Monday, August 31, 2020

Determine if you are wanting summer to stay or for fall to start with This or That featuring the Zoya Splash and Luscious Collections

 Happy Monday, dear readers! The latest fall collection by Zoya, Luscious, dropped at my house last week, and I'm so torn if I am still Team Summer (Splash Collection) or Team Fall (Luscious Collection). The weather has been HOT HOT HOT around here, over 110°F for 50 days (!!!!) this summer, but since we've dropped below 100°, I'm actually in summer heaven right now. That being said, I wouldn't mind if the weather decided to cool down a little more and continued on the trajectory for the next several months. Because of this dilemma, I decided to do something a little different for today's blog post: I'm posting a This or That selection from both the Splash and Luscious collections to help you decide which one is a better fit for you right now! Grab a scrap piece of paper and a pen to take some notes, and let's figure out if you are craving summer shades or fall shades the most right now!

There are no right or wrong answers, and I would love it if you would play along and chime in on the comments below where you fall between the collections! ready? Let's do this!

This: Sharon (Luscious/Fall)
That: Kristie (Splash/Summer)

Cream nail polishes are a stable in my collection, especially since I like to use them in nail art. While definitely not an exact match, Sharon and Kristie give you your mulberry and raspberry shade options and a great jumping off point for this project.

This: Soleil (Luscious/Fall)
That: Eclipse (Splash/Summer)

It almost seems wrong to pit these two against each other as one offers full coverage on the nails while the other is a topper, but both metallics have vastly different feels and another fun comparison in the end.

This: Patrice (Luscious/Fall)
That: Leilani (Splash/Summer)

Both these shades contain gorgeous golden micro-shimmers, and it is the base hue that will really reflect if you are Team Luscious or Team Splash! A little more muted pink or a brighter pink: which do you prefer?

This: Mel (Luscious/Fall)
That: Harbor (Splash/Summer)

The Luscious Collection may have a blue shade as part of the collection, but this rich olive screams fall just as much as this blue turquoise is quintessential summer. As for me, it's harder choosing between these two shades than I thought it would be!

This: Corrina (Splash/Summer)
That: Andrea (Luscious/Fall)

Corrina and Andrea may have different finishes, but both are perfect for their respective season. While one has the bright lightness I expect for summer months, the other swings into deeper moody territory that I just cannot resist!

This: Greta (Splash/Summer)
That: Lisa (Luscious/Fall)

This competition (where everyone wins!) would not be complete without a battle of the reds! Do you prefer a brighter, tomato red, or do you gravitate towards a deeper garnet red?

Fun Fact: Zoya originally released a different red shade, also named Lisa, in 2010 as part of the Fire and Ice Winter Collection! The original was a pink-undertoned red shade and loaded up with stunning glass flecks. Ten years later and Lisa has really grown up into a more mature shade (although I would still wear the original if I could locate my long-missing bottle).

Both my boys wanted to take part in the survey, and both were in favor of the Splash/Summer Collection the most. My husband and I also completed it as well, and we're Team Luscious/Fall. Which collection did you ultimately decide was the better fit for you? I'd love for you to leave a comment below telling me which on you prefer the most, and if any of the shades in particular are calling your name! Also, please let me know what you think about this kind of post. While I don't anticipate doing these all the time, I think they are fun for something a little different on occasion.

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!


  1. What a fun post and a great way to show off these two beautiful collections from Zoya! Though I want summer to stay since our summer in New England is so short, I love shades in both of these collections

  2. I was hands down Luscious Fall, I love dark vampy shades and neutrals. :) And I am so glad it is sort of cooling down here.

  3. The Sharon and Lisa are my favourites and as the nice weather draws to a close here, I'm all for the fun fall shades

  4. I like some of both but I think I lean more towards fall. I'd love to wear Corinna and Andrea though so I hope that's not cheating.

  5. Love this post! Now I want to pick up a bottle of Mel for my collection :)

  6. I'm so ready for fall but I do love some of those summer colors!


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