Friday, August 28, 2020

Festival Week with Milani Cosmetics Ludicrous Lights: Lollapa-Blue-Za

 Greetings, dear readers, and happy Friday! Today is my last post celebrating my own self-proclaimed Festival Week! I had picked up the Milani Cosmetics Ludicrous Lights duo chrome highlighters at my local Walgreens prior to the shutdowns caused by the pandemic, and I decided I really wanted to share them this week. You can check out my post featuring Peach-Ella here and Pink-Aroo here.

Here is a quick look of all three shades together. I opted to save Lollapa-Blue-Za for the end of the week and go with something a little crazier for today.

Lollapa-Blue-Za is described as a blue base with green reflects. It is more of a blue-grey base and not as bright as I had in mind as I thought it would be, but I still really enjoyed playing with it!

I had a lot of fun creating this look and using this highlighter, although it pulls a steely grey on me more so than a blue. Thankfully the green reflects add a touch of brightness that I find to be sorely missing with this highlighter, at least against my skintone.

The formula is somewhere between that of Peach-Ella and Pink-Aroo: it gets a little flaky, but nowhere near as much as I experienced with Peach-Ella.

Other products used:

This is such a fun way to end up my self-proclaimed Festival Week! I hope you have enjoyed the looks I have shared during the week!

As for me, I am off to relax and recover from an unpleasant medical testing procedure earlier today. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and look forward to posting more next week!



  1. Love the look - have you ever been to Mardi Gras? This would be perfect for that too (well if we ever have vaccines and can actually do Mardi Gras again...)

  2. This is a festival look if I've ever seen one. I do wonder how people will use this blue in real life. I'd use it on my eyes. Love your creativity.

  3. THAT LOOK THO!!!! OMG It's festival and halloweeny all at once. I love it. And I love these shimmers

  4. Woah! This is so cool! I'm getting mermaid vibes and we totally need to go to a music festival with you!!

  5. Gorgeous!! Love the creative look and the eyeshadows are stunning!!

  6. I love these! Milani shadows are always so pigmented. I love the looks you've created


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