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GlamRX Touchup Palette: Review and Swatches

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Good morning, dear readers! I have a cute little palette that you might find very useful, especially during these warm summer days. Today's post is featuring the Touch Up Palette by GlamRX. This handy little palette is pocket sized- it is a large as a credit card but deeper- and it fits perfectly in your pocket. Check this out!
Unlike the typical palette that has eyeshadows and blush, this little baby has some of the essentials you actually need for touchups: shine erasing powder, black eyeliner, concealer, and a tinted lip balm. 
The top part lifts up to reveal a mini brush set that is included and a bottom floor that is magnetic.

Let's start with the makeup.
Left to right: Shine erasing powder, eyeliner, concealer, lip balm

I used a clean finger to apply a swatch line on my arm in this photo. I promise the shine erasing powder is not this white when applied using a brush! I really liked the shine erasing powder and found that it helped to absorb some of the excess oil my skin produced. My skin looked matte (good bye oil slick!), and I didn't have any issues with breaking out like I do with some other powders. I used my powder brush to apply the shine erasing powder to my face.

The black eyeliner in this palette is also quite nice. Using the included brush, I could apply it dry and achieve a smoky soft line or I could apply it wet for a darker and finer line. The eyeliner stayed in place for several hours- definitely a plus for me!

Now I have to tell you, dear readers, when I saw this palette came with a concealer, my thought was there is no way it would work for me. I was shocked to try this concealer and saw just how well it worked with my skin tone. It worked perfectly with my medium olive skin, and it is so creamy and blendable! That being said, I think the concealer might be limiting for some people. I don't think it would work well for people with pale skin tones. If someone with paler skin has tried it and found otherwise, please let me know!

The final remaining item from the top floor is the lip balm, and it is beautiful! If you want in-your-face red lips, stop now as this is not for you. Instead, this lip balm is perfect is you want a strawberry-kissed look. Surely I wasn't the only one that rubbed strawberries over my lips to get them tinted when I was a kid! While this lip balm is missing the flavor, it does have a nice hint of colour that is flattering on most if not all skin tones. The formula was smooth and it had pretty good staying power as well.

I have mixed feelings about the brushes that were included in this palette. While they technically fit, they don't fit very well inside the bottom section. The blush brush was too coarse for my liking, and it didn't distribute blush very nicely for me. I prefer larger brushes for this reason, but a large brush obviously would not fit with this palette. I'm also not a big fan of sponge applicators for eyeshadows, but I was happy with the eyeliner end of the brush.

If you prefer to use your own brushes and need to include eyeshadows, blush, or bronzer in your Touch Up palette, you can easily add them to the bottom level. The floor is magnetic and will keep your other items in place. Need to carry bobby pins instead? You got it- just pop them in and go. The Touch Up Palette is the perfect little palette to toss in your bag to help free up clutter and still give you the essentials you need for touch ups during the day. At only $16.50, it is an affordable addition to your bag.

The GlamRX Touch Up Palette can be purchased from the shop here.

Have you tried this palette? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Until next time, dear readers, have a wonderful day!

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  1. This is so convenient for a mom on the go!

  2. This is absolutely awesome! I love that it fits all that in that size!! <3

  3. This is such a nifty little palette! I'm loving the price tag & everything it comes with.

  4. I am going to have to look for this one. Great review!

  5. Compact. With this, I can probably finally start carrying clutches. Since I wouldn't need all my makeup products. Lovely!

  6. Um, I totally want this now! I love that it is the size of a credit card!

  7. That's pretty neat! I love the size!

  8. Super cool...I love that you can personalize it to what you need most!

  9. Wow! I can't believe how much that packs away... cool product!

  10. I love the premise behind this palette. And even better that you can personalize it!

  11. I have this palette and I have pale skin, everything works well for me except for the concealer, it looks like I got a bit of dirt on my skin and gives my skin a yellowy tone. I just use it for contouring and bought a yaby concealer in my skin tone and put it in the magnetic bottom part :) I love this palette


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