Thursday, December 10, 2020

Stocker Stuffers for the Beauty Product Lovers in Your Life

 We are racing at full speed into the holiday season with Hanukkah starting this evening! While my family doesn't celebrate the holiday, I have several friends that do, and I have no doubt some of you wonderful readers do as well! Happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate!

I know many are still shopping for gifts, and if you're anything like me, you'll have all the gifts purchased and then remember at the last minute you haven't picked up any stocking stuffers! Consider this post a reminder to pick them up! I'm not filling stockings for any beauty product lovers for the foreseeable future, but I still wanted to share a list of things I would love to put in stockings this year.

KBShimmer Sugar Scrubs

I've not made it a secret that I love KBShimmer's Sugar Scrubs. I always have at least one, if not two, hanging out in the upper alcove in my shower (to help keep water out of it). While the scent options vary monthly with the opening of the Polish Pickup shops, KBShimmer carries a selection of their own scent options on their website. Whether you want to use them as part of your manicure and pedicure routine or as part of your full shower routine, you really can't go wrong with it! Deep Cashmere is one of my personal favorites this time of year for its cozy, warm scent.

The Brush Guard Cosmetic Brush Sleeve Sets

If your beauty lover wears cosmetics, these brush sets are a must have! Cosmetic brushes get expensive quickly, and I am a fan of protecting your investment. I love to use these sleeves to help my brushes get their shape after a washing each week so I don't have to worry about early fraying. I also use them while storing my brushes, and they are the perfect brush travel companion! They are available in different sizes, and I've got an extra variety pack on hand for when I lose a sleeve or add another brush to my collection.

ASP Just For You Manicure Tool Set

With more and more people doing their nails at home, a manicure implement kit would be greatly appreciated! ASP is a brand that caught my attention this year, and I love that it is readily available at my local Sally's store. If you have multiple people in your home that would use these, I always recommend getting a set for each person to keep things sanitary. At only $17 a set, it's worth the affordable cost to help keep things clean!

Blenderelle Makeup Blender Case

While I'm certainly a "brush" girl when it comes to my makeup application, I still use a blender for certain things. The down side to a blender is they get pretty gross if they aren't cleaned and dried properly, and that means not sealing it in a plastic bag! I stumbled across the Blenderelle and fell in love with these storage containers! I started out with the original, which looks like a flower bud when closed, but they have added this cool crystal design since then. No matter which style of case you prefer, both have small holes to allow proper air flow so your blender can dry. No more leaving dirty blenders just sitting on your vanity! One added bonus in my case is it keeps my cat from running off with my blender! Prior to owning one, my previous cat would abscond with my blenders and I never did find them, even when packing up and moving across state lines!

Cuccio Naturalé Whipped Hemp Revitalizing Butter

Winter brings dry weather, and using extra moisturizing lotions and butters becomes a necessity! I'm particularly fond of this Hemp Revitalizing Butter, as the hemp seed oil, cupuaçu seed butter, and chia oil are incredible at rejuvenating and nourishing the skin. A little goes a long way so your giftee can look forward to many uses from this jar! This is perfect for skin health in general and definitely feels like a pampering treat!

I hope this post helps give you a few more ideas of different items to add to your beauty lover's stocking this year! I wanted to include some consumables in addition to some of my preferred staples that I've not really seen mentioned frequently.

How is your holiday shopping going thus far? Are you almost done or have you been putting it off?

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. I love your stocking stuffer ideas!

    1. Thank you! I feel like many of these tend to fly under the radar so I wanted to make sure to share them. I know brush sleeves in particular don't seem glamorous so not everyone will be eager to go out and buy them, but those in particular are brush lifesavers!

  2. I love seeing lots of ideas for stocking stuffers. I know what I'd pick but I don't celebrate Christmas so I never know if that's right. I like to have a few just in case gifts on hand too and these would be great when wrapped up.

  3. Wonderful ideas. I liked it so much. Thanks for sharing!!


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