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A Dose of Colour with Sugarpill Cosmetics Pink Edition Capsule Collection

Greetings, dear readers! Today is the day that Sugarpill Cosmetics has officially launched the Pink Edition of their Capsule Collection! I had the opportunity to purchase this eyeshadow + blush palette prior to the launch, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it along with my absolute favorite look I have created so far using the colours.

When it comes to palettes, I usually avoid those that have odd layouts. It is so incredibly rare for one to jump out at me, but as a biology nerd, the molecular layout of the pans in this palette paired with the adorable pill capsule shape really called me hard. I've been drawn towards vibrant colours lately when it comes to my own makeup, and given Sugarpill's reputation for putting out quality products, I jumped on this baby as soon as I could.

This palette consists of nine eyeshadows and a blush. Each of the pans is securely attached inside a sturdy plastic snap-closed capsule. While have the capsule lid is clear, the other half contains a handy little mirror. I have no ties whatsoever to Sugarpill- I do not work for them nor do I receive PR from the company, so I have no bias in saying this is the coolest packaging I have ever seen. Yes, it could be a little smaller if the pans were laid out in a tidy uniform row, but where is the fun in that?

Let's get a closer look at each of the shades in this palette!

Cloud 9: Metallic Shimmering Aqua
I am a total sucker for these types of colours, and this has nice colour payout. I've only used this shade a couple times, but it blends out beautifully and exactly what I wanted in this shade.

Baby Doll: Pastel Periwinkle (matte)
This was the shade I thought I would like the least in this palette, and I am surprised that I enjoy it! That said, the pigmentation isn't great with this one, but I have had good results building it up. Still, even with my limited exposure to Sugarpill products, I was surprised I had to work to build it up as much as I did.

Supernova: Soft Lilac with Pink and Turquoise Sparkles
I don't really "do" pastel shades, so I kind of grouped this with Baby Doll as a shade I wouldn't really use. I was wrong and have been loving wearing it at my inner tear duct and as a highlighter on my cheek bones. It's still not my typical go-to shade (I don't find it the most flattering on my olive skin), but I really like it and still will enjoy sporting it. It has good colour payout as well.

Radiate: Bright Pear Green (matte)
Not gonna lie, this shade was what first caught my attention with this palette and one of the biggest reasons I purchased it. As an olive girl, it definitely looks a little green on me, and as a huge fan of green eyeshadows, I adore this shade! I have to build up the shade some, but it doesn't take much to get the colour payout I want. 

Slow Dive: Pure Indigo (matte)
This is another vibrant addition to the palette with respectable colour payout. It can be a tad on the patchy side, but a little attention has it blended out nicely. This type pf blue isn't a go to for me as a main colour, but I LOVE using this for pops of colour and to add dimension to my looks.

Dream State: Pale Metallic Rose with Multidimensional Sparkles
This is such a gorgeous colour, but is it a pain in the butt to get on the eyes! I've had the most success by tapping this shade on my eyes with a finger to help prevent flaking fallout although a damp brush works well too. If you want a subtle effect, this is fine with a dry brush, but I'm guessing if you're pulling out this palette, subtle is not what you are going for.

Glory: Dusty Carnation (matte)
Oof, this is one of those shades that used alone on my eyes makes me look sickly, but when paired with other hues, it is so darn pretty! It has respectable pigment, but due to the way I use it, I've not had to build it up for a more intense effect. I suspect it can be built up further if needed, but I cannot personally vouch for that. Still, it pairs perfectly with the shades in this palette and definitely has been incorporated into many of my looks!

Ember: Butter Yellow with Gold Sparkles
This sparkled shade is a lot like Dream State: the colour is gorgeous but you have to work to build it up. The effect is far too subtle for my taste with a dry brush, and I'm a fan of using my fingertips to tap it on. I'm not sure why Cloud 9 is so nicely pigmented but this is not, but it is a lovely yellow hue. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one shimmery yellow (not gold) shade in my collection so it is nice to have another option.

Undone: Plum Aubergine (matte)
This shade about had me undone. I've been on quite a purple kick the past week and this one is positively delightful! The pigmentation is fantastic, and I've not had to build to get the look I want with this one. My only gripe about this shade is the pan is so darn small and I know it's doing to be getting a lot of love from me!

Melody: Watermelon Pink Blush
I always have such conflicted feelings about eyeshadow palettes that contain blushes. Sometimes the blush colours just don't quite work with my skintone -or- I prefer a different tone to go with my eye look. This is one of those few times where I quite love the blush that is offered, and I feel it will be flattering on a good range of skintones. The pigmentation is beautiful and gives a gorgeous flush to the cheeks.

When I purchased this Pink Edition Capsule Collection from Sugarpill Cosmetics, I wasn't exactly sure how I would going to use the shades. I like to wear colour, but I also enjoy my neutrals. In truth, I thought this palette would be used paired with one of my neutral palettes, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I don't know if I'm getting Spring Fever already or what is going on, but I have been all about wearing just vibrant colour on my eyes. These colours pair so beautifully together, although I am looking forward to mixing it up with my neutrals one of these days.

Perhaps it is because of my current purple craze, but this is my favorite look I have created using this palette.

To create this look, I placed Baby Doll above the outer part of my crease and the inner part of my eye, carrying up into my eyebrow. I primarily kept this shade in these two areas as I swept a clean brush between them. I've really been loving the effect this technique has on my hooded eyes, particularly when using colourful eyeshadows! I then applied Glory on my eyelid and carried it up and across my crease.

I followed up my adding Undone onto the outer and inner parts of my eye. I then used the same clean brush and gently ran it along my crease to create a halo effect. I gently tapped in Slow Dive into areas of my inner and outer portions of the eye to add more dimension. My camera caught a touch of the patchiness, especially on the inner portion of my eye, although it really wasn't this noticeable in real life. I then applied Dream State with a damn brush in the center of my lid and lightly blended out the edges.

After applying eye liner, mascara, and lashes, my eyes were just about done!

On my lower lashline, I applied Baby Doll to the inner third of my eye and Undone to the outer two thirds, blending lightly together where the shades met. I then took Slow Dive and blended it over and into Undone on the outer third of my lashline. I finished the look my gently tapping Supernova over Baby Doll at my tear ducts.

Once my eyes were done, I finished up my face makeup by applying Melody to my cheeks and Supernova as a highlighter on my cheekbones. I also applied a very light layer of Supernova above the outer third of my eyebrows. I kept this step extremely light so it's not particularly noticeable here unless you know to look for it.

While there are some shades that take a little more effort, overall I find this to be a great palette. The colour options are (mostly) very vibrant and a lot of fun, and the case is definitely sturdy and will hold up great when tossed in my bag for traveling! Even the shades I didn't exact to get much use out of has gotten a lot of love from me already, and I am glad I made this purchase. I had been overwhelmed with all the cosmetic items on the market and have opted to pass on so many things. This is a purchase I am happy with, and I'm not-so-secretly hoping their title of "Pink Edition" means we will be seeing more of these palettes from Sugarpill!

Retail: $42

Did you pick up this Capsule Collection during the presale? Did you pick it up with today's launch? I'd love to hear your thoughts about this palette! Do you like the colours and are you inspired to create with them? Do you like the layout and shape or is it a no-go for you? I'd love to hear what you think!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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  1. I love Cloud 9 even though I don't really wear that kind of color but it fascinates me. I think you look so sexy with this and that long hair. You need to wear this on a date night since it's such a great look.

  2. You rock bright eyeshadows. I wouldn’t pull of these shades as good as you do so high five for that! I like how you blended and the transition shades

  3. You look amazing with the bright eye shadows! I love the dream state though.

  4. I love your review and it spot on matched how my palette performed in my opinion. Your look with it is amazing. I would love a tutorial of this look. It's stunning AF on you.

  5. I've been eyeing this palette! It looks just as pretty swatched as it does in the pan.

  6. I love the look you created with this!


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