Monday, May 10, 2021

KBShimmer, Polish Pickup, and Guilty Pleasures

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The May "Guilty Pleasures" Polish Pickup is in full swing, so today's post is about two offerings by KBShimmer for your consideration. If you haven't nabbed these from the website yet, be sure to do so before it is too late!

Freshly Blended Hand & Body Sugar Scrub

I'm a big sugar scrub fan, and I especially love those from KBShimmer! I use them for both manicures, pedicures, and as a body scrub and have a jar at my sink and another in my shower at any given time.

Living in Arizona, sugar scrubs can get a little melted in transit coming my way. It may disrupt the pretty swirled colour pattern and the placement of the decorative glitters on top, but it has no impact on the quality of the scrubs themselves.

A quick little mix helps to redistribute the oils that sometimes start to separate out, and it's as good as new!

Freshly Blended is a blend of cantaloupe, lychee, and fresh berries. The scent is rounded out with sweet sugarcane and vanilla orchid. I am a huge fan of fruity scents, especially around the summer, and this is a winner for me! You see a lot of watermelon-type fragrances this time of year, and I am delighted to see cantaloupe getting some time to shine with this sugar scrub. I may not like to eat the fruit (I'm convinced my mom ate far too much while pregnant with me), but I really enjoy the way it smells. Cantaloupe is the predominant smell in this scrub to me, but the remaining scents add that something extra that takes the scent to the next level.

Everything Is A-Bouquet

In addition to Freshly Blended Hand & Body Sugar Scrub, KBShimmer has also created a beautiful nail polish that is perfect for spring and summer!

Everything Is A-Bouquet starts off with a deep grape-hues jelly base. The base is loaded to the gills with a green-to-blue shimmer that accents the purple base brilliantly.

In brighter lighting, the green shimmers give way to hints of gold and royal blue for a dazzling multichrome look.

In lower lighting, the shimmer shifts to a more indigo blue.

I've used three coats for opacity plus top coat for these photos.

Have you picked up either of these items from the May Polish Pickup yet? Which is your favorite? I'd love to here from you!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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