

Are you enjoying the start to a new year and decade? Are you going to be starting the decade out of this world with this month's Polish Pickup? Cheers to the new year, dear readers!

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  1. I love that shade of polish. I'm not good with my magnet but it would be wonderful to try this anyway. The scrub sounds yummy.

  2. The polish is amazing! Even without using the magnet, it looks like it would still be a wow 🤩

  3. Ha, how fun is that Neapolitan scrub!


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