Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Draped in Gold: Eye and Lip Masks by Oh K!

Greetings and good evening, dear readers! I had hoped to get this post up a little earlier today, but I've been dealing with a headache that won't go away since yesterday. That being said, please forgive any gross typos or weird sentences. I am hoping to just push through it and get this post up regardless as it should be a pretty quick and straightforward post. Ready? Let's jump in!

Press Sample

Last year, I decided to no longer purchase single use masks for my face, but I am still willing to review any that I might receive as PR. I was given the Hydrating Gold Gel Lip Mask and the Bright Eyes Gold Dust Under Eye Mask by Oh K!. I love the idea of being draped in luxury, and given the current cost of gold, adding gold to skincare is certainly a luxury right now! I don't want to get into the semantics of using gold in skincare, but I will mention there are conflicting opinions on it. Some belief it has great antioxidant properties while others aren't convinced gold works at all, or if anything, is any better than other antioxidants that are being used in skincare. That being said, the addition of gold into skincare products certainly looks pretty! Let's get a closer look at each of these masks.

Hydrating Gold Gel Lip Mask

While Oh K! puts a large focus on gold with the product, is it the addition of chamomile extract, honey extract, and propolis extract that really catch my attention. All three of these ingredients are great for soothing irritated skin so if your lips are a little worse for wear, this lip mask certainly should help!

This lip mask feels HUGE, and while I always thought my lips were of a respectable size, this made them feel small. I suppose this meant my lips were fully covered so they could get the full treatment. The directions said to leave this in place for 10-20 minutes, and I did so for about 15 minutes. Because this is a gel mask, it does have some weight to it, meaning you really cannot move around and do "stuff" while wearing it. My lips felt soft afterwards, although I strive to keep them that way so I really cannot say there was an improvement. I'm not one for licking my lips, but I did after removing this and yikes, did my lips taste pretty nasty! I didn't have any product creep into my mouth to taste it during the process itself, but if you are a lip licker, you may be turned off some by this point.

Retail: $6

Bright Eyes Gold Dust Under Eye Mask

Like the previous mask, the gel eye masks contain chamomile and honey. An additional bonus to the eye gels is the addition of argan oil. It is one of my preferred oils for on my face, even if it is likely a very small amount given its placement within the ingredients list.

Like the lip mask, these eye masks are hydrogens. This gives them a little weight so I had to sit down and lean back some in order to keep these on my face in their proper location. I do prefer to be able to use masks that let me move around, but sometimes it is nice to sit back and truly relax because you can't really do much else. I wore these for less than the recommended 20 minutes (roughly 17 minutes or so) as I noticed they were starting to feel really dry as I was gently tapping these gels while they were on my face. They weren't soaking wet to begin with, and not what I would expect anyway give their hydrogel nature, but I do not like to let products like these dry completely on my face. While they are intended to help hydrate the skin, I found they can have the opposite effect if they dry out, pulling moisture back out of my skin.

Retail: $6

Between the golden lips and the undereyes, I certainly look fancy, right?

I did enjoy trying out these products, although I had to put this in my post since it really bothered me about these products. The largest reason I opted to stop purchasing individual masks is because of the waste, and I was rather appalled by how much extra waste came with these masks. The lip mask came in a secondary enclosed plastic pouch with seal while the eye gels were packaged inside a second plastic snap-closed container with extra plastic sheets between them. I get it, hydrogels can't just be stuffed into an envelop lest they be ripped apart or lose their shape, but this was just a bit excessive and disappointing to see.

Gold may or may not be effective when it comes to skincare, but chamomile and honey are good for the skin. These products are worth checking out if you can get past the excessive packaging. As I only got one of each, I cannot attest to consistent use with multiple packages, but given the extra trash, I'm glad to have only tried the one.

Are you a fan of hydrogels when it comes to your skincare routine? Do you have any thoughts on the inclusion of gold in beauty products? Are there other Oh K! products you have used and loved? I'd love the hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful evening!

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  1. The lip mask looks crazy! Chamomile is nice and soothing while honey is hydrating so that sounds great.

  2. There aren't a lot of great lip masks available so I find this quite interesting. But I know that the chamomille would be a no go for my personal taste. I love how you look in them.

  3. These masks and packs look interesting, but the single use aspect of them means I probably will avoid them. I like how you have set up your blog! Your Facebook like button doesn't connect to your Facebook page.

  4. Wow! Super affordable. I'm all about eye patches recently.

  5. Tehehe, the looks I would get from our dog! These sounds great, and would be fun entertainment! LOL! She really doesnt like my blue mask, but a green one is ok!


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