Wednesday, December 2, 2020

One Final Polish Pickup for the Year: Offerings by KBShimmer

 Oh, 2020, amirite? It has been quite the year with one thing after another, not to mention the major elephant in the room that is COVID-19. Yours truly definitely had more than her fair share of issues thanks to this *bleep*ing virus, but hey, I'm still here and hanging on! Naturally, as the year has entered its final month, I had a little accident with my knee yesterday and I'm waiting for doctor followup to find out just how bad and what it will take to fix. Sigh. Everything is just FINE.

Press Sample

To end the dumpster fire that is 2020, the theme for the December Polish Pickup is "Everything is FINE". Indie brands pulled their inspiration from different events and mini themes that occurred throughout the year, and for today's blog post, I have the nail polish and sugar scrub offerings by KBShimmer to share with you. As I like to start off a manicure with a good scrubbing first, let's start off with Cozy At Home!

Cozy At Home Hand and Body Sugar Scrub

When the world is in turmoil, our homes becomes a sanctuary. The simple pleasures become important; a warm blanket, a fuzzy pair of socks, a loving nudge from a pet, or a pleasing scent can calm and sooth us on the craziest of days. When life gets to be too much, I long to be cozy at home.

At first smell, Cozy At Home starts off sweet with a hint of vanilla before deeper notes of tonka beans develop. Rich and complex, subtle floral notes from jasmine and vanilla add depth, while a very subtle hint of patchouli anchors this intoxicating blend.

The cold, dry winter days are rough on your skin, with dry leathery skin following closely behind if you aren't mindful of your skin's condition. The fine sugar scrub is made using olive oil, castor seed oil, palm kernel oil, and cocoa seed butter to left your skin soft and nourished in addition to sloughing off any dry patches.

In addition to using the KBShimmer sugar scrubs periodically on my hands, I also like to use them on my body for the occasional once over to remove dead skin and a little more frequently on the backs of my arms as I have those obnoxious tiny bumps.

Cats & Pajamas Nail Polish

For most of us, 2020 did not work out as planned. Trips were cancelled and outings were postponed as we all scrambled to find toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Families started cooking together more and chatting around the dining table. Lots of cats and dogs found homes as more people treasured their company. Many shifted to working from home, and comfy pajama pants replaced stuffy work attire. Plaid patterns come in a rainbow of hues, but KBShimmer's favorites are a well-worn pair of pink, orange and gray.

Cats & Pajamas is a nod to flannel pajamas and animals that kept us company while at home. A blue-leaning gray crelly base is flecked with glowing holo flecks. Color-shifting flakes shift between fuchsia, pink and orange.

Cats & Pajamas was thiclose to being a two coater for me, but I did end up needing a third coat under my bright light setup. Those with shorter nails or that tend to paint with slightly thicker coats than me likely can get away with just two. I followed up Cats & Pajamas with KBShimmer's Clearly On Top top coat for the previous photos.

I love the look of flake-filled crellies with a matte top coat; I have added a layer of KBShimmer's Oh Matte! Matte Top Coat to my nails in the following pictures.

The December Polish Pickup will be open from Friday, December 4th through Monday, December 7th. Please keep in mind that orders through the Polish Pickup are submitted as a pre-order; please allow 3+ weeks for orders to be shipped to you. This system allows for multiple bottles of nail polish and items to be shipped to you in a single package for only $3 domestic shipping, and it is well worth the wait!

Are you ready for the December opening of the Polish Pickup? What items do you have on your wishlist? I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Your nails are so long! Love the length! I loved KBShimmer's concept for the prompt. <3 And the scent is amazing! The polish is so soft and delicate - both are must haves!

  2. That polish is a great one. I think that would be wearable all year round.

  3. That polish is great and I love the names!

  4. That is such a lovely nail polish color and the scrub looks amazing!


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